Exercising is becoming an essential habit in everyone’s life. You don’t need a dictionary to understand the advantages of exercising. Apart from staying fit, your health remains in top notch condition. Here, we list down some of the best heart rate monitors and HRM watches that will simply surprise you with the way it works.

We have seen enough technology in the market, but it never will settle down, at least not in current time. Ask any fitness enthusiast and he/she will tell you the benefits of staying fit but a good heart rate monitor can tell you a lot about your health. In fact, it can be immensely helpful during your exercise regime. Whether you are working out or running, having a reading on your heart rates can significantly boost your limits. Since we are living in the era of wearable, there won’t be any surprise to see compact heart rate monitors and heart rate monitor watches.

Heart Rate Monitors are increasingly becoming quite popular among the fitness class and rightly for the benefits it provides to the users. It can effectively help you to determine your heart rates and even works as a motivator to enhance your results. The Popular brands like Garmin, Myzone, Fitbit, Jawbone etc. provide you with accurate readings and let you determine your ideal type of zone for training so that you can even work more efficiently.

Whichever way you see, it completely depends on your preferences. Either opt for more accurate strap heart rate monitors or simply go for a wrist heart rate monitor.

List of Best Heart Rate Monitors And HRM Watches

Garmin HRM Tri


This ultra-light Garmin heart rate strap will add a lot of fuel to your workout session. With just 49gms in weight, you can easily wrap around your chest and effortlessly do the workout sessions. Garmin HRM Tri has an inbuilt accelerometer that senses even the slight vibration and movements from the body. The device has a bold design with soft edges, so you don’t experience any irritation even with the sweatiest session. Whether you are on a bike or running down the streets, we guarantee that the device will stay in its place and provide with accurate results.

MyZone MZ-3


Talking about the devices with flawless performance, MyZone MZ-3 does fit in the category. It is a strap-on device that offers efficient heart rate readings. May it be cycling, swimming, running or exercising, you will get the spot-on heart readings. More than a heart rate monitor, it allows you to measure beats per minute and even lets you earn points based on your performance. While the device is excellent in its class, MyZone MZ-3 learns from your heart rates and determines your level of performance. It houses 16 hours of data; hence, you don’t have to carry around the smartphone with you anytime sooner.



The latest introduction of the smartwatches may have affected the sales of chest based heart rate monitors, but Wahoo deserves a spot far above those watches in measuring your heart rate. We are not talking about simply measuring the beats; we speak of excellence. Wahoo means business, and they are known to make the best heart rate monitor in the market. As of now, it is the highest selling device on the market, and still going strong even with a lot of competition coming in the wearable category.

The device stores up to 16 hours of data; additional feature – tracking the cycles. What else can you ask for? No longer will you have to carry the phone during the session as you can easily transfer the data at your leisure.

Suunto Smart Sensor


Suunto Smart Sensor can be termed as the world’s smallest heart rate monitor, or so what the company claims to be. While, we cannot verify the credibility of it being smart, but it is small. The Bluetooth based device can be easily attached to any of the straps of your choosing. You have the options to get your hands on a variety of colored straps. It allows you to work even under water in your swimming session but restricts from storing the data while underwater. Any land-based session will calculate your heart rate and even the calories burned during the workout. It weighs just 40gms and remains water resistance up to 30m. Being Bluetooth compatible, you can easily sync the data on your smartphone or tablet, supporting both iOS and Android devices.

Fitbit Blaze


The newest addition from Fitbit has gained huge support from the crowd, especially with some features it offers to the users. Even, though the Fitbit blaze has just hit the market, you can expect a whole lot of functionality right out of the box. With an inbuilt heart rate monitor, you have the luxury of checking on heart beats straight from the wrist. While, it may not provide as accurate results as any other potential chest monitor, it will still get your job done. The device suffers from high-intensity workout session due to lag time. What it lacks in accuracy is filled up by a superb resting heart rate tracking. Not just tracking, but you can even compete with your friends on a challenge. More so, it is one of the most easily accommodated devices on the market.

Garmin Vivosmart HR


No questions can be raised on Garmin’s capability with GPS and pretty much the same can be said about its heart rate monitor. It offers easy and comfortable heart rate tracking right on the wrist. The device looks promising and even supports non-stop tracking of the heart beats. However, it is surrounded by some flaws. The device lacks an inbuilt GPS– weird from Garmin, hence making it less attractive to the users, especially the runners and cyclists. It suffers from accuracy problems at high intensity and also provides inaccurate readings during heavy workout sessions.

