The current market is a place for most technologically advanced and sophisticated products. It is an ever-growing platform of latest innovations and endless range of products, which simply amazes customers, providing an ideal tech right at your fingertips.

Everyone knows about the latest smartphones, but only half of us are aware of unique fitness trackers that are sensationalizing the whole industry. These tech-based products are nothing short of a marvel.

These trackers are practically your fitness instructors. They give you the liberty of doing your daily chores and take care of the rest.

Whenever we talk about activity or fitness trackers, Fitbit is quite a popular fitness tracker brand. Their sales are incredible every month. Fitbit has a wide collection of products and most of them are available with different functionalities. But it is also important to know that Fitbit isn’t the only brand in the market that serves in fitness trackers.

There are many other brands that offer the same. While, each product may have an advantage over the other in certain features and functions, but ultimately, they serve as fitness trackers. After a deep research, we have compiled the list of 12 best alternatives for Fitbit activity trackers.

12 Best Fitbit Alternatives To Look For,

1. Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel


Pebble is a famous brand, which enjoyed a huge reception during 2014, where its products flourished the market with great promise. Being a veteran brand, it enjoys the luxury of credibility towards its competitors.

Pebble Time has a definitive edge over its competitors when it comes to customization and battery life of around 7 days on a single charge. Pebble Time Steel – a premium product, offers even more than the basic model. It comes with a metal band. Hence, the skin irritation is not a problem here.

Buy Now: Pebble Smartwatch – $78.92; Pebble Time Steel – $199.99

2. Withings Pulse O2


This may be one the most underrated companies in the fitness tracker market. A French brand- Withings has so much to offer in terms of quality and has more versatility in bands. You can easily swap the bands to make it more suitable for skin friendly purposes.

The device is compatible on both iOS and Android. All the activities like steps, distance, calories can be easily tracked on this tracker. This can be worn on your wrist or on the clip, hence minimizing the skin problem. However, the price may be a bit of hurdle for the users, as other products in the market are quite cheaper than Withings Pulse O2.

Buy now:  Withings Pulse O2 – $99.99

3. Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band


Many of you might have heard of this brand due to its extensive range of in-car GPS products (Garmin GPS). While there is no denying about its GPS devices, it also offers fitness trackers to the consumers, which are becoming quite a sensation these days.

The device provides a unique function known as the ‘move bar’, which displays after an hour in inactivity from the user. It can turn out to be a great motivational tracker and keeps you informed about sitting idle. It keeps the track of your movements and comes under affordable range, making it an ideal Fitbit alternative.

Buy now:  Garmin vívofit 2 – $79.99

4. Jawbone UP 24 Fitness Tracker


If you are aware of fitness trackers, then you must have heard about the Jawbone and its rivalry with Fitbit. The UP 24 from the Jawbone is a lot thinner tracker than its predecessors. The tracker is synced with a variety of apps like MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, etc.

It tracks calories, sleep, steps and exercises. Hence, it is a great alternative in the market. It also comes with a cheaper price tag. Hence, users can easily get their hands on these products if really looking for an alternative in terms of budget.

Buy now: Jawbone UP24 – $27.07

5. Jaybird Reign Fitness Tracker


The surprising and best Fitbit alternative entry on this list is Jaybird REIGN Fitness tracker, which is relatively a new brand in the market. What’s more surprising is that it does not have any display, yet functions the same as other fitness trackers.

Features like Waterproof and ‘Go zone’ are quite famous with the device. Go Zone is basically the scoring system, which demonstrates the time required to recover, after the workout. Hence, it can be a great device to determine the fitness regime. However, it is fairly expensive.

Buy now: Jaybird Reign – $137.15

6. Misfit Shine


While, there is nothing specific about this product, the only thing versatile is the availability of the colors from the product, which lets you choose the best one from the slot. It pretty much functions as other fitness tracker and provide you with all the basic results you can expect from a tracker.

Buy it now: Misfit Shine – $49.99

7. Garmin Forerunner 220


Another entry on the list is from the Garmin. No wonder, it is quickly becoming a great brand in the fitness gadgets market. It is not just a fitness tracker but a smart watch, which does come with inbuilt GPS tracker, proving to be an ideal Fitbit alternative. Only Fitbit Surge has the inbuilt GPS but costs way more than other trackers.

Buy it now: Garmin Forerunner 220 – $184.95

8. Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit


When we talk about technology, we cannot avoid Samsung. It needs no introduction. Samsung is the leading innovating brand in almost every device you can imagine. The cool display is very much the innovative quality of the tracker and instantly provides you with notification and other results. A perfect tracker, which is better than some of the Fitbit products.

Buy it now: Samsung Gear Fit – $149.00

9. Microsoft Band


This new band is becoming a great relief for the viewers with very interesting features from Microsoft. It has really a slick look that rivals almost every other band in the market. More importantly, you can get all the notifications and alerts on your wrist that is only reserved a high range of Fitbit products.

Buy it now: Microsoft Band 2 – $198.99

10. Adidas miCoach Fit Smart


This model from Adidas offers a continuous measure of the heart rate. With its features, you can easily perform physical activities with ease. Offering advice in motivation and coaching, this gadget is perfect for the athletes. The range may be an issue for many as it ends on the higher side.

Buy it now: adidas Fit – $149.99

11. Jawbone UP3


Ok, so the initial impressions of the device were not really favorable for the users, but Jawbone listened to the concerns and applied new firmware on the product that really turned the tides. This new product is based on the extreme performance on the slot and provides unique features like body temperature, galvanic skin response, and sleeping stats, apart from the usual list of features. However, the price may be a dominating factor to look for.

Buy it now: Jawbone UP3 – $100.99

12. XiaomiMi Band


Arguably, the cheapest tracker on the list is released from the Chinese brand Xiaomi. With just $13 on the list, it is worth every penny. Don’t let the price take away the fun of the tracker, as it is beautiful in design and offers most of the features available in other products.

Buy it now: Xiaomi Mi Band – $20.99

While, Fitbit may be a very famous brand in the market, there is an endless list of products from the other brands that are equally effective and even more capable than some of the Fitbit products. These fitness trackers may have some unique functions but most of them have a huge set of features that makes it ideal fitness products in the wearable technology area. So don’t wait up!

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