10 Most Useful Samsung Galaxy Gear Apps For Your Smartwatch


Owning an Android smartwatch is a luxury but owning a Samsung Galaxy Gear is a class. With its inception in the market, it has been a stable watch with loads of features that could be defined as a successful first generation smart watch. While the watch was always the preferred choice of the users due to its capabilities, the actual strength of wearable lies in the compatibility of the third party apps. Here, we listed down here, the 10 most useful Samsung Galaxy Gear apps that can turn your watch into a digital piece of equipment to cater all the entertainment purposes. The watch had its own set of flaws, but the amount of flexibility it gives to users simply put it on top of the list. Let’s take a look at the most promising apps that is a must requirement if you own a Gear.

 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Gear Apps

1. Gear Navigator


Who says you need a smartphone to search for the directions if you happen to visit a new place. Gear Navigator is the answer to your navigation problems. With its super friendly interface, the app is a marvel in its own class. Constantly improving with every update, what you get is a complete navigational control on your wrist. Here, not only you get the driving directions but also the alternate options of walking and cycling; just like Google Maps. It provides a step by step detail of the direction and even peek through a street view, pretty clean isn’t it? This app is not free but is worth every penny you invest.

2. Pocket


No need an introduction for this app. The Pocket app is extremely convenient option to save all the links or articles on your smartphone so that you can read it later. Even better, this app works in perfect conjunction with Gear. All you need to do is sync your smartphone with the wearable and let it do the rest of the job. Naturally, it doesn’t allow you to read the articles, but you can listen to the content.

3. beatObox

There are many pre-installed Samsung galaxy gear apps, but you may often find them to be fairly inadequate to suit your needs or doesn’t actually offer great user experience. The music controller of the device is okay-ish, but beatObox will change the definition of music accessibility. The touch based controls of the app allow you to meddle with the music in a much more flexible manner. Compatibility is never an issue as it just works with Google Play Music, Spotify and much more. To top it off, the app has a very attractive interface.

4. Wearable Widgets


We all love widgets on the smartphone. The amount of information you can access in an instance is too overwhelming to be neglected. Wearable Widgets is a smart app that mirrors down the display of the smartphone widgets right on the watch screen. You have the option of looking all the available widgets into the display screen of the watch. Just one look at the watch will provide you with all the information based on your favorite widgets. All these can be done without having the need to reach out for your phone.

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5. MyFitnessPal


It amounts to no surprise that staying fit is becoming a primary concern for everyone. More so, in case you happen to be a fitness enthusiast. With MyFitnessPal, keeping the check on your health is a breeze, and it even motivates you to perform even better in the field. The app stores the status of calories burned, bar code scanning for food items, and setting diet plans. Apart from that, you can check on the dietary consumption, set up reminders for exercises and even keep tabs on weight loss. It is a must-have app for all the fitness freaks; just that the ‘freak’ term is taken in a positive manner.

6. Speech2List

The most common problem faced during a visit to a grocery market is keeping the list of the items to buy. Gone are the days, when you used to take down the list of grocery items on paper. Speech2List is a preferable option that works on the voice command. With this app, you have voice created list available right on the watch display so that you never miss out on any items. We find it to be one of the best Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch apps.

7. Solo Air

Music lovers never miss an opportunity to show their talent, may it be dumb or simply a next celebrity singer in the making. Solo Air offers the users to tangle with the music lyrics through its guitar chords interface. Just grab the best lyrics and chord combinations, and you are all set. With different options on guitar, playing the tune is never an issue, even if you sound too hilarious.

8. Runkeeper


Most of the apps are designed in accordance to be compatible with many smartwatches, but RunKeeper was designed whilst keeping Galaxy Gear in mind. The app is a perfect digital fitness trainer. Offering details on steps counted, calories burned, heart rates and distance covered, it is a great app to have on your wrist.

9. Travel Translator

Imagine the amount of dilemma witnessed when visiting a country with different speaking language. Travel Translator helps you to translate the local language into the one of your understanding. It offers 37 language options, which get instantly translated by speaking over the watch. For an avid traveler, you better not leave the country without having this app installed.

10. Watch Styler

Admit it; nobody prefers to have same watch face all the time. You need a change and Watch Styler can help it. The app offers many options for changing the theme of the watch from its arsenal for free and paid designs. You can even opt for creating a new design for yourself. It’s all up to you whether you want a classy look or head for the more flashy approach.

Finally, here are few more apps like the above, Evernote, POI nearby, Calendar Gear Pro, HERE, SlideEasy, Trainr, CameraAce, Budgit, Life360, BabySitting, Path, etc. There are plenty of apps available for smartwatches, but not all understand user need. Hope these apps can simplify your life for better, please comment below your favorite app in Samsung galaxy gear watch so the world will know better.

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