Top 5 Best Smart Hearing Aid Devices To Hear Better

Hearing is the most vital sense that we all got as a gift from nature. It said that cavemen depended on their ears more than their eyes. In the modern era, we made the technology resolve the human disabilities and ailments. Without wasting much of your time, here is the list of top 5 hearing aid devices that helping people from hearing disabilities.

5 Best Smart Hearing Aid Devices

1)  Resound Linx2 9

Resound came up with its Linx hearing aid series that became very popular. Now they have come up with the next generation of the same series and have named it Linx2.  This model was released in the month of April of the year 2015. The new generation came with some significant improvements over the previous generation which was already a top-class hearing aid.


This indeed deserves the first spot in the list. However, its Phonak counterpart Audeo V90 is not too far behind. You can call it the best in the class device. You can extend the functionalities over to smartphones as it is compatible with Android and iOS phones. This device comes with the complete from ranges including CICcompletely in the canal, IICinvisible in the canal, and of course in the ear.

Resound has been doing the business for more than seven decades now. It is currently headquartered in Denmark. Resound hearing aids have been quite popular. They understand the hearing technology pretty well. The company also stays up to date with the latest technology. Priced at around $2,350, Linx2 may seem a little costly to some. However, with so many features and options, it is certainly a great buy.

2)  Audeo V90 by Phonak

The letter ‘V’ in the model name is short for ‘Venture.’ Venture is indeed the most recent technology adopted by Phonak. The most important aspect of this technology is the operating system platform it uses. The OS is named as AutoSense.

The OS is extremely close to Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is sometimes called the ‘brain’ of the device. It instantly scans your environment and based on the external sounds, it immediately selects one of the aptest listening modes. Nearly 200 listening modes have been programmed into the device. The battery life of this device is also long. With the latest chip technology, the battery life gets prolonged.


All the hearing devices in the V series are completely in the canal or RIC (receiver in the canal models). Whether the person has a mild hearing loss or a severe one this device can be very handy. In this line of smart hearing aid, you can find four levels of performance including V30, V50, V70, and V90. These models represent basic, economy, advanced and premium levels respectively. The prices increase as you increase the level. This is why V90 is the costliest of all. But it uses the best hearing technology.

3)  Unitron North Pro


With the advances in hearing aid, we now have extremely effective and high-quality devices with us. This particular hearing device uses its very own North processor hearing technology making it one of the best hearing aids ever made. There is no doubt about the fact that this is a flagship device from Unitron. This device is best for those who have hearing problems and need to be able to hear properly even when the conditions are most challenging. This device is offered in three different design styles. It has also won an award for excellent designs. Here are the three styles:

  • Moxi Fit: Moxi Fit is rather a large sized device but one of the most effective Bluetooth hearing aids. The device features both, telecoil and push button. This is something you don’t usually see in the small RIC hearing aids.
  • Moxi Kiss: If you don’t want the hearing aid to show itself up, you should go for Moxi Kiss. It is the slimmest hearing aid from Unitron. However, it loses some features, which are available with its Fit and Dura counterparts.
  • Moxi Dura: Dura is not the model you would know for its design. However, regarding features and functionalities, it is the most powerful one. It provides higher amplification and thus it is best suited for challenging hearing environments.

4)  Siemens Binax 7

Binax is the hearing aid range from Simens, which is known for its top-level technology. But when we talk about Binax 7, it uses the highest technology level in this range. This means that it is the best you can get at this time. This device improves the quality of the sound using 48 channels for processing. It has plenty of features than you will find in any other Binax model.

You can easily tune it well to suit your hearing needs. There are many types of models available. You can go for the in the ear as well as behind the ear hearing aid Bluetooth devices. This model is perfect for those who have either a mild hearing loss or severe hearing problems.


It’s unique hearing channels make this device different from the rest. It features 48 channels, and you will not find this in any other model from any company. The only question is whether all the channels are utilized or not. This is because human ear only has twenty natural channels. The price is not available, but you can send an email to this link to get an quote.

5)  Alta2 Pro from Oticon

Alta2 Pro from Oticon is one of the best smart hearing aids that you can ever get. This is the reason why it has been named as the premium-hearing device. The pro model comes with the processing chip called Inium Sense. This model has many more features than its Alta2 variant. It is perfect for those who have to use the hearing device in the challenging environment.


Ten bands control the 16 channels of this device. The higher number of bands means that channels can be fine-tuned more effectively, and the sounds are better amplified and give higher clarity. In unison with the other features, this particular feature provides a much better experience of listening.

Background noise is one of the most disturbing things for those who wear hearing aids. The good thing about this device is that it can easily reduce the background noise. At the same time, it will not affect the volume and quality of the sound near you. Therefore, it is a great device to at a noisy place.

There you go, these are the top 5 best smart hearing devices are ready to solve the most important problem in human lives.

Hope you got an idea about the latest hearing devices. You can share your thoughts and comments in the below comment box, and help our readers to know better!

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