Best Fitness Trackers For Women

The Wearable market is flooding with new fitness tracker every day, and people are so curious and ready to try it out, even its high price. But it is impossible to make a gadget without understanding the fashion trend in this era. Fashion and technology are inseparable more than ever. It’s a great century for all the women’s out there looking for budgetary wearables. So to ease your burden, here we are going to discuss the best fitness trackers and smart watches for women on this list. But let us get something straight: Women can buy, love and wear any of the fitness watches from the market, irrespective of whether they are usual workout watches or 10,000 steps a day trackers.

Best Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches For Women

1. Garmin Forerunner 630Best Fitness Trackers For Women

If you are a fitness freak, who loves to run and look best, then Garmin is your best partner.  Their new Garmin forerunner 630 is one of the lightweight exercise watches that come with uncluttered designs. Their simplistic features make it easier to read. In fact, they are not too hideous if you want to turn off the GPS and carry it as a simple watch. Though it is expensive, it is one of the best fitness watches for women in the current collections.

2. TomTom SparkBest Fitness Trackers For Women

It is very much difficult to find GPS workout watches for women, as they love to adore watches that are lightweight as well as ornamental. While TomTom Spark is no good looker but it comes with large and small straps when you buy it. The watch comes with an excellent feature of storing more than 500 songs apart from using heart rate monitoring function and the GPS. While the ecosystem of this smartwatch is not as strong as the Garmin, yet there are lots of other features in the watch itself that let you plug to Strava and RunKeeper. The best part is that it falls in the mid-range GPS watches, which make us be put on our list of best fitness trackers for women.

3. Moov NowBest Fitness Trackers For Women

While Moov Now is not the preferences for most of the buyers but yes, there are many reasons to go for it. It is more of a virtual coach in most inoffensive ways. You can wear it on your ankle while jogging or on your wrist if you are more into boxing kind of sports. The gadget is also great for cyclists and swimmers. If you carry your smartphone with yourself, then the gadget might turn into one of the deal-breaking fitness watches for women. It offers audio coaching, a new world of abilities, six months battery life and more like personal achievements notes and no splitting of data.

4. Fitbit AltaBest Fitness Trackers For Women

This exercise watch is a great pick if you love stylish looking fitness tracker with smaller screens. Fitbit’s Alta is a big hit in the market as well. However, it is low on features but will keep reminding you of your movements and rest every hour, counting distance covered and calories burners within the slim band. It is a great band for motivations purpose and definitely on our list of best fitness tracker of 2016.

5. Withings Activité PopBest Fitness Trackers For Women

One of the smallest, lightweight and geeky chick smart watch, Withings Activité Pop, makes a great companion for every day. It is good to count and know how much hours each day are you active, how many steps you have walked and also calculated the calorie burned, ran or hardcore workouts. Withings Activité Pop also tracks your sleep while you are in bed. The device is available in three colors, and thus interchanging of straps is also possible. The battery life of this device is six months and thus, doesn’t need charging cable every day, these qualities make this fitness band one of the Best Fitness Watches For Women.

6. Bellabeat LeafBest Fitness Trackers For Women

The most beautiful form of the smartwatch-fitness tracker, this smart jewelry lifestyle tracker can be carried as a brooch or a necklace and helps to track each and everything, right from your steps to sleep, breathing pattern to menstrual cycle! The most exotic feature is that it also lets you know how stressed you feel about your breathing pattern so that the stress level can be measured with its clever algorithm.

Battery life of the Bellabeat Leaf is six months and comes with a range of Boho-friendly accessories like vegan fiber straps, dark Marshwood gold leaf, leather and other limited edition.

7. Misfit Swarovski ShineBest Fitness Trackers For Women

Super girly, yes this is what describes the Misfit Swarovski Shine best. While it might not appeal everyone yet, we liked the way it explores the fashion in partnership with the versatile activity tracker. The Misfit Swarovski Shine comes in two different models. One of these models uses large purple crystals to hide the solar sensors. It gets recharged0 from the sun’s rays or even overhead office lights in a well-lit room. A double tap on the screen displays your progress towards your goal through the LED and time as well. You can team it with your jewelry and wear it as a bracelet as well.

