Smartwatches from the top brands in the world have been the talk of the town for a year or so. Companies like Apple and Samsung have pitted their products against each other. Many stylish watches from these companies have been in the news. Even giants like Motorola and LG have come up with their wearable techs. However, these are not the only companies that have introduced the smartwatches in the market.

The growth of Smartwatch market is expected to be driven by the Asian region with China emerging as a popular hub, being a low-cost Android based smartwatch

There are some not as popular brands which have been consistently selling the wearable gadgets. You will be surprised to know that there are some Chinese companies that have released some amazing smartwatches in the recent times. As opposed to the popular belief, these Chinese products are reliable.  There are plenty of Chinese watches we could talk about. However, it would not be worth your while to read and know about all of them. This is the reason why we have picked the top 10 Chinese smartwatches for you. Here is a brief rundown of the 10 best smartwatches from China you should try now

Best Smartwatches From China You Should Try Now

 1. Mi Band by Xiaomi 

best smartwatches from chinaXiaomi is no longer an unknown brand. With its some really incredible line of smartphones at the most affordable prices, Xiaomi has made its presence felt in the entire world.Xiaomi took the Asian market by storm and penetrated as far as South Asia as well. Their smartphones sell like hotcakes. Xiaomi is also the first smartphone company from china to release its products in the U.S

Xiaomi has come up with Mi Band. You will not call it a smartwatch, but if you are looking for a cool and cost-effective wearable tech, then you should definitely try this. In spite of being low cost, this cool gadget comes packed with some amazing features that one can hope to see in any smart tracker. This band doesn’t tell time, but it has other features which you will see in most of the top-grade smartwatches.

Mi Band not only helps you monitor your activities that help you keep fit, but it can also track your sleep cycle. If you want to keep a track on the number of calories burnt during the day, just wrap it around your wrist. It will also give you a good insight into your sleeping pattern. For instance, it can tell you how well you slept and how often you woke up. The band features only one smartphone notification feature – you are alerted of the missed call. No other notifications are shown. You may consider this to be the downside. However, when you look at the cost and the other incredible features of this band, you will not mind it as much. The battery backup is pretty strong and can last for as much as 30 days. To top it all, it is also water resistant. With all these features, Mi Band by Xiaomi is definitely the value for money.

2. UWatch U8 Pro

If you are looking for something incredibly cheap and yet utilitarian, Xiaomi Mi Band might be the right pick for you. However, if you are looking for a complete smartwatch experience, then you will be much less than satisfied with it. But you can take a look at UWatch U8 Pro. Its predecessor, namely U8 Uwkatch, was quite preferred among the newbie smartwatch users. The upgraded version of this smartwatch from China comes packed with many more features and thus is likely to attract even more users.

best smartwatches from china

This is a smartwatch that is loaded with tons of features. Calling it a full smartwatch package will not be an exaggeration. At the first look, it might look like any other watch (and not a smartwatch). However, when you begin to use it, you realize that it has nearly all the features that you can expect from the high-end wearable techs. This amazing device can be easily connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity. The cross-platform connectivity allows you to use with Android as well as iOS phones. What’s more amazing is the fact that you do not necessarily need a smartphone to use it. It features a slot for SIM card that allows the standalone use as well.

3. iMacwear M7 

If you are looking for a smartwatch that works completely as standalone, then iMacwear M7 could be the right choice for you. This smartwatch from China perhaps outnumbers every other watch in this list when it comes to the number of features. With an SIM slot for standalone use, this smart gadget works on the 3G network. There is a standalone watch that works more like a watch than anything else. However, if you have wrapped this piece of wearable tech around your wrist, then you can almost replace your smartphone. This simply means that you can do just about anything that you would do with your smartphone.

best smartwatches from china

For example, if you want to make calls or send the text messages, you can do that with this watch. You can also surf the internet and do other data related activities similar to a smartphone. You can stay connected with the world with easy access to social media apps such as Facebook. You can also use to access your emails anytime you want to. All of this is now available on your wrist. Users find this pretty cool. This gadget also features on its side a 5MP camera. It also has connectivity options including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Plus, you also get the GPS tracker with it. It is indeed one of the best smartwatches China.

