Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world, which is undeniable as well. No matter how much you keep an eye on your kids, they tend to lose your sight over their playtime. Nobody can constantly keep an eye on their children since everyone has plenty of things to do in their day-to-day lives. Not only homes but whenever you go out, extra attention must be paid if they don’t get lost in the new territory. It can become a huge dilemma to watch your kids, especially during outing and trips.

According to Department of Justice, 797,500 children reported missing in a one-year period, 203,900 were abducted by family members and 58,200 were abducted by non-relatives. 115 were classified as being taken by a stranger.

The answer to the dilemma lies in the technology itself. Ever thought of keeping the track on your kids using GPS trackers? If not, then it is possible these days. Lightweight wearable tracking devices for kids are already in the market.

The concept of Child GPS Tracking Device is same as the principle used in fitness trackers, except that these devices are more colorful and less complex. As a parent, you just need to wrap the device around the wrist or place it in the bags and forget worrying about your child being lost. There are many trackers available on the market, ranging from its design to its functions. Below are the top 10 best GPS trackers for kids.

10 Best GPS Trackers for Kids

1. Tinitell


The wrist device is more than a GPS tracker. Usually, it functions as a tracker, but also works as a wrist phone with voice recognition feature. The device provides the pinpoint accurate location of the kids, where the parent can track at the live map using the smartphone app. It also serves as a phone by making calls using the voice recognition pattern. The whole idea was funded in the Kickstarter campaign.

The device is employed with both iOS and Android application. The sim card required in the gadget is compatible with any service provider, so you have the luxury of using it anywhere. It is one of the simplest, yet effective GPS tracker for kids in the market. The design is pretty elegant and bears the use of single button for all the purposes, which is ideal for the kids. At the price of $149, you can own this device for your child.

2. Weenect


One of the newer entry in the GPS market is a tracking device from Weenect. It is a water-resistant tracker, enveloped with a pouch and a USB charger. The device is compact and can be quickly put into pocket or bag. It comes with a free tracking period of one month, along with lucrative offers for an entire year subscription. The device can be tracked using a live map, or a modern compass. All you need to do is search out on the map and it will mark out the direction of the kid’s location. It also has an SOS button for younger kids, and older kids can make use of entry/exit function, which basically inform their parents whenever they enter the house. The price of this GPS  device is $110 and ready to track your child movement.

3. FiLIP 2


If you know about GPS trackers, then you certainly would have come across FiLIP 2. It is more of a smart watch than a conventional GPS tracker. It is a wrist watch, which works as a tracker and phone as well. It is extremely light in weight and water resistant, which is a must requirement to qualify it as a kid’s tracker. The newer model has made significant improvements over the former one. The device comes in different colors, which can be adjusted as per the wrist. It is also very durable and comfortable for the kids to wear. However, the price can be considered as a bit expensive and offers the option to store only five numbers. For the price, $129, it’s worth buying.

4. Loc8tor


The brand name itself implies that it is a locator. It is one of the famous child tracking devices in the market, especially in subscription based tracking sector. Owing to its size, you can easily slide it in the pocket or wrap it around the pouch. Using the accurate location, parents can easily keep the track of their kids on their smartphone. The device has a 2.45GHz frequency band, making it extremely usable to any part of the world. The tracking can be done through a live map feed, which only requires an Internet connection. You can buy this GPS tracker for $63.82.

5. Amber Alert GPS Locator


The biggest advantage of having a pocket size locator is that you can easily slide in the pocket without causing any hindrance to your child. Measuring just 7cm in size, it is powered by a Lithium-ion battery, which can last for about 40 hours on a single charge. You can easily track the location either by the browser or on your smartphone, accompanied by the app.It’s priced for $99. You can also set up the boundaries on the device parameters using a geo-fencing feature. Moreover, it also has a feature, which will alert the parents if the kids venture in some restricted areas.

6. SAFE Kids Paxie Band


Does your child fancy a stylish and flamboyant tracker? If so, then Paxie band is the right choice for you. It encompasses an elegant design with colorful options of interchangeable styles to suit the purpose of GPS tracker and look equally appealing as well. Using the device, parents can easily keep the track of the child along with setting the boundaries for your kids. The band also serve as a temperature monitor, which keeps the track of the current temperature. It has a heart rate sensor that demonstrates the kid’s activity to know how active your child is. The price of $175, bit high price, but it’s worth trying out.

7. HereO GPS Watch


When you choose a GPS tracker for kids, it ought to have all the essential features available along with the appealing look. HereO watch is an ideal choice for kids due to its availability of many attractive color options. With a vast array of colors, your kid can easily show off in front of their friends. You can easily keep an eye on the kid by syncing the watch with the app available on the phone and it will display the kid’s location. It has an alert feature, which can be easily used by your kids. Parents can also set the boundaries of the kid using the geofencing feature. For $199, this GPS watch will give you all the safeness your kid need.

8. Trax


Trax is the ideal tracker that can be termed as a perfect device in every sense. The small pocket-sized tracker is extremely slim and has a very slick design. It features built-in gyroscope, USB port, accelerometer and prepaid sim card, which is accessible to more than 30 countries in the world. It offers the option of real-time tracking, augmented reality search, and geofencing to keep an eye on the child. It is by far the most advanced device on the market, but you will have to pay a lot more than its competitors to get your hands on the device. This personal GPS tracker priced for $191.

9. Lineable


When you are in search for a tracker that comes with an affordable price ($10) tag and equally does the job of tracking, then Lineable is the answer to your call. It is a one-time usable device, which can last for about a year, before dying out. The simple design and battery life that doesn’t require charging is an excellent option for the parents. The extremely cheap price tag makes it highly sought brand among the parents.

10. Flash Me Sydney


Technically, it cannot be described as a GPS tracker as it works on the principle of tracking the kids based on the QR code present in the band. It is a silicon band that has a QR code, which contains the details about the child’s parent. This device can be useful when your kid has lost his way or can’t contact their parents. With the cheapest price tag, it is a must buy product. With the price of $5, this one will be worth buying.

The gadgets mentioned above are some of the best GPS trackers for kids. While some offer more advanced features and functionalities, the primary function of tracking is present in all the devices. It is imperative to keep an eye on the kids, but our modern lifestyle has made it difficult to do so. With these trackers, parents can do their routines while keeping track on their child. It is an unusual yet useful device in the market that relies on the internet and smartphone, which everyone seems to have these days.

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