Technology keeps making our lives better and easier each day. For fitness geeks, the myriad health tracking apps help to keep track on one’s health parameters more precise and manageable. For Android users, there are plenty of options to choose from, but finding the best android apps in one place will be pretty damn hard work. Considering this, here are the list of 20 best running apps for Android smartphones.

Best Running Apps For Android Smartphones

Running is obviously one of the popular options in a workout plan to improve your cardio and stamina. However, like any exercise plan, there has to be consistency in sticking to the plan over time and need to modify it with progress. To keep you motivated, there is a running app for all. Whether you are a starter, a Pro, or you want to improvise your running skills, the following running apps will make it easier to keep track on your daily running spree:

1. Adidas Train and RunBest-Running-Apps-For-Android-adidas-train-app

[Price: Free]

If you are a beginner runner, who is wondering if you could turn your smartphone into your very own personal trainer, then Adidas Train and Run is meant for you. The sports gear manufacturer launched this app for its Fit Smart devices. It is now available as a free app for Android and is compatible with some cool fitness devices.

It offers you a complete training package with an audio coaching system. It enables real-time tracking of your running schedules, gives you exercises for muscle training, along with expert tips and feedbacks. Among the available apps for running, this Adidas app covers a wide spectrum of your fitness training. It also gives the users some motivational tips and personalized guide to improve their runs.

2. RunKeeper

[Price: Free, in-app purchases]

RunKeeper is something for professional runners and athletes. It enables accurate tracking of your steps, calories, pace, and distance. You can pre-plan your running route using GPS in the app to cover your desired distance. It also provides audio guidance on your running schedule, and the audio reports are interspersed with music if you are listening to your playlist while on the run. You can choose from advanced training plans and fix fitness goals. It provides you a detailed workout history with statistical updates, which can be shared with your friends.

3. Endomondo

[Price: Free, in-app purchases]

Endomondo is one of the popular and best running apps on Android. It offers a single interface for tracking multiple fitness training apart from running. You can pick an activity and set the goal, and the audio guide will lead you through the rest. Its social connect feature allows you to receive updates about your friend’s best records and motivates you to perform better. It is a peppy app that makes your runs fun with a scope to socialize during your runs and challenge your friends on the go.

4. FitBitBest-Running-Apps-For-Android-fitbit-android

[Price: Free]

There is no need of much introduction about this brand. The Fitbit app can help you get detailed information concerning the number of steps taken. It provides all information regarding distance traveled, calories burnt and reports the active minutes on your trail.

5. Nike+

[Price: Free]

Nike+ is a perfect fit for both beginners and regular runners with a clean and simple-to-use interface. There is an audio feedback system informing you after every mile you have covered. You can set up fitness goals, and you will receive expert tips for training and daily workouts. It also offers a feature to challenge your friends for a set goal and compete for the top position. It is one of the top-rated and well-designed apps allowing free access to its content.

6. RuntasticBest-Running-Apps-For-Android-running-tracking-app-android

[Price: Free, in-app purchases]

Runtastic is a good option for professionals and athletes. Apart from offering basic stats about the run distances, averages, calories burnt, speed and duration, it also provides data logs about weather and heart rate. It can be used not only for running but also for other fitness activities to analyze your progress.

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7. Couch to 5KBest-Running-Apps-For-Android-coach-5K_Press

[Price: Free/ $ 1.59- $ 3.20]

This app is a nice thing for beginners who will be guided through workouts and training to transform from a couch potato to a 5K marathon runner. This can be good for those who want to start but simply don’t know how.

8. Zombies, Run

[Price: $ 3.99]

If you are low on workout zeal, then Zombies, Run can be your savior and make your running trail fun and interesting. This combo of fitness and alternate reality gaming keeps you entertained while helping you shed that flab. The sound effects of the audio adventures are pretty immersive and keep you on the job.

9. Get Running

[Price: $ 2.99]

Get running is apt for beginners and intermediates. It gives training right from the basics, so it provides a good way to give a start. It has audio feedback, fitness training planning and sharing on social network.

10. Google FitBest-Running-Apps-For-Android-google-fit-app

[Price: Free]

Google Fit is a good way to integrate all your fitness updates in one single platform. You can use it to track any fitness activity of your choice and receive intuitive charts about your progress based on speed, pace, duration, elevation, etc. It provides you personalized guidance about improving your workouts.

11. Map My Run

[Price: Free, with in-app purchases]

If you think that “All I want is to track my run!”, Then this app takes it very seriously, literally speaking! It gives you the opportunity to plan and track your running routes using a GPS navigation system. It maps out your run journey. It has also got a gear tracker to remind you about wearing out your running gears.

12. Strava

[Price: Free]

Strava is the ultimate pick for competitive runners or those who are professional runners. It provides a platform for connecting with the global community of runners. It gives you regular updates about your performances in comparison to those around the world. So it gives you a good motivational support if you are looking for growth.

13. RockMyRunBest-Running-Apps-For-Android-rock-my-run-app

[Free, in-app purchases]

Music can always spice up your workout, and this is why this running app makes you rock on the run. If you have grown tired of playing the same playlist, then RockMyRun will make you spoilt for choice by offering thousands of music mash-ups and mixes by renowned DJs and music artists. The music tempo gets adjusted to your pace, and the result is that you are charged up both mentally and physically.

14. MeeRun Sports Tracker

[Free, in-app purchases]

This app once again allows the user to track any physical activity, be it running, cycling, skiing, etc. It provides statistics, diagrams, and e-mail workout summary. Also provides route mapping and interactive user interface.

15. Garmin Mobile Connect

[Price: Free]

Garmin provides one of the best GPS tracking hardware. You can share your activity with friends, only those whom you choose. You can upload your workout details on the Garmin Connect website.

16. WahooBest-Running-Apps-For-Android-wahoo-android-app

[Price: Free, Wahoo product purchase]

This app has a very prominent display of vital metrics featuring large black and white numbers. It also allows saving your tracked workouts to any third party platforms. For enhancing user experience you can pair it up with other Wahoo products for more detailed updates. You can opt for Wahoo’s Tickr Run Chest Strap. On pairing it up with the app, you will get to access a ‘smoothness score’, which will provide the details about your running efficiency.

17. Withings Health Mate

[Price: Free, in-app purchases]

Withings provide virtual scales which tell you more than just about your weight. You will be provided with info about your body fat percentage and heart rate. It will track your steps and prepare the reports accordingly. It is not a traditional running app, but you can integrate it with another app like RunKeeper.

18. PaceJam

[Price: Free]

This music cum running app helps you to keep up your pace. You need to choose your desired pace, and the app changes the song’s speed according to your fluctuating pace. To listen to the song at its usual speed, you have to keep up with your selected pace.

19. PaceDJ

[Price: Free]

This app scans your music archive and breaks down the songs into beats per minute. The tempos of the beats are matched with your pace. You can also choose the interval-training mode to make your customized workout playlist.

20. Charity MilesBest-Running-Apps-For-Android-Charity-Miles

[Price: Free]

As the name suggests, you have an added feel good factor in addition to losing your flab. This philanthropic running app donates 25 cents for every mile you run to a selected charitable foundation.

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Your daily running just got easier with these wide-ranging apps to choose from. So, whether you are just a lazy bum looking for some way to start a workout or a regular runner seeking to hone your running skills; you just found a solution on your very own smartphone.

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