Quell is a wearable pain relief product that stimulates the nerves and manages your chronic pain. Quell is FDA-approved and works 24/7. Quell is a wearable band, which is worn on upper calf. Your Smartphone or tablet controls the device. It uses neurostimulators; it is not a new technology, but FDA has approved to use Quell while sleeping.

This wireless-controlled band has an accelerometer, which senses your body movements and other activities. You can adjust the therapy as you prefer. It is effective in reducing the pain. The American company is going well with this product, and they have raised $414,231 until now. It costs $249.

Sphericam 2


Sphericam 2 is a very amazing and cool product. It is a spherical 360° Camera. You can record everything around you and in a high resolution. You can watch the video captured by Sphericam 2 right away in Virtual Reality Headset, on your Smartphone or PC.

The camera is small, just about the size of a Tennis Ball. It is powered by six inbuilt 4K resolution lenses, which offer you to capture 360° video at 60FPS. It also connects with Wi-Fi. The product was launched on Kickstarter and until now, they have raised $457,881. However, it is a little expensive. You need to pay $1,399 to own this cool camera.



MAPO is a beauty Mask with sensors to know what exactly is going on with your skin. You may look like “Phantom of the Opera” after wearing the mask, but its sensors are capable of detecting your skin’s moisture level. It also has remarkable features to improve your skin’s effectiveness with the products you have applied.

You can get the data in real-time through Bluetooth to their Digital App, and it will tell you all about your skin and how can you use skincare to keep your skin healthy. MAPO is made by a French Company named “Wired Beauty”. Their campaign has reached $45,913. You can get this beauty mask for $222 now.



iBreathe is a wearable air purifier, which you can use anywhere and anytime. We live in a world where we are continuously affected by Pollution. We suffer from this every day. iBreathe is a groundbreaking product for our world. iBreathe can purify the air, and keeps a track of the air quality. Also, it is portable.

With its real-time data, you can track the air surrounding you. iBreathe can destroy the bacteria particles in the air. It can clean the air up to 20m2 (when you are inside your home) and 8m2 (when you are outside). It is a British product, and they have raised $48,354 until now. It comes with a price tag of $99.

Unique Smart Strap


Unique is a smartwatch strap, which can turn any watch into a smartwatch. The “Smart-Strap” is handmade and with its feature, it can add smartwatch function to any watch. The handmade leather strap has some sensors in it, even including an accelerometer.

It has multi-color LED, gesture recognition, vibration alerts, notifications, and you can even reject a call. Unique Smart Strap lets you use your favorite watch and gives you the benefits of a smartwatch.

With its app installed in your Android or iOS, you can keep track of your activities, including your physical activities. Unique Smart Strap is made by Polish startup named uBird, and they have successfully raised $50,848. The price of the smart strap is $139.

Sleep Shepherd Blue


Sleep Shepherd Blue is a sleep tracker to help you get a great sleep. It uses Netsky EEG Technology, which makes your brainwaves work perfectly during your sleep. It can be connected via an App, and you can keep track of your sleep performance. It is in the shape of a Beanie cap.

With its function, you can optimize your sleeping pattern. It also tracks your head position when you sleep. You will get complete information about your sleep. The product was launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign has received many positive reviews. They have raised $514,736 until now. The cost of one Sleep Shepherded Blue is $199.



Juvo is a sleep tracker, but it is not a wearable Sleep Tracker. It keeps track of your sleep, heart rate and breathing without getting on your body. The sensors slip under the mattress and through you can get the insights, which you can see in your App.

Juvo gives you the advice about noise & light disturbance, best temperature and you can also play your favorite soothing tune when you are going to sleep. Juvo is a hit on Indiegogo. They have raised $53,940. The complete Juvo Sleep Tracker comes with a tag of $159.



Check-My-Temp is a thermometer, which continuously monitors your body temperature. It is a wearable armband, which has sensors to check and keep track of your temperature constantly and accurately. It also has an App with which you can install and see the data directly.

It is a new product in the field of the wearable health product. It is a great product to check the temperature of a little child or elderly even when they are asleep. Check-My-Temp was launched in an Indiegogo campaign and until now, they have raised $55,358. It costs $35 per piece.

Pin Collective


Pin Collective is a Digital Pin. It is a round shaped wearable pin with a digital screen. It offers you freedom to create your pop-art and wear it. It lets you express your heart, voice, opinion and your favorite fan art. It is an accessory with which you can pin it anywhere (on your clothes or your bag).

It comes with an easy-to-use App, which works well for both iOS and Android. You can upload your design or can prefer pre-loaded. You can select the App to make it visible on your pin. It has reached $59,864 on Kickstarter campaign, and this cool Pin comes at a price of $99.

The Buzz Clip


The Buzzclip is a wearable assistive technology for visually impaired. The wearable technology market is getting bigger and bigger. Buzz Clip is something for people, who have lost their vision. The BuzzClip is a small wearable device, which uses ultrasound to detect obstacles on the path. As soon the device detects an obstacle, it sends vibrations to keep the user safe. In an Urban life, it can be little difficult for a visually impaired person to walk but this device has certainly changed it.

You can wear Buzz Clip on Sleeves or Belt. It gives 360° coverage. A company named iMervic (Canada-based Tech Startup) has designed this product. They started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and they have raised $65,092. This helpful product comes at a cost price of $149.



Going forward with Smart devices, there is this amazing product called OURA a “smart ring“. OURA keeps track of your daily activities and your sleeping pattern. It is exclusively designed for people, who struggle to get a good sleep. You have to wear the ring the entire day. It monitors your breathing, body temperature, heart rate, how long you sit, your light sleep, and REM sleep.

