We have seen hundreds of Startups all around the world making ground-breaking inventions just to help us lead a hassle-free life. There are more number of innovative wearable products, which are funded more on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in the past couple of years, and if you are looking for the coolest wearable device, you have clicked the right link.

We have picked the 50 Finest, Coolest, and Innovative wearable products that are on a crowdfunding campaign. These products have the potential to revolutionize the world and help people to live a better life. You can still help them with funding or support them to move forward by sharing this article with right people. So, let us get started with the list.

50 Most Innovative Wearable Products



Kokoon is EEG or Electroencephalogram headphones that help you when you are sleeping. These headphones come with EEG sensor, which detects the electrical activities of the brain when you are asleep. Using the information and pattern, it gives you a perfect sleep. According to Kokoon’s CEO Tim Antos, they were the first to bring the EEG functionality device in the market.

The world’s first sleep sensing, noise canceling headphones, Kokoon gives you an ideal sleep. This innovative solution is bringing a big revolution in this industry. The product mainly targets the light sleepers.

The Kokoon EEG headphones cost about $319, and they will be shipping their products from the later half of this year. The company has received very positive reviews and has raised $1,936,825 until now.



In short, Orphe is new kind of smart-shoe system that uses motion sensors and LED to communicate a new form of expressions. Orphe works well with both customizable lighting system and musical instruments/audio-visual controller. It comes with advanced motion sensors in both soles of the shoes. The technology allows users to express their movements in a new way.

At first, the shoes might look like ordinary LED enable shoes, but they are different with the ability to customize sound and light. Also, the data sent from the sensors might be used as per the users’ idea. “No New Folk Studio,” a Japan-based hardware startup has designed Orphe. This smart footwear costs $330, and the company has raised $100,007 until now.

Pinć VR

Pinć is a Smartphone case that gives you the experience of wearable virtual reality. Pinć is a virtual reality platform that easily fits in your pocket. Pinch is compatible with both Andriod and iOS phones. With Pinch, you can use your phone in virtual reality using the integrated controllers. The Smartphone case Pinć comes with connected rings that allow your fingers to move things by pinching them.

There are many Virtual Reality gadgets, but no one is as cool as Pinć. Also, none is as affordable as Pinć. This cool wearable virtual reality Smartphone case comes at $99, and the company has successfully raised $102,295 so far.

Hexoskin Smart


Hexoskin Smart is a new type of smart shirt, as it has some inbuilt sensors. It keeps track of your heart rate, breathing, and your sleeping patterns.  It gives you important insights related to your body. It also records calories burned, fatigue level and sleep quality. Hexoskin Smart can connect through your Bluetooth. It is like Fitbit but in a shirt form.

Hexoskin Smart’s fabric employs an extremely comfortable material, which is durable, and odor resistance. It costs just $299. Hexoskin Smart has raised $106,175 until now.

Myle Tap


MYLE is technically your wearable personal assistant, which can save your time by performing your daily routine. It instantaneously captures your verbal notes, whatever you give it. It does this without a phone or a computer. It automatically runs your apps without your Smartphone.

MYLE captures your spoken thought, as an audio note with a single finger tap, without any Smartphone. Moreover, when your phone is in its Bluetooth range, MYLE will convert your audio file to text and assign the work to your favorite app.

MYLE Electronics, a Canada-based startup designed this cool wearable audio converter gadget. The product price is only $84, and the company has managed to get $109,449 in fundraising.



CulCharge is the world’s smallest 1000mAh Power Bank, Charge & Data cable. It is just about the size of a typical keychain. You can charge your phone with its power bank. You can also use its charge slot to charge from PC, or you can transfer the data to it. It is very compact. In fact, it is just the size of a small keychain, which easily fits in your pocket.

CulCharge weighs only 38 gram but gives you complete freedom to carry a power bank. A Slovakian company designed CulCharge. The product costs $24, and the company has raised $117,677 until now.



