Pebble is a giant player in the wearable field. This newly developed wearable technology has come a long way from its inception and is exponentially gaining worldwide attention. The company is known to release smartwatches, acting as fitness trackers that will simply make your life easier.

With these gadgets on your wrist, you can easily keep track of your calories burned, sleeping pattern, steps, workout regime etc. Pebble devices also employ the use of GPS navigation system and other notifications that can really cut out the work for you.

With a variety of smartwatches such as Pebble Time, Pebble Time Round, Pebble Time Steel, Pebble Steel and Pebble Classic, you have the freedom to choose the one matching your personality. Just like smartphones, these smart watches cum fitness tracker also have the variety of apps available for the users.

The company has its own  Pebble app store, where users can enjoy the complete list of apps and custom watch faces. While, certain devices may have restrictions over some apps but there are many in the store that you will not have to worry about the limitations of the apps. But how long and how far are you going to search? To narrow down your list, we have picked the 10 best pebble apps and faces for you to download.

Top 10 Best Pebble Apps And Faces

1. Yelp


We bet, most pebble users will have this app installed on their smartphone. Don’t just let this app on your smartphone alone, as pebble store offers Yelp right on your smart watch. You can easily find the nearby location to grab a quick bite or eat a place to dine with just a shake of the device. Shaking the wrist will provide you with detailed results and reviews, along with the categories.

2. UP Pebble


This entry is definitely the most surprising entry on the list as UP is considered as watch faces rather than an app. This app cum watch face, from Jawbone simply adds a touch of class to your pebble watch. It tracks your fitness data, which can later be transferred to UP app (both on iOS and Android devices). From there, you can easily monitor the data of your fitness regime.

3. Uber


Getting late for a meeting? Then, you might want to try Uber app. This is one of the best in the list of pebble watch apps list. With this app on the device, you can easily track your ride, and receive the exact time of arrival within the small display. All you need to do is to open the app, touch the middle button to book a ride from your source location to the destination. It also provides a comprehensive map of the route.

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 4. Mario Time Watch Face


From all the pebble watch faces out there, this retro style theme is something you need to try. If you own a Pebble Time or Steel, you can have access to this theme, where Mario will purposely jump every minute and even display weather and battery level. The fun part — background keeps changing throughout the day.

 5. Evernote


Most of us know how important Evernote nowadays. So, business or note taking on the go made possible in Pebble. Probably, one of the coolest note collecting apps is Evernote. It may not have all the features as you would have expected to have on smartphones, but it certainly offers great versatility to your smart watch. It is a great way to keep track of your to-do list and have it updated with reminders.

 6. Real Weather


This stunningly beautiful watch face from pebble is one of the most popular themes on the device. The theme offers great versatility in terms of timings, day & night, temperature and the current date. You can easily get the glimpse of the weather right on your smart watch.

 7. PebbleGPS


When your smartwatch has an inbuilt GPS tracker, it would be wise to install one of the pebble apps that provide the facility of GPS navigation. You no longer have to hover through the smartphone for navigation, as this device can easily help you navigate, once you input the address in the app.

 8. Movable


While we all love these smart watches, but it is still the very old fitness tracker that you intended to use in the first place. This app will simply add more motivation to your fitness regime because it turns the device into pedometer and calorie tracker. It is more like a personal trainer that gives you real-time data and goals.

 9. Morpheuz


Tired of waking up in the morning with heavy tunes of alarms? If yes, then Morpheuz is something you need to try. This smart app focuses on a subtle approach of waking you up gradually. All you need to do is to set the earliest and newest time. It then wakes you up slowly depending on your sleep patterns, hence, you will wake up happily rather than a grimy look on the face.

 10. RunKeeper


Definitely coming in the category of the best app for pebble, Runkeeper is a personalized fitness trainer. It helps you keep the track of steps taken and distance covered within the time. It utilizes the GPS of the device to provide accurate results. It keeps complete tabs on your speed and distance covered and display it on the screen. The use is much easier, where you can pause and resume with just a middle button of the pebble devices.


There few other honorable pebble apps like Pebble Health, Up for Pebble, Dominos, Tripadvisor, Awear, Paypal, IFTTT, Battery+, Leaf, GoPro, Twebble, Music boss, …etc. They are already moving so fast into the app market to beat the Apple Watch , so let’s wait and see what the future holds.

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