You can see all your gathered information on its App. It tells you how to get a perfect sleep. Launched with a price of $70, OURA has done a great job in Kickstarter campaign with a fund of $651,803.



We live sitting half of our day on a chair and using a laptop. Certainly, this has ruined our posture. ALEX is a wearable device, which coaches you towards a perfect and pain-free Posture. It is worn on your neck, and it keeps an accurate measure of the angle of your neck. It vibrates to remind you to keep your posture straight. It is specially designed to prevent “Text Neck” (neck pain that occurs after looking down at your tablet, phone, or any other wireless device for a long time or too frequently).

It monitors your posture in real time and with the app you can track it. The device is available on Kickstarter from $69, and it has reached $73,908 in the campaign.



ORA-X is a smart glass with augmented reality headphones. It’s smart headphones work on Android Platform. Hence, they are easy to use. The screen gives you a vision of 22-dergee FOV, which is equivalent to looking at the gigantic 70-inch display from 15 feet away. It has a very clear display. You can browse your favorite Apps and watch YouTube all day long. Its battery life is also decent.

It has an accelerometer, gyroscope, and light sensor. ORA-X is revolutionizing the way we use smart glasses and headphones. With a price of $349, ORA-X AR Headphones was launched on Indiegogo and has raised $76,746 so far.

Pulse Play


Tennis is super fun, but sometimes cheaters ruin the game. But not anymore if you have Pulse Play. It is a Smart Watch designed to keep cheaters away.

It keeps track and displays your score and your opponents’ score. You have to tap the device every time you score a point. It incorporates real-time audio updates, an App to keep a record of your score. At a cost of $129, it is on Indiegogo and until now, it has raised $79,887.



Lumos is a smart cycling helmet made for the protection and safety of a cyclist. It looks cool with flashing LED lights. You can use them as indicators by triggering the wireless handlebar remote. The helmet has an inbuilt accelerometer to measure your speed. It is designed for all weather conditions and is water-resistant.

It has ten super bright white LED in the front, and 15 Super bright Red LED in the rear. Once the funding process completes, it will be available for a price of $99. So far, the company has raised $809,551 in its Kickstarter campaign.



Normal vibrators can only please one person at a time, but seems that Eva desires to change that. Eva is a “Couple’s Vibrator” for both involving parties. It is first Hands-Free, Strap-Free, non-Intrusive Couples Vibrator. Eva got the concept right; Hands should be used to enjoy different things, they are not for holding sex toys.

They have made this amazing hands-free sex toy to give a perfect simulation. It keeps your relationship intimate. The product costs $105. In Indiegogo campaign, they have received enormous success with a fundraising of $818,462.



Kuai is a biometric headphone with a smart coach and an MP3 player in the device. It is waterproof and has real-time voice coaching from Olympic Athletes. It can be used in running, swimming and cycling. It has inbuilt heart rate sensors, an accelerometer to calculate perfect speed, distance and calories burned.

It is a clinically validated technology to keep track of your biometric data accurately during your exercise session. You can set your goals during running or any other exercise. You can grab this cool product at $64 and the Kickstarter campaign run by them has reached $84,341.



BitBite is a complete health device. It helps you lose weight while improving your eating habits at the same time. It analyzes your health and changes the way you eat. BitBite is an in-ear wearable device. It works by the sound picked up by the microphone and sensors of the BitBite. It has an easy-to-use app, which is installed in the smartphone with which you can keep track of your habits.

Not only your chewing pattern but it also calculates your calorie count and eating habits. Their Indiegogo campaign is a massive hit. The company have raised $87,146 till now. Moreover, the price is just $119.



HIRIS is a wearable computer. You can use multiple applications and control it with simple gestures. You can track your fitness and control drones. We have seen many wearable devices, but this is a unique wearable device.

The design of HIRIS is beautiful, and the hands-free control makes it more appealing to use. It monitors your heart rate and temperature. You can control your connected device. You can capture photos with the help of hand gestures. It costs $94 and in the Indiegogo campaign the company has raised $87,893 until now.

Pillow Talk


This Bedtime tech product will help you keep your loved ones closer than ever. Pillow Talk is especially for long-distance relationships. It will make you feel closer to your partner. This wristband picks up your heartbeat and sends to your partner even if he/she is thousands of miles away.

Both the partners have to pair this wristband with each other using its App. It is a great way to keep your partner close to you even when the distance is long. The battery is good, almost lasts for a week after a single charge. The heartbeat is amplified through a small speaker underneath the pillow. It costs $52. In the Kickstarter campaign, the company “Little Riot” has raised $91,602.



This German Startup team has come up with a great product to keep you fit and faster than ever. Antelope is a SmartSuite, which is for sports related activities. It can boost your muscle strength and your overall performance. It is designed for different areas of the body.

This smart sports suit is controlled by a Smartphone and comes with a rechargeable battery. With its muscle-targeting electrodes, Antelope stimulates a user’s major muscles and helps reach his or her goals much faster. It is claimed that a 20-minute training session with ANTELOPE is equivalent to three hours of normal workout. They have raised till now $933,905. The Antelope bundle costs $1349 with the durable quality.

Hope, this list gave you an overview of the way wearable technology is going to progress in the coming years. Day by day, many new and innovative products are hitting and competing against market leaders like Pebble, Apple, Samsung… To conclude, crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo  have proved that, people with vision & passion can win this market and make others’ lives better.