Best Fitness Trackers 2016: The Year Of Wearable Revolution


The sales of wearable gadgets are rapidly increasing, and this could be the reason for various manufacturers to invest more in this industry. There are a lot of new models and brands out there, and choosing the right one can be perplexing and time-consuming too.

Before we list the products, let me tell why you should read this article. Undeniably, there are different kinds of activity trackers at the wearable market, but not all reach the top. Also, you cannot spend hours and hours to research and find the right product. Or worst, you may end up buying one activity tracker and later on realize that there is something else, which fits you even better. So it is better to be prepared than worry about it later. To minimize your work, we have done every research for you. It may take a few minutes, but I guarantee that it is worth it. So, let us see the best activity trackers that are ruling the current market right now.

Best Fitness Trackers of 2016

There is a long list of best activity trackers of 2016. But, the best thing is that I sorted them by category. From the best activity trackers for simplicity to the best with certain features, find them all here and grab yours soon now.

Best Fitness Trackers For Simplicity

Not all like fancy devices. Some still prefer to keep it simple. Just like what they say “simplicity is a beauty.” As for the manufacturers, they did not fail to give these people what they want. Here are the best activity trackers aimed for people, who want it to be perfectly simple:

Jawbone UP2

Jawbone UP2 is a basic model, may not offer you advanced features, which other activity trackers give. But if you are merely looking for the lower-end budget, Jawbone UP2 nailed it. For only $54, it accurately delivers the data. One thing that sets Jawbone UP2 apart from the other competitors is that it is very easy to use.


In 2015, they launched newer version, called Jawbone UP3, which is a bit expensive and more advanced than this one. Heart rate monitoring is one of the differences between UP2 and UP3. If you are choosing between the two, I suggest Jawbone UP2 because it is much cheaper and of greater value.

The appearance of Jawbone UP2 is very simple; other persons might even mistake this as a regular band. It is small and extremely lightweight. It has a dimension of 220mm x 11.5mm x 3.0-8.5mm and weighs only 25g. Not to mention that is very comfortable to wear. It has no display screen, which explains why it has a very long battery life (approximately ten days).

Like other fitness trackers, Jawbone UP2 is compatible with iOS,  Android, and Windows. The only thing about this device is that it doesn’t do much, but just track your steps and sleep time. However, if you are not that sporty type of person and you simply want to get fit (meaning you only want to track your sleep and steps), then you better give this activity tracker a try.

Fitbit Charge

Fitbit Charge is another version of Fitbit Charge HR (which you will read about later in this article). Fitbit Charge HR is more advanced than Fitbit Charge but talking about simplicity; this tracker is worthy of a consideration than the HR. Fitbit Charge has two sizes available now: small and large. The large sized Fitbit Charge measures 20.8x2x1cm which is a lot bigger than the Jawbone UP2.


A display screen of 0.7 inches OLED is also one of the big differences between Jawbone UP2 and Fitbit Charge. Both have a little difference between their battery lives, with a slight difference of 2 to 3 days (Fitbit Charge battery life is 7-9 days). However, even though this is bigger than Jawbone UP2, Fitbit Charge is much lighter weighing 22g. This device is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Best Fitness Tracker For Appearance

If you want to track your health and fitness constantly, you should wear it almost everywhere– yes, even including parties and hangouts. It is not cool to wear a piece of plastic/rubber during parties or even during formal dinners. So to change the status quo a bit, manufacturers were able to create fitness tracker that can fit on any occasion.

Misfit Swarovski Shine

Personally, this one of my favorite of all. It does not merely look like an ordinary activity tracker, and it does not even look like a regular bracelet. With all the gemstones and overlapping high-quality straps, most of your friends will say “Hey, I like your new bracelet!”.Misfit Swarovski Shine is a new addition from CES 2015, and I know ladies will be dying to have this.


All the tracking sensors are behind the dazzling Swarovski Crystals. If this is what you want, because they have launched a new solar-powered version, which means that the battery life will be infinity and beyond.

Mondaine Helvetica No 1 Smart


Often, this tracker is mistaken as a watch. Technically, this is a watch but not the normal one you are thinking it to be. Yes, you might be a little shocked to see its price. It costs $513 but hey, you are looking at a high-quality Swiss-made fitness tracker. If you can afford it, you are all set to go with the style plus the additions: tracking your steps, sleep and most importantly, its long battery life.

Withings Activité


Withings Activite is a Swiss-made stylish watch, mainly for casual use. It is slightly cheaper than the Mondaine Helvetica No.1 Smart. However, apart from counting your steps, tracking your sleep, and counting your calories, this one wakes you up every morning with its alarm.

Withings Activité Pop

If you are not okay with spending $500 for a tracker, then Withings Activite Pop is the right one for you. It has a high style and not to mention the colors for this model is wider than its big brother. However, instead of metal, they have used plastic and surprisingly, this device is not Swiss-made.


This device is cumbersome (weighs 37g) but very reasonable because it looks exactly like an analog watch. The battery life is unbelievably eight months. However, syncing the device is a little slow. But for just $150, it is truly worth.

Best Fitness Trackers For Affordability

There are still a most of us, who certainly do not want to spend a whole lot of money on a fitness tracker. Obviously, we have more bills to pay and $500 to $1000 range fitness trackers are certainly out of the question. But fitness is a necessity that we need to give ourselves. So don’t just sit back there because here are some of the trackers you will undoubtedly purchase once you know their prices:

Misfit Flash

This device offers you the same technology as what the Swarovski Shine promises you (except for the appearance of course). But the looks are not bad at all. It is made of plastic wherein you can use it as a wristband, or you can clip it (whatever you are comfortable with). Also, the device is waterproof, so don’t worry if you want to go swimming because Misfit Flash can survive all the way through the waters. For only $24.99, this device is ready to count your steps, track your sleep and serve you with its long battery life.


