Android Wear is an operating system from Google. This operating system is specifically meant for smartwatches and other wearable devices. The operating system helps the devices to connect with the Android phones so that users can enjoy different features associated with smart watches.

The system is capable of providing latest features like GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. It offers an easy mode of connection with your Android smartphone and even downloads compatible apps from Google Play store. These Android Wear smart watches are certainly better equipped than standard fitness trackers. While these watches are basically identical to each other, nothing can go wrong if you choose to pick from the list of best smartwatches for Android phone.

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Here’s the 10 Best Smartwatches For Android Phone

1. Huawei Watch


Chinese tech giants are rapidly capturing the market due to the sales of extremely affordable yet powerful devices in the market. Huawei, a Chinese giant set everything right from the start by releasing its android smart watch.

If you’re looking to buy an Android Wear watch then the Huawei Watch is currently the best one on the market.  – Trustedreviews.com

While other brands try to progress slowly, Huawei seems to have taken a huge risk and immensely succeeded in delivering favorable results. The round face watch is one of the most attractive pieces on the market and worth taking a closer look at the specs. With 1.4 inch and 400 x 400 AMOLED display, quality is guaranteed. It is powered by 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 processor. More so, it has long battery life, dustproof and water resistance as well.

Buy now:  Huawei Watch – $353.99

2.Moto 360 Second Generation 


You probably might have heard about the success of the original Moto 360, and if you happen to own one, then there is no need to further explain its qualities. The new release from the Motorola is even a bigger beast than its predecessor.

If anything is game-changing about the second gen Moto 360 it’s the level of customisation on offer. Women in particular should get on very well with this smartwatch design. – Wareable.com

It has more battery life, powered by Snapdragon 400 processor and two display options of 1.37 and 1.56 inch. The most remarkable trait is the customization feature the watch provides. You can pretty much customize bezels, straps, colors and even finishing on the watch. In short, you can design the way you like. It is certainly one of the most desirable pieces to acquire.

Buy now: Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Gen.) – $295.03

 3.Tag Heuer Connected


Tag Heuer seems to have ventured away from the traditional world of watches and enter in the domains of smart watches. The Swiss company is known for its style, finish and looks like the same qualities are inherited in their latest smartwatch.

If you’re a true watch nerd, you might love the blend of classic Tag style and twenty-first-century convenience. – Endgadget.com

The watch is built from Titanium alloy and has a 1.5 inch transflective display. However, it is an expensive gear to get hold of at $1500. If you are worried about its life, don’t fret, you can always replace the watch for a mechanical watch after the end of warranty period- a worthy deal we say.

Buy now: TAG Heuer – $3,729.33

 4.Fossil Q Founder


Looks like Fossil has seen the prospects of smartwatch and decide to introduce their own gear in the industry. The Q Founder is a successful addition in the wearable world. It comes with a leather belt strap or you can also opt for metal bracelets for extra bucks. It may not look much but the watch has that classic and subtle feel to it. Powered by Intel Atom processor and 1 GB of RAM, it is a worthy classic piece.

one of the first Android smartwatches from an actual watchmaker — maybe the biggest difference is a faux leather charging pillow. – Androidcentral.com

Buy now:  Fossil Q Smartwatch – $295

5.LG Watch Urbane


Upon its release, LG Watch Urbane remains on the top for a good amount of time. The watch has a stylish touch and feels, making it an ideal choice for many users. It has 1.3 inch display. It has a P-OLED display, which is excellent, considering the first generation of smart watches. While, it may not retain the same charm as it had on the release, but with such price tag, it is never a bad deal. More so, it is made for style.

The Watch Urbane is LG’s best stab at an Android Wear smartwatch to date, and those of you with beefy wrists will especially enjoy its broad, slab-like construction, not to mention its mostly premium look. – Endgadget.com

Buy now:  LG Watch Urbane –$227.62

 6.Asus Zenwatch 2


We all know about Asus smartphone. They are very affordable as well as equally powerful in terms of performance. Hence, it is natural to put trust on its smart watch as well. The Zenwatch 2 is an impressive piece of wearable that defines a rounded- square face and excellent build quality. It is one of the best Smartwatches for android phone.

If you like the look of the Apple Watch, but don’t want to plunk down at least $300 to get it, the Asus ZenWatch 2 is a decent alternative. – Pcmag.com

It comes in two sizes, specifically for male and female version. While, some may not prefer due to the shape, but it certainly has a different style. The only thing disappointing about the watch is the display quality, which tends to get pixelated at times, but for the price, it is worth every single dime. You won’t get any better budget smart watch than this one.

Buy now: ASUS ZenWatch 2 – $156.20

 7.Sony Smartwatch 3


Sony has already been releasing the smart watches from time to time. The watch comes in two different style, with a belt strap or stainless steel bracelet. There is nothing impressive about the screen but it packs a huge punch with 2 days of battery life. It has 1.6 inch 320 x 320 display. One of the most remarkable features that set aparts from other smartwatches for android is the built in GPS.

Still, this is currently the only Android Wear device with a built-in GPS radio, making it a smart choice for runners and other athletes interested in tracking their pace and distance. – Endgadget.com

Buy now: Sony Smartwatch 3  $220

8.Moto 360 Sport 


One of the contenders that easily rivals the Sony smart watch 3. It is, in fact, a better fitness watch than most others in the list. Ideally, suited for fitness experts, it offers flexible features that can assist in maintaining a fitness regime. It has a silicon case, along with the band. The display adjusts automatically to the lighting conditions. However, it has a sporty look, so don’t expect it to be classy or anything royal.

The Moto 360 Sport has the makings of a good fitness-centric smartwatch. Certainly it has the chips and radios to be one, and the software is an okay start. But it’s just that: an OK start. – Androidcentral.com

Buy now:  Moto 360 Sport – $299.99

9.LG G Watch R


Another entry from the LG has more of a classy look than being stylish. There is specific sort of users, who prefer their smart watch just like the traditional watches. It is made from high-quality material and available in leather straps or stainless steel bracelet. It looks more mature and sharp, quite to opposite to its brother Urbane. It has pretty much the same features as the Urbane with an improvement in battery life.

The G Watch R looks just as good as the Moto 360, and with the best battery life of any Wear watch to date, it (just) beats the Motorola in the battle for Android Wear supremacy. – Endgadget.com

Buy now:  LG Watch R $227.62

10.Moto 360


This might be an old entry, considering all the latest generations of smartwatches available, but it is worthy of every applause. With the most promising features and bold look, Moto 360 was a gem of its time. Now, it may not be wise to go for it, but you should certainly buy, if you are getting a great deal over it.

 The Moto 360 is the best smart watch on the market and a worthy accessory to any android user. – cnet.com

Buy now: Moto 360 – $177.00

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