In the field of wearable, Fitbit is probably the most commonly heard name in the market. It is not accustomed to any introduction since nearly half of the sales are turned up due from Fitbit products. While, there are other brands and products that boast on providing the same level of features and accessibility as the Fitbit accessories, but the one thing it excels in is “customization”.

Most brands offer a very limited range of customization options or none at all, which can be a huge difference in the likability factor. Not all products offered by Fitbit are loved. Each user is different and has his or her personal preferences towards a product.

Accessories can mean a lot in terms of customizing the trackers. Many third parties collaborate with the company to create cool accessories, which can be used as per your style. Though there are thousands of wearable products out there and making big bucks out of it, so we have compiled the top 10 Fitbit accessories that are sure to make you look cool and certainly add a style statement to your personality. Have a look:

10 Best Fitbit Accessories That Add Extra Style

 1. Fret Pendant Necklace by Tory Burch


The collaboration of Fitbit with Tory Burch created something spectacular in the field of accessories. It offers the range of accessories from pendants to bands. So if you are fed up of the bands, you can simply wear it around your neck like a jewelry. All you need to do is to secure the Fitbit product at the back of the pendant and enjoy the same features of the tracker. The Fret is available in Gold, Rose Gold and Silver colors.

Buy it now: Fret Pendant Necklace – $175

 2. Griffin Ribbon Wristbands


The idea of wearing plastic bands may not really be a good option for many users, especially for people who suffer from skin problems and discomfort. Admit it, plastic bands can look a bit cheaper and less stylish than ribbon bands. This accessory is ideally meant for women, who can wrap around their wrist. It adds a great touch of style. It comes in different colors and perfectly holds the Fitbit products like Flex and One at the backspace.

Buy it now: Griffin Ribbon Wristbands – $6.09

3. Polished Brass Lucas Slide


Teens are fond of wearing extra accessories along with their bands. How about a brass slide? The gold bracelet from Bytten is a great clasping accessory. It adds a style and subtlety to the band. Just fit in the band to get that handmade look.

Buy it now: polished brass Matisse slide for Fitbit– $100

4. NIUTOP Fitbit Flex Wristbands


Not everyone prefers a subtle approach. If you are one among them, you might want to be flamboyant in style and dressing.  Yes? So why leave the tracker on it? If you are the user, who loves colorful and attractive work on the band, then you must look at the bands from NIUTOP. It offers a great range of bands, designed for the Fitbit Flex. From here you can choose from floral, camouflage, and even polka dots of the wristbands.

Buy it now: Niutop Flex Wristband – $7.59

5. Silicone Fasteners


Fitbit Flex is one of the most opted products, ideally fitting with Fitbit accessories. While it may be occasional but many Fitbit flex users complain about the loosening of the bands. Herein comes, the fasteners, which can hold the band in its place. You have to buy 12 colorful fasteners, which can create great colorful effects on the band. Now, everyone should try this even if your band is not loosening.

Buy it now: Silicon Fastener Ring – $4.99

6. Zip Band Accessory Wristband


Fitbit Zip is a clip based tracker, which certainly limits its usage to pockets, belts or bra. Do you wish to wear the product on your wrist? You can easily do that with this wristband. Offering many ranges of colors, you can simply enjoy the luxury of wearing Zip on your wrist.

Buy it now: WoCase ZipBand Fitbit ZIP – $14.98

 7. One Band Accessory Wristband


If you are using Fitbit One yet desires to wear it on your wrist, here is something to make your dream come true. These unique, colorful, designer wristbands will make the work cut out for you at an affordable rate, where you can enjoy the luxury of wearing a wearable technology on your wrist.

Buy it now: OneBand Wristband Bracelet – $8.99

 8. Fitbit FlexCharging Cables


It may come as a surprise, but you can easily buy the charging cables outside the Fitbit. Yes, the company does offer charging cables, but if you wish to buy by any other means, you can easily choose from the list of brands that offer these charging cables in a twin pack. The best part – you can use them at multiple places.

Buy it now: Fitbit Flex Charger Cable
– $19.95

 9. Fitbit One MDW Colorful Replacement Clip Holder


Admittedly, you don’t get many options with Fitbit One. There is not much to do in terms of using the clip based Fitbit product. Now, you can easily use the Fitbit One with a more colorful label that can be used as the holder. Simply replace it with a colorful holder to make your product more attractive.

Buy it now: MDW Clip Holder – $6.99

10. Fitbit Flex Replacement Bands


Fitbit does not offer many options to choose from. Whatever limited options available, it makes it difficult to get your best color for the bands. The replacement bands from the PL is a much better answer to the dilemma of color choices. It offers more than 10 color options of the replacement bands for the Flex; hence, you can enjoy the luxury of Flex to your liking.

Buy it now: Fitbit Replacement Band – $19.99

Fitbit Alta will be a trendsetter for the fashion and health industry. This could be a huge opportunity for the accessory manufacturers and users end as well.

All these best Fitbit accessories listed here are highly subjected to specific products. It may not be compatible with all the products. These accessories may or may not be in official collaboration with the Fitbit brand. Hence, users buying these products must take proper considerations of its credibility and quality.

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