Headphones can be your perfect companion in terms of entertaining you while you sweat in the gym. Exercising is the great way to keep fit and healthy. There are fitness trackers and Smartwatches already making a revolution, and the customer needs on technology goes up in the headphones market as well. Whether you want to buff up or simply develop envious curves, gyms can help out. Workout sessions are incomplete without plugging those headphones in your ears. But the right product makes it all. So, here are 15 best Bluetooth headphones for working out.

Bluetooth Headphones For Working Out

Spending endless hours in the gym can be a hassle, especially if you want to enjoy while working out. Headphones are the best way to listen to the music of your choice and be motivated so that you can perform extra squats.

Moreover, any kind of headphones cannot be your workout companion, since there are certain points that need to be kept in mind while choosing the perfect one. It should have features such as durability, noise cancellation, quality sound, sweat resistance, and easily able to fit in the ear.

Most of us must have wired ear pieces, but everyone knows the issues behind wired headphones. The cords can lay disturbance to your workout session, hence affecting your performance and speed. Bluetooth headphones are the way to go in for a perfect workout session. Let’s take a look at some of the best wireless headphones that are ideal for gym workouts.

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1. Jaybird X2 Sports

While we do remember its predecessors making a huge impact on the market, the latest release from Jaybird has even performed better in terms of success. X2, the latest addition to the market is one of the best ear pieces you can grab in 2016.


There is a whole lot of improvement from the previous model. These earbuds are specifically meant for sports, hence, they have employed the better fit and stability to sustain heavy jumps and even sweating. It offers the best comfort to your ears that help to listen to the music for a longer run.

Being a Bluetooth device, it is much lighter as well. When it comes to durability, the X2 isn’t the top contender, but what makes it special is the quality customer service, which has lifetime sweat proof warranty and pretty responsive in addressing the issue.

The sound quality will be the same as the previous model, which was already pretty great. It also offers 8 hours of battery life for a one-time charge. Overall, X2 is a great gadget, if you dare to burn some extra cash from the pocket.

Buy Now: Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones  – $144.99

2. Powerbeats 2 Wireless

 You probably might have heard about its other products, which is full of mixed reviews. Certainly, there are many people, who simply adore the brand for the style, but there are those, who heavily criticize the quality of their products. It is not the case with Powerbeats 2.


The latest ear piece may well be the biggest achievement of its long range of products. With its hook design, it easily gets fit over the ear and do stuff like weight lifting, running and aerobic without worrying about falling off. It has a good amount of noise cancellation, but don’t really expect a complete isolation.

Being an ear hook design, it will feel strange to wear for the first timers but eventually will get the hold of it. The device is sweat proof and shows a good amount of durability. It has 6 hours of battery life and also supports Fast Charge feature.

Buy Now: Powerbeats2 Wireless  – $149.99

3. Jaybird Freedom Sprint


It can be termed as the younger version of Jaybird X2, but are equal in all the departments. Freedom Sprint offers good stability due to its smaller and compact design. In terms of noise isolation, it depends on how well it fits with your ear tips. Being compact, you can also expect it to be lighter and much more comfortable to wear.

It is sweat resistance and possibly cannot get any better device that offers even better comfort to the users. It has a decent Bluetooth range of 30 ft, but performs really bad in terms of battery life. The company states around 4.5 hours of battery life, but you get around 3-4 hours in total, which is pretty low. It doesn’t have exceptional sound quality but far exceeds in terms of pricing.

Buy Now: Jaybird Freedom Sprint Bluetooth Headset  – $98.24

4. Plantronics BackBeat Fit

This earpiece is ideally made to suit your sporting purpose. It is one of the best Bluetooth headphones for working out. Whether you are running or doing squats, these are an ideal one to choose. In terms of stability, you won’t get any better than this one.


The ear hook design easily wraps around the ear and has a neck band kind of design that practically eliminates any cords touching the neck. The ear buds are so light in weight that you can hardly feel around while working out. It is made from the flexible plastic, meaning it is sweat and water resistance.

However, don’t expect it to work after completely submerging in the water. It has solid 8 hours of battery life on single charge. The only thing that keeps it down is the sound quality, which is pretty average compared to other devices. However, it is still decent and will get the job done.

Buy Now: Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones – Blue – $77.99

5. Mpow Wolverine

When a huge price tag is attached to the product, it is quite natural to assume that it should perform exceptional in all the categories, but what about those that fall at affordable rates? Wolverine is the unique set of ear buds that deserves a huge appreciation due to its features, despite being how cheap they are.


Normally, you will have a good fit in the ear and will keep on during heavy workouts, with rare fall outs. While, you can wear the device for a longer duration of hours without any problems, but users with small ears might have problems in longer usage.

In terms of durability, it has a real classic look due to the aluminum body, but you cannot really expect it to last with rugged use. You will be surprised to know that being such a cheap earbuds, the sound quality is much better. The sound is clear and distinctive even at high volume. It has around 8 hours of battery life. Overall, these are the best Bluetooth headphone for gym in terms of pricing and offers a great value of money.

Buy Now: Mpow Wolverine Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Headphone – $19.99

6. Monster iSport Wireless Superslim


Possibly, the lightest Bluetooth headphones, you can get your hands onto. They are washable and extremely flexible that takes out the question of causing any discomfort. The build quality is generally good, but don’t expect to sustain rugged use. The sound quality is good in general terms and has around 5 hours of battery life.

Buy Now: Monster iSport Bluetooth Wireless SuperSlim In-Ear Headphone – $94.69

7. QCY Qy8

Not only does the market offer so much competition, it also does so by delivering some of the quality headphones at very affordable rates. Qy8, the newer version of Qy7, is the proof that money is not the only thing that can buy quality.


Certainly, you cannot really expect to function like an expensive product, but it can be a bang for your buck. It offers different ear sizes and hooks, hence providing a good option in terms of stability. You also get good noise isolation by picking the right kind of ear tips.

It also offers good comfort even during rapid movements. You don’t get any better durability from what it can give in $20 ear bud, but it is definitely the better quality product. It has around 7 hours of battery life and performs even better than Qy7 in terms of sound quality. You will get richer sound quality, considering the price.

Buy Now: Original QCY QY8 Bluetooth Earbuds V4. – $17.99