FitPal is one of the coolest innovative wearable products. It is a miniature wireless device that can be attached to your torso and it monitors the vital information from your heart 24X7. It works 24X7, during your sleep, work, exercise and even during a shower. FitPal incorporates HRV Analysis Technologies (Heart Rate Variability) with which, it can gather some important information, counts your steps and amount of calories burned.

FitPal is cool and very helpful. The price of FitPal is $159, and the funding has reached $118,304 so far. They have raised their 100% campaign successfully.



Tracky is a wearable technology, which is capable of capturing important information about your body. It is accurate and monitors your fitness level and all your body related actives. It is also said to be the World’s first Motion Capture Sports Wear.

Tracky keep tracks of your body and with the app, you will get to know every detail of your body fitness. It also tells you about your Goals and new ways to keep your body fit.

Tracky is developed by an Indian company. This motion capture Sportswear is set at a price of $179. The company has raised $12,549 till now.

Cmoar VR Headset


Cmoar VR is a virtual reality headset, but it has multiple cool features. Cmoar VR can handle AR, 2D, and even 3D. The design of the Cmoar VR Headset is amazing and perfect to offer cool features. With 2D module of Cmoar VR Headset, you can enjoy the 2D video, and it is better than many of the VR headset out there in the market. The 3D module is just perfect; it swaps out the lenses to optimize perfectly for 3D viewing. Not just it, you can also watch Full HD or 2K display. Also, you can enjoy live streaming and use exclusive Apps by Cmoar Studio.

This cool VR headset comes with many other accessories that are highly useful and with Cmoar VR headset and accessories, you can explore the virtual reality in more depth. Cmoar LTD developed this cool product. With a cost price of $99, the company has raised $120,249 so far.



In the world of wearable technology, there is one more Doppler. Doppel is a wrist-worn wearable device, which won’t track your fitness by counting calories burned. It is more than that. Doppel is a device that influences your mood by its tactile rhythm.

It is like an alternative to listening music to influence your mood, but it is soundless. The fast rhythm will make you more alert while its slowness will calm you.

This cool wearable product is helping people in focus their work even in times of stress. Doppel is a performance enhancer wearable gadget. It costs $78, and the company has raised $124,187.

Uno Noteband


Uno Noteband is a wearable fitness-tracking device, which uses “Spritz”, a technology that increases reading speed. The Uno Noteband is a complete deal. It displays notifications, emails, calendar alert, social media ping and incoming call alerts. It is a refreshing take on wearable technology.

It provides you all the information without even checking your phone. Uno Noteband is one cool product with a price of just $25. Happily, the company has raised $136,774.



AYO is a clinically backed lightening technology, which improves your sleep, increases your energy level and reduces or minimizes jet lag. It is an advanced scientifically backed wearable device, which has brought the light-based energy boosting wearable to market. AYO comes in the shape of compact glasses, which can be controlled by your smartphone.

Just 20 minutes each day with AYO Light will regulate and optimize important hormones in your body naturally. The AYO App is also cool; you can check all your body insights and use them to improve your lifestyle. A company named Novalogy is behind the making of this cool product., It cost $169 per product. The AYO Glasses have also performed well in the fundraiser, with total fund raised $147,402.



Allb is a wearable childcare product, which keeps track of your baby’s health. It monitors your baby’s activity 24/7. Allb can be attached to the baby’s ankle or clothing for the perfect measurement of hid movements. Allb can be easily synchronized with your smartphone to displays all the information you want about your baby.

It has a safe design, and you can get alarmed in certain circumstances. It is non-toxic and far away from any skin problem. With its alarm and insight function, Allb is making parents worry less. The product costs $89, and the company has raised $15,037 so far.



Swimmo is a smartwatch but unlike others, it is just for swimmers (also the first smartwatch for swimmers). Swimmo Smartwatch is changing the way we monitor your fitness. Swimmo might not be suited for all type of sports, but it is one perfect smartwatch for Swimmers. This newly designed smartwatch is made to work underwater. It also has its App to track all your performance, including your heart rate, calorie burned and other body related insights.