4. InWatch Z

best smartwatches from china

This is the smartwatch that is for the users who are thinking about buying something a little more premium. Regarding features, it can easily stand shoulder to shoulder with the best smartwatches by the giants like Apple and Samsung. It has as many (if not more) features as U8 Pro smartwatch. However, lay them side by side and you will clearly see the difference in the design, built, and finish. This smart device is pretty efficient as well with its powerful processor and big 1GB RAM. There is a lot you can do with this gadget including placing calls, receiving text messages, the internet, and much more. Its screen is pretty classy and is sized at 1.63 inches. It has the capability to work almost completely like any smartphone.

5. WeLoop Tommy Smartwatch

best smartwatches from china

Battery backup of the smartphones and smartwatches is a matter of concern for many. No one wants to have to charge the smartwatch frequently. If you want a smartwatch with amazing battery backup, then WeLoop Tommy is a great choice for you. But it is not just the battery life for which you should buy this watch. There are many other features as well. If you are an experienced, smartwatch user, you will know that it has just about everything you can ever ask for. The good thing about this watch is that it can connect to both Android as well as the iOS devices. You can easily check your notifications and play the music of your choice. It also has a remote camera. This could be a great smartwatch for those who want to have the wearable tech experience for the first time. The device is great and is priced under $80.

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 6. Omate X

best smartwatches from china

If you are don’t like the flashy designs of the smartwatches that are quite commonplace these days, you are going to love the classy and simple design of this watch. The watch looks more sophisticated than any other on this list. This is one of the biggest reasons why it made to this list of 10 best Chinese smartwatches you should try now! It has a very appealing design, and the finishing is simply incredible. This watch uses the Android platform for its operations. This is good news for those who love the Google Play Store apps. You can easily download many apps from there. But what you would love is the fact that it works with both Android and iOS despite running on Android.

You need a smartphone connectivity to use many features of this watch. It does not have a slot for SIM card and hence it cannot work as standalone. It has many features, and it is quite affordable too.

7. Elephone W1 smartwatch featuring bracelet 

best smartwatches from china

Elephone is very well known for its line of smartphones. However they also manufacture smartwatches, and some of them are really good. Women who are looking for a stylish and beautiful watch with some cool smart features then they should take a look at the shiny bracelet watch by Elephone. The watch is built into the bracelet. This one of the best fitness tracker for women.

The display of the watch is pretty small. But it is best suited for women. The classy looks of the watch can go with many types of outfits. Even though the display is small, it does have a lot of important features. Some of the cool features that come packed with this watch include a pedometer, camera, Anti-lost feature, alarm, and sleep monitor. You can even connect this to your smartphone and receive calls. Although the watch comes with these many features, it is fairly priced under $50.00.

8. G2 No. 1 

best smartwatches from china

This is the kind of watch most users would love to buy, because most of us are looking for something that is almost as good as any premium device but does not cost as much. G2 features an incredibly attractive design that is bound to draw the attention of the smartwatch lovers. But the good thing is that you don’t need to shell out $300 for a smartwatch. You can buy it at a much cheaper price. It is not exactly among the cheapest but yet more affordable than the others.  The design idea seems to be inspired from Samsung smartwatches. This pretty much gives you an even better reason to buy it.

This nice watch has all the features you can expect in any standard smartwatch. It has the fitness tracker, pedometer, alarm clock, sleep cycle monitor, digital recorder, anti-theft alert, and more. You can also connect this watch to your smartphone and listen to your favorite music.

9. Rwatch M26 

best smartwatches from china

Smartwatches are meant to make our life easier and Rwatch M26 is one of the best Smartwatch on the market. If you are looking for a watch that can instantly make it easy for you to use your smartphone without even touching it, you should be looking at M26. There is so much you can do with this watch. You can receive calls, check your smartphone notifications, set the alarm, listen to your favorite music, and even click pictures using the smart camera, and so much more. But what is more stunning is the fact that this great smartwatch is available dirt cheap. You can buy it for less than $20.

10. DZ09 with Single SIM

best smartwatches from china

DZ09 is also a decent smartwatch that deserves to be on the list of top 10 Chinese smartwatches. It comes with many features not available in other smartwatches. For instance, it has support for handwriting recognition. Although this feature may not be quite useful to many, some people find it pretty cool. It comes with a 0.3 MP camera which can be controlled remotely. It has the memory card support for up to 32 GB. At 533 MHz, the processor speed is pretty okay for a smartwatch. It also features 128 MB RAM, which many users might find little less. It can be easily connected to your smartphone. You can receive calls and notifications on the smartwatch. But it also comes with the SIM slot. This means it can be used as a standalone smartwatch as well. The design looks quite trendy. It is available for less than $30.

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