8. MiraBest Fitness Trackers For Women

Another iPhone compatible exercise watch that is stylish, simple and keeps an eye on your activities and fitness is none other than Mira. The simplicity won’t compromises in its performance, and the app is better, as it serves up motivational message. The Mira calls Boosts to indicate that it is time to walk or get you or do another exercise. The band comes in three different sizes, and the tracker is detachable. You can clip it on your tights, jeans or pocket or wear it as a purple coloured bangle as well.

9. Garmin Vivofit 2Best Fitness Trackers For Women

Since we are talking about women fitness tracker, it doesn’t mean that it has to be sparkly or golden. Vivofit 2 comes from the latter family. It comes with audible alerts to show you that you are too much inactive, has a backlight to Garmin’s impressive feature, yearlong battery life, timed activity workouts, software for connectivity and much more!

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10. Jawbone UP MoveBest Fitness Trackers For Women

A perfect pick for those who love to bring things within budget. Jawbone UP Move is both wearable band and can also become a clip-on tracker. It is cheerful, it is cheap, and the app within is easier to get with. You will often forget that you have worn it yet every single movement, exercise, distance, calories as well as active time is counted accurately, recorded and can be easily viewed. Switching between the different modes might be little confusing, but you can easily learn it. The battery life is again 6 months and the smart watch is also capable of tracking your sleep and gets connected to tech.

11. SocialiteBest Fitness Trackers For Women

While this premium band doesn’t look like the new range and age of the fitness trackers but yes, it is! The true rhodium plates or 18 karats plated brass bracelet is little chunky yet very much elegant. The trackers easily monitor the calories burned; distance covered, active minutes, sleep and other activities. You can also get smartphone alert for Android and iOS as well as one tap distress signals which send audio or video recording and location from your smartphone to a list of emergency contacts.

12. Jawbone UP3Best Fitness Trackers For Women

UP3 is a state of the art band with active sensors giving you a better understanding of fitness and health. Just like all other bands, the Jawbone UP3 measures your steps, monitors the sleep, and boasts of sparkling new designs and lighting. While the usual fitness trackers display raw figures, the Jawbone UP3 provides you with the tips and measurements throughout the day on how to improve your health. It also comes with sleep tracking and is capable of recognizing when you are sleeping.

13. Loop CrystalBest Fitness Trackers For Women

When we talk about best fitness watches for women, Loop Crystal is indeed one of the best activity trackers for women, Loop Crystal has bought this fashionable jewelry like fitness tracker that is primarily aimed at women. This tracker combines the technology that has been used in the Loop2 and is high on fashion aesthetics.

The functionality and performance of the device are also very much similar to the Loop2. It measures your sleeping pattern, calories, steps, activities, training and others. It also boasts of the Polar specific Activity Guide, which supports the user with motivational feedback to help them reach their fitness goals.

14. WellBeBest Fitness Trackers For Women

WellBe is a light weight and elegant bracelet as well as app that have been designed to support your emotional health. The tracker is capable of monitoring your heart rate and uses the patent-pending algorithm to determine your calmness and stress level based on the location, people, and time throughout the day.

15. CUFF Smart JewelleryBest Fitness Trackers For Women

Stay safe and notified with this beautiful womanly tracker. This tracker lets you connected for emergency cases and with a single press on your cuff, you will be alerted to the entire cuff network and prompted that you need help. They will receive your locations and tell you how to get the help you need. Moreover, the company will soon stream the audio of the scene. Apart from keeping your safe, you can also monitor with which contacts you want help.

16. Fitbit Charge HRBest Fitness Trackers For Women

And the list is incomplete without the mention of Fitbit Charge HR. The best tracker for the previous year is still remarkable. It hosts 3-axis accelerometer, altimeter and heart rate monitor with accurate results. The minimal designs and the sleek body make it suitable for women and men both. It has excellent free apps and acts as a powerful training tool at affordable prices.

Hope you have enjoyed our top 15 best fitness trackers for women. Please leave your suggestions and comments below!

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