It works perfectly well in water and with the information you get, you can enhance your swim timing. This cool smartwatch for swimmers costs $149, and it has been funded well. They have raised $184,305 until now.

Aivvy Q


Aivvy Q is smart headphones. They are the world’s first “Internet of Things” (IoT) music device. The device gives you new music listening experience. It streams the music without connecting to the internet. It plays music as you wear them. You can tap, swipe and rotate to control the music player.

Aivvy is a very cool and smart product. It has the potential to change the way we listen to music. It completely ends our problem of making a playlist, searching for WIFI and managing music directory. With a price of $299, they have already raised $188,573.

Nucli Smart Lock


In the world of smart products, we also have a Smart Lock, known as the Nucli Smart Lock. It works with the help of your smartphone and secures your home more than ever. It gives you complete control on your door lock. It has everything – fingerprint recognition, camera, and voice mail to real-time voice communication.

This lock is smart, secure and keeps your home protected Nucli Smart Lock are changing the locks with its smart technology. Now you don’t have to worry about your keys. Nucli Smart Lock comes at a price of $325, and the company has received many positive reviews with their funding reaching $195,998.



Zone DPMX is a power meter, which is said to be the world’s first wearable power meter. This wearable power meter does not attach to your bike. Instead, it is attached to your shoes. It is easy to wear, and you do not have to worry about the power meter when you change your bike. It comes in two versions, Zone DPMX Single to measure power on your left shoe and Zone DPMX Dual to measure power on both shoes.

It has over 15 hours of battery life, which is a great advantage for the riders, and with just 44 grams, it is super light. It will get your biking information accurately.  The company has raised $205,445 in their fundraising campaign until now, and the cost price of Zone DPMX is $435.



PIVOT is a game-changing wearable product for Tennis. This sports related product is a multi-sensor, high-speed motion capture product for Tennis players. It improves the way players play tennis and at the same time, prevents injuries.

PIVOT is not just a single sensor product. It comes with multiple sensors, which can be attached to your body or clothing. It is connected with the PIVOT App and through it, you can see the insights of your body, the biometric feedback of your body.

PIVOT is a great product for Tennis players. It will not only help them to master their swing but also gives the results instantaneously. Also, one can view the session in real time. This amazing product comes at a price of $279 but can exceed if you buy the upgraded version. The company has raised $206,334 until now, and it is still going strong.



Livall is the first smart and safe helmet for cyclists. Livall helmets have everything – right from Bluetooth speakers, a microphone for taking calls, lights to turn signals. Moreover, all this comes within a safe helmet. It has 80 LEDs scatters across its shell. The LED’s are powerful, and can be seen from a distance.

You can listen to music if you want. The Livall Helmets also works like “Walkie-Talkie” when you have Livall Helmets nearby. This cool helmet also comes with 3-axis G-sensor so even if you fall, it will sense the unusual gravitational acceleration and turns on the emergency signal. It also sends an SOS to your emergency contact. The smart helmet is certainly smart and safe. It is sold at a price of $100, and it has raised $259,210 so far.



Eyecatcher is the next generation bracelet, molded in art, fashion, and technology. Eyecatcher shows you a notification, breaking news and custom image display. The best thing is that all these are designed in a very fashionable form. Eyecatcher has more battery life more than any Smartwatch. Eyecatcher has an “always on” display, which shows real-time notifications. Also, it is water resistance.

This stylish and tech-approved bracelet is exploring the new meaning of fashion. A single Eyecatcher bracelet costs $264. Designed by “Looksee Fashion Labs”, till now their campaign have raised $263,265.



Helix is a wearable cuff with stereo Bluetooth headphones. By looking at Helix wearable cuff, it might look like an ordinary bracelet, but it can keep a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. The design delivers ultimate convenience. Unlike other headphones, Helix does not tangle. If you want your hands on Helix, you need $159 and in Kickstarter campaign, they have raised $267,434.



Just like your watch, your phone, and your shirt, even your Wallet can also be smart. Walli is a “Smart Wallet”. When it comes to smartness, Walli is often overlooked.