Also, the device is waterproof, so don’t worry if you want to go swimming because Misfit Flash can survive all the way through the waters. For only $24.99, this device is ready to count your steps, track your sleep and serve you with its long battery life.

Xiaomi Mi Pulse Band


Xiaomi is a smartphones manufacturer and their products sell around the globe because of their lowest price, and it is working its way up the ladder towards the ultimate fitness tracker. With all the available features like incoming alerts, alarms, step counting, sleep, and HR tracking, you just have to pay $28. It has made a grand slam sales of more than one million bands in China, and now it’s available in the market all over the globe.

Best Fitness Trackers With Unique Features

Best  For Heart Rate Monitoring – Fitbit Charge HR


This is a much-advanced model than the Fitbit Charge, which I already mentioned earlier in this article. Even though it is bit expensive, it is worth to consider. It does the best job in heart rate monitoring, and sync with the Apple health application as well. So, If you are looking for a best heart rate monitor (an essential thing to remain healthy), I suggest you get yourself a Fitbit Charge HR.

Best  For Sleep Tracking – Jawbone UP3


Jawbone UP2 might nail the basics but if you are looking for a tracker that monitors your sleep accurately, then go for Jawbone UP3. What is great about Jawbone UP3 is that it can give you your REM by merely wearing it. It can monitor the total calories burned, sleep time, and heart rate level in a dashboard view. Also, it gives statistics about your deep and light sleep.

Best  For Running – Microsoft Band 2

The most frequent among all exercises is of course jogging and running. If you want to find the most accurate tracker during this kind of activity, then consider buying a Microsoft ‘s fitness tracker Microsoft Band 2. Even though it received a few negative reviews from the comfortability of the design, it did have a lot of positive feedbacks about its features. When we talk about running, Microsoft Band 2 does the best job of tracking the steps and distance. Because of its built-in running with GPS connectivity, a lot of people were impressed by the accuracy it gives.


It was tested and proven a couple of times. With a tag of $174.99, it is quite expensive, but it looks better than Microsoft Band 1. However, It has a short battery life, but it is reasonable because it packs 11 sensors: an accurate optical heart rate sensor, a barometer for the measurement of altitude (if you are climbing a ladder or hiking up the mountain), gyroscope, 3 axis accelerometer, ambient light sensor, skin temperature sensor, UV sensor capacitive sensor, galvanic skin response sensor, microphone and of course the feature that made this tracker popular, the GPS.

The tracker’s battery life can last only for two days or even less, but you can fully charge it at no time (approximately less than an hour). Battery life may not be a big problem right now because power bank is already available in the market.

Best  For Alerts & Notifications – Garmin Vivosmart HR

For just $149.99, you can own this Garmin Vivosmart HR with a 24×7 heart rate monitoring guarantee. Another good thing about this tracker is its 5 ATM waterproofing rating– meaning you can wear it while swimming or even while taking a bath (if you want to acquire 24×7 monitoring). With just one swipe on the 160 x 68 pixel LCD screen, you can immediately see your statistics and notifications.


Not to mention the availability of the backlight if you want to see it in the dark. Also, looking at your phone’s or clock’s time is not necessary because Garmin Vivosmart HR shows you the time permanently on its display. The best thing that gives this tracker a bulge is the quick notifications when you get a call or text– making your life much easier.

You can simply sync it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and all the notifications your phone receives will be replicated automatically on the Garmin Vivosmart HR. So, you don’t have to go through all the trouble locating your phone inside your bag. You can leave your phone at the bottom of your bag and check the push notifications on your wrist.

Best  For Accuracy – Misfit Shine 2


For just $99.99 in the market, Misfit Shine 2 was able to impress a lot of people with its step tracking, smartphone notifications, sleep monitoring plus the newly added feature swim tracking (yes, you’re right, this tracker is waterproof). It was in the year 2012, but it was able to maintain its quality as the most accurate fitness device tracker in the market. The design is also great for its improved sporty look.

Best  For Swimming – Moov NOW


Since there are a lot of fitness device trackers that offer swim tracking, there is this one product that received the most positive feedbacks when it comes to swimming. It aims to turn you into a better swimmer and in other sports. By the looks of this tracker, you can quickly define that it is a high-quality waterproof tracker. It is designed to be placed around your leg with a small clip. For only $68, you are ready for the advanced sports coaching.

Best Overall Fitness Trackers

Since I don’t want to fail any of my readers, I also provided the best overall fitness tracker. If you are not aiming at a certain feature or design and you can’t decide which is which, the best thing to do is find the tracker that is good overall category. Yes, Its none other than the new entrant for fitness market “Fitbit Blaze”, a trendy smartwatch comes with the best fitness tracking features.

Fitbit Blaze


A lot of reviews is written by comparing this smartwatch with Apple watch, for its unique fitness tracking features and good brand name among users in the tech market. With its new and improved design, this tracker is something that you would want to wear on your wrist.

The display screen is very excellent and shows what a smartwatch should look like. If you are merely a person who wishes to be fit, then Fitbit Blaze will never fail you. For just $199, this device is ready for sleep monitoring, step tracking, 24×7 heart rate monitoring and does more than what you expect.

Who says that being fit is a hard and tricky thing? With these fitness device trackers, you are ready to motivate yourself towards the goal you are aiming all throughout the day, 24×7. This device is slowly turning into a necessity because we need to maintain our health conditions with all the sitting work habits and the easiest thing to do is to start tracking it day by day. If you are ready to buy yourself one, always remember to take into consideration the fitness device tracker’s quality, accuracy, comfortability and of course– the tips I gave you.

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