Fitbit Surge


Fitbit seems to be rolling too many devices in abundance, naturally due to the high level of sales in the market. Surge is rightly loaded with innovative features and a heart rate sensor. With the help of PurePulse feature, this device calculates and tracks your stats automatically, even if you are performing the easiest of the workout sessions. It can be termed as a pulse watch that determines accurate heart readings and improves your regime. The device also calculates the amount of calories burned during a session.

All you need to do is enter the target heart zone, which falls under your maximum and it will be updating you with the latest stats constantly. All the stored data can be feedback on the app, where you can see your progress at your convenience. Though quite expensive, the device is a top notch heart rate monitor.



If you ask us about the best heart rate monitor watch without chest straps, then our votes go to Mio Alpha 2. Just take a look at Mio Alpha 2 review and you’ll know what we are saying. The wearable is pretty basic in other categories but everything changes when it comes to heart rate monitoring. It offers the set of five different heart rate zones, which can help you maximize the performance. With every succession of heart rates, the LED inside the screen will light up to give you the visual reminders of the performance at the current zone. The data can be stored for full 25 hours and what’s engaging is that it will constantly keep the heart rate monitor working right on the display. More so, you can also keep track of calories, pace, distance covered, and speed.

Garmin Forerunner 235


The watch has an inbuilt Heart Rate monitor. Garmin forerunner seems to have infused the device with all the sporting needs, like built-in GPS and water resistant feature. The design further complements its sporty looks. The highly useful Garmin Connect app simply adds more power to the device. Regarding performance, 235 doesn’t stay in the high ranks of delivering accurate results, but it will get you with basic heart rates on regular workout sessions. It is not advisable if you are a heavy runner.

TomTom Spark Cardio


Spark is one of the devices from the list of highly competitive trackers and smart watches from TomTom. The brand is known for sports trackers and applauding heart rate monitor. With Spark, the music player will add a bit of music to your squats and lunges. The device has a 3GB of storage space, which allows convenient storing of the heart rate data along with the whole set of other activities. You don’t need any of the chest strap monitors when Spark is around. More so, it has inbuilt GPS and other usual tracking tools, which will make your workout session a complete fitness experience.

Jawbone UP3UP3 & UP4


There is not much difference between the two devices except for the NFC feature included in UP4. Both the devices have an inbuilt heart rate sensor that will make sure of tracking your heart activities in any sessions you undergo. The highly advanced sensors will keep an eye on your resting heartbeats and feed you with the data gathered from a simple walk to a strenuous session. It automatically adjusts to the type of activity you are performing, which is a big plus in determining your level for each type of exercise.

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor


Ever fancy a companion that offers you not only the heart rate tracking but also the rewards for your performance? If so, then Polar FT60 is the right choice for you. It is a heart rate monitor that offers comprehensive training programs. Upon completion of the program, you are rewarded for your efforts. It can be a great motivator on your daily workout sessions. Apart from heart rate tracking, it counts calories, distance, and even fat burn.

Omron HR210


If you are looking for heart rate monitor with a tight budget in your pockets, then HR 210 is the right choice. While it is a pretty basic watch, the heart rate monitor works efficiently without any need of strapping to your chest. You also get to enjoy the luxury of basic features like zone alerts and calories burned. It is not precise regarding heart rate tracking, but nonetheless, you cannot get such features on a budget watch, which, at least, Omron is offering.

Polar FT4


When you have the option to go out for an affordable watch with lots of features, then FT4 fits the category. The watch has a stylish appeal to its appearances and also comes with many color options. It comes with the alternative of a replacement battery, hence juicing out is never a problem. It tracks heart rates in a continuous manner, though not that accurate in comparison to other chest heart rate monitors. The Smart Calorie feature in the watch calculates the amount of calories burned during the fitness training.

Garmin Vivofit


There is a considerable difference between wearing a smartwatch and a fitness band. From this list of best heart rate monitors and HRM watches, one thing is certain that the technology is not restricted to a specific set of devices. Garmin Vivofit is worth every penny. It provides robust and reliable heart rate readings with its minimalistic design. It also offers many fitness related features and acts as a water-resistant band. Hence, you can wear it 24/7 without worrying about being damaged in water.

Finally, smart watches are often seen with inbuilt heart rate monitors these days, as the company wants to deliver a complete all round solution in the form of fitness trackers. It is an excellent way to look at your heart rates by buying a cheap device in the market, but if you are looking for better accuracy, we advise you to pick up a heart rate monitor from the above list.

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