However, with Walli, it is not a problem anymore. You will get an instant notification whenever you forget your Walli Wallet behind. The wallet connects with your phone and sends you the notification. Apart from notifying you about your wallet, Walli App also alerts if you forget your card. It keeps track of your wallet and what’s inside your wallet.

Walli Wallet is smart and looks great. Due to genuine leather, it lasts longer. You can get awesome Walli Wallet at a price of $89, and the company has raised $270,843 so far.



Stridalyzer is a wearable running insole, which helps improve your running and at the same time, making you injury-free. This smart insole monitors your foot movements and detects susceptibility to knee or foot injuries. It is a great product for runners especially for those who run long distance. Sensors will tell you all about pressure and impact and with the information, you can minimize the risk of injury.

Stridalyzer offers you real-time data on running pattern. A pair of Stridalyzer insoles costs $90, and the company ReTiSense has raised $30,768 in the Kickstarter campaign.

Impression Pie


Impression Pie is a wireless Virtual Reality headset. It incorporates 3D gesture control and position tracking. It provides you a complete, interactive VR and AR experience.  The 3D gesture control is a cool feature and very easy to do. It can be used to play games and take calls.

It works with both iPhone and Andriod. It uses a unique technology to track your head position and gives you a wonderful experience. If you want to empower your phone with Impression Pi, be ready to pay $79. The company has raised $301,719.



Fitness trackers are normally for our wrists, but Fineck has made an amazing fitness tracker for our neck. It is designed to monitor our posture and help us to get rid of all the pain in our neck. It tracks your neck movements and posture and with that information, it also advises you to improve the posture so that you will have a painless neck.

Fineck comes with an App, with which you can see all the information. Fineck is waterproof, and battery is good with lasting up to seven days. It looks good, and it is not annoying. The device doesn’t count steps or keeps track of your calorie burned. With a price of $69, the campaign has successfully reached $31,655.

Ojee Talon


Ojee Talon is a revolutionary golf training product, which provides you perfect feedback on your angles in real-time. If you want to improve your golf skills or if you are a Golf professional, then this product will help you a lot.

It keeps track of your golf stance, your spine angle, club shaft to spine angle and the club’s rotation angle as well. It comes in different parts, which can be fit on your Golf Clun and to your body. It is most effective way to get the information about your mistakes.

Ojee Talon will teach you how to perfect your stance and how to overcome your mistakes. With a price of $256, the British company is being funded, and they have reached $33,232.

Prana Stress


According to the founders of Prana, it is the only wearable gadget that “can detect diaphragmatic breathing, breath patterns, and simultaneously evaluate posture.”

Prana consists of small sensor case, which is worn on your waist area. It is accompanied by three accelerometers, which help the gadget to keep track of one’s breath and posture.

It communicates to us through an App. Prana will notify you when you are not getting a perfect breath, or your posture is not well. Prana comes at a price of $99, and its funding has reached more than 75% with $37,603.



DokiWatch is technically a Kid’s smartwatch with 3G enabled. It is a smartwatch but for kids. It comes with Wi-FI, 3G connectivity, and GPS. DokiWatch also has an inbuilt camera for video calling. The watch connects parents and kids. As a parent, you can check your child’s location anytime. It also has SOS feature to notify you whenever your kid is in need.

It is also fun for kids. It looks cool, and its interactive feature will keep kids engaged. With a cost price of $149, DokiWatch is being funded on Kickstarter, and it has raised $378,677.



Raymio is a wearable wristband, which protects you from UV rays, and Sun. Raymio monitors the Sun activity and sends you alerts and tips to keep protected from the Sun’s wrath. If you have forgotten to apply Sunscreen then don’t worry, Raymio will tell you. It also monitors the UV forecast and warns you about the UV index. It turns red to inform you when to re-apply your sunscreen.

It is a cool and very protective wristband. It also suggests you to wear a hat when it’s getting hot outside. It connects with an App with which you can track things. With a price of $45, Raynio is being fundraised, but they have raised $40,486 until now.