Best Bluetooth Headphones For Working Out

8. Monster iSport Freedom

Ok, this might be the first entry on the list that can be defined as on-ear headphones, which are not ideal for working out, but with a number of features it has, you really need to look into it and then determine its worth. Even being an on-ear headphone, you will enjoy the stability of the device.

It comfortably fits on your head and the cushions set well with the ear. It doesn’t have a great noise cancellation feature, lacking a complete isolation of noise. It should be good enough to do the job of providing entertainment for a couple of hours, but any longer than that will cause ear discomfort.


It is sweat resistance and survives heavy abuse. Moreover, they are washable, in the case of dirt accumulation. It has a good amount of sound quality, with distinguishing features of high, mid and low, but not made for expert listeners. The most promising quality of the headphone is the battery life of 20 hours on single charge, so you can probably do 4-5 workout sessions on a single charge.

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9. JLab GO Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

One of the biggest advantages of having headphones with neck band is the ease of using it. The GO earbuds are the perfect one for it and offer an extra level of comfort owing to its design. The device is extremely light in weight and perfectly fits in the ear, eliminating the disturbance caused by the wires.


The build quality is good enough for the job, but nothing exceptional and certainly not meant for physical abuse. It is sweat proof and the sound quality definitely packs the punch here. It has around 8 hours of battery life on a single usage and also comes with interchangeable ear tips for a perfect fit in the ear.

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10. 66 Audio BTS+ Bluetooth Headphones

Many of us don’t prefer the in-ear headphones, owing to the fit the stability. It may not perfectly fit in the ear and easily comes off during exercising. For such type of people, on-ear headphones are a perfect choice. What even better is that BTS+ is an on-ear headphone with a neck band, so it offers stability without causing the problems while running, workouts and so on.


The headphones are very comfortable for long term sessions, but it is not preferable to wear them for the whole day as excessive usage may cause discomfort to the ears. The sound quality is exceptional with perfect balance. However, these aren’t sweat resistance, so you might want to keep that in mind. It offers 25 hours of battery life. If all the features are accounted for, in our opinion, these are the best Bluetooth headphones for working out.

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11. Denon AH-W150BU Exercise Freak Headphones


The name itself implies that the headphones are made for fitness freaks. This uniquely stylish looking in-ear headphones comes with articulating neck band and form a perfectly fitting in-ear piece. It has its own integrated amplifier for a perfect combination of sound quality. The device is waterproof and offers flexible neck band that proves comforting during workouts. It has around 7 hours of battery life, pretty good overall feats.

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12. Tenqa FIT


This may not be your usual choice in terms of in-ear headphones but if you are looking for an affordable piece of ear buds then very few can match to it. Tenqa fit has got all the features that you can expect from a quality headphone. It has Active Noise Cancellation and wind noise reduction features. It offers audio compression for a stable and quality sound. They are light in weight, hence amounts for more comfort.

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13. Yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition


These in-ear headphones are ergonomically the best companion, offering a locking feature to keep the earpiece for a longer duration. It is sweat proof and has around 6 hours of battery life. It has a good level of sound, providing a quality and fits well within the ears. You basically get what you paid for.

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14. JBL Reflect BT


This might not be one of the affordable of ear pieces, but it is loaded with quality features. The Reflect BT houses heart rate monitor and personal trainer assistance, hence your workout can be a blaze. They provide good ear stability and even comes with superior build quality. The sound quality is also exceptional and has around 5 hours of battery life.

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15. SOL Republic Shadow Wireless


Sol Republic Shadow Wireless headphones offer great value for money. The Shadow Wireless are made of superior build quality and derives great comfort. The great audio quality is what the ear buds are famous for. It offers 8 hours of battery life, so no sooner will you need to charge the earpiece often.

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