5 Best Google Glass Alternatives Ready To Take On Your Fantasy World!


The world was taken aback when Google introduced its first augmented reality invention (optical head-mounted display)– Google Glass in the market. The mere promotions of the gadget received a huge attention from the world. However, it isn’t the only product. It is hard to move out from Google products, but there are best google glass alternatives too, which you might want to take a look.

When the Google Glass was introduced to the market, many lined up to get this piece of new technology. However, the sales didn’t skyrocket as its promotions. The main reason for the lack of the sales was an exorbitant price and among device features. The Google Glass initially had a price tag of $1500, which was way too much for the consumers to venture into the new territories of augmented reality.

“What is going on here in a world where I am carrying around a camera and EVERYONE uses their phones or a GoPro but Glass feels freaky and weird?”

–   Robert Scoble, the influential technology writer and early Glass apostle

Augmented Reality has only laid new steps and has a lot to prosper in the modern world. The idea of augmented reality is quickly turning into reality by adopting in latest gadgets and devices. Though you may not be able to get your hands on Google Glass, much has changed now. There are an endless number of options in the market, offering a broad range of features and at very affordable rates. Smart glasses are quickly taking over the smartphones. It is only natural to assume that future belongs to this technological marvel. From processing videos to providing real-time navigation- everything is achievable by these smart glasses. Let’s take a look at the list of the Smartglasses in the market that rivals Google Glass.

List of Best Google Glass Alternatives

1. Sony SmartEyeglass


When the product comes from a line of one of the top technological brands like Sony, it is not entitled to any introduction, at least not for marketing. The SmartEyeGlass from Sony is a close rival to Google Glass by delivering the best-augmented reality experience right in front of the eyes. The wearable is loaded with a vast array of features such as real-time navigation, real-time translations just as Google voice commands, built-in camera and much more.

However, it cannot be termed as an augmented reality device, as oppose to those virtual reality headsets. The eyepiece comes with a control pack that is connected through a cord. You may often find it more of a hindrance than a comfort. The device packs feature such as a gyroscope, accelerometer, Bluetooth, and compass. Another disappointing thing about the device is the almost non-existing 2.5 hours of battery life, which is pretty less regarding usage. The developer kit is available for $899 now. Though, many improvements are to be expected from the device in coming updates.

2. Microsoft HoloLens


It is more of a collection of different headsets than a single one; such is the latest gadget from Microsoft. Picking up the best features of all the types of headphones available in the market and integrating into one product; what you get is a HoloLens. The device is the future of the augmented reality in the form of a compact and advanced model. The HoloLens is more of a computer, which can practically do all the work in front of your eyes. The devices have no strings or cords attached to it, which makes it extremely flexible to use.

The device is continuously improving, and even the holographic concepts are rumored to introduce in the eyepiece. Indeed, you cannot question the efforts of Microsoft. The price may be a significant issue for the viewers. It is about to launch in the first quarter of 2016.

3. Recon Jet Smart eyewear


When you are paying for the high-end product, you also expect it to have stunning looks. While, many of us prefer simplicity and sophistication, others prefer a stylish and flamboyant appeal. Recon Jet is just the wearable that gives it a unique sporty look, which is first in the augmented market. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the set of devices among the cyclists and athletes in near future. The device has a 1GHz processor, camera, accelerometer, GPS receiver and much more variety of features. It priced at $499 and ready for buy now.

It is also like a fitness tracker that will give you result during your workout session. The most admirable quality of the product is the removable battery and its price, which certainly rivals Google glasses prices.

4. Meta Pro Space Glass


If money is not the issue, then Meta Pro deserves a look. This high-end eyepiece is gesture-based 3D compatible gadget with a 40-degree field of view. Regarding the view, it did beat the Google Glass. The device has the display set from Carl Zeiss and the audio quality with 3D surround sound. It is powered by Intel Core-i5 processor, with a storage capacity of 128GB.

The all-exclusive specs of the device denote that it is a beast in the market, only to be rivaled by a handful of models. However, the extremely high price will affect its sales. You must have deep pockets to afford this device and cherish its cutting edge features. Meta 2 Development Kit available for purchase on Q3-2016 at $949.

5. Optinvent ORA Smart Glass

You don’t need Google commands to search out for any help with this alternative.  Termed as the best alternative to Google Glass, Optinvent ORA is the face of the future. The wearable has a camera of 5 megapixels attached to the glasses. You can record the videos of 1080p, which is pretty good to begin. However, the company would have to ramp up the modifications, since 4k videos have already started rolling out in the market.


The device has an inbuilt motion sensor, which can help in guiding out the directions in real time. The wireless connectivity and other features make it ideal to use for AR purpose. Moreover, it has got a total 7 hours’ worth of battery life, which is an excellent excuse to use it for a longer time. The Price of this glass is $799.

In Final, while the new concept of reality was pretty intriguing to the viewers, the Google Glass review didn’t leave a great impression on the minds of the readers, especially the product being too expensive. Now, the Google Glass has plunged dead in the water, and currently off from the market, but it certainly doesn’t mean that the technology is closed as well. Competitor’s learning from Google’s mistake and working towards to provide much more sophisticated smart glass to the user. So, whatever happens, this is a great news for VR/AR lovers!

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