Being health conscious is good, but you cannot imagine walking down the streets or parks with just looking down the road as you jog or run. Most of us prefer to listen to music during running sessions, in order to stay entertained or not get bored. It’s a perfect fitness accessory for every runner in the world.

Headphones are the prominent choice of equipment to listen to the music, without really disturbing anyone else. It may be difficult to pick the best Bluetooth headphones for running as you have to look out for so many factors in order to determine the perfect one for you.

Gone are the days, when people used to listen on the wired headphones. Herein enters the next era of wireless or Bluetooth headphones. These wireless headphones can be a perfect companion in terms relieving yourself from the wired mess and enjoy the running session with much ease.

The headphones come with the option of in-ear or on-ear. However, the price varies based on the device and brand you pick. Hence, you won’t be left out with the issue of personal favorites. We had a run on the list of the Bluetooth headphones and come up with the top wireless headphones that are ideally suited for the runners and provide a guaranteed performance for every single penny used.

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15 Best Bluetooth Headphones For Running

1. Jabra Sport Pulse


The latest set of in-ear headphones from Jabra is built with a state of art tech and immersive sound quality. The headphones can be easily secured in the ear, making it pretty easy to wear, which otherwise is a huge problem in the in-ear headphones.

The Jabra Sport Pulse is the best wireless earbud set for working out because it has a heart rate monitor and a fitness app.  –

heart rate sensor that gives you the instant result on your heart condition during your session. The sound quality is pristine and clear, even better than some on-ear headphones. With support from the latest app, you can only imagine that this headphone will make the cardio session, a complete entertainment.

Buy now: Jabra SPORT PULSE – $119.95

2. BackBeat Fit


Everyone wants their headphone to have more juice of entertainment before the battery dies out in the middle of a running session. The BackBeat Fit is the perfect candidate to form up a good line of comfortable placement of earphones around the neck.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit is a lightweight wireless stereo headset (with integrated microphone) that features a sweatproof design and decent sound. –

Some might say that it is even better than Sports Pulse in terms of securing around the ear. Instead of long wires, it functions on neck band type of cord that supports the ear pieces, making it more comfortable for the users. The device comes with an eight hours of battery life and even power saving mode. The moment you are away from the phone, it will turn off the earpiece, preserving the much needed battery to last longer.

Buy now: Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones – $89.49

3. Gibson Trainer


Obviously, there are many among us, who don’t prefer in-ear pieces, rather opt for the on-ear headphones. Certainly, you must have a choice if you are such a lot. The Trainer is the perfect on-ear headphones that can make your cardio session a most wonderful experience.

The Gibson Trainer headphones are feature-packed Bluetooth on-ears that runners will love –

This comfortable set of the device has a headband made from rubber, with the option of extending in length, assuring the right fit for any kind of head size. The ear cups on the either side of the device offer multiple buttons that help to control the music. The cushions around the ear cups are removable and washable. It has an astonishing 10 hours of battery life with a small LED light for visibility at night time.

Buy now: Trainer by Gibson – $249.99

4. Jaybird X2


Everyone has their own preference in picking up the headphones. Some may prefer for a stylish design while others are more of quality geek. If you are strictly made up for pitch perfect sound quality then there is none better than X2.

The wireless Jaybird X2 headphones offer an exceptionally secure fit and solid Bluetooth audio performance, making them ideal for athletes. –

You will get a huge drift of bass, making sure that it doesn’t destroy the treble in the process. You can easily differentiate the thumping bass and the crisp treble in every song, giving a great balance of the sound quality in term of performance. It has 8 hours of battery life and a built-in mic that allows you to pick up the calls in between the session. It is probably one of the best wireless earbuds for running.

Buy now: Jaybird X2 – $139.00

 5. Bluedio Bluetooth V4.1 Sports


Normally, it is a perception that if you want better quality headphones, you must be ready to pay extra money from the pocket. Well, this gadget certainly failed our perceptions. These wireless running headphones proves that you can also get a worthy product at affordable rates.

The V4.1 is not really impressive in terms of the looks but has all the other qualities that are worth a look. The in-ear pieces are comfortable and have a clip that holds the cord to keep falling on your neck. You will have around 4.5 hours of battery life. While, it is definitely not the best one in the market but you will not get any better in such a price tag.

Buy now: Bluetooth V4.1 – $19.99

6. Monster iSport Super Slim


Whenever you are at the gym, doing a treadmill session, you cannot simply ignore the atmosphere and the environment. Disturbance can cause to affect the performance and make you less focused, hence the Super Slim.

The iSport Super Slim is one of those noise isolation headphones to make your running session a complete pleasure. The in-ear headphones offer a complete noise cancelation so that you can enjoy your own music without any disturbances.

The Monster iSport SuperSlim’s enjoyable sound and secure fit make them a worthy addition to your gym bag. –

The quality tends to be higher on the bass side, but the design is very comfortable. The ear piece fits well and the cord doesn’t really hamper around the neck. It has 5 hours of battery life, a pretty decent trade. Moreover, it is waterproof, hence no sweating issues.

Buy now: Monster iSport SuperSlim In-Ear Headphones – $344.81

7. Jabra Sport Pace Wireless


Sport Pace is certainly one of the best Bluetooth headphones for running. This latest set of headphones has become a great inspiration from its predecessors, Sport Pulse. Sport Pace has a great style to its build. It is an in-ear headphone but wraps around the ear to provide a comfortable touch.

Combination of improved playback with the flexibility to work with more than just Jabra’s own Sport Life app, makes the Pace an intriguing choice for the fitness crowd. –

There is a small mic, at the intersection of the cords and a remote offering multiple controls. It has around 5 hours of battery life on a single usage, which may be a letdown, but using Rapid Charge, you can instantly charge batteries within a matter of minutes. The sound quality is pristine, where you can clearly differentiate the lows and the highs. It also comes with the app that practically counts the data like calories burned, distance covered, etc.

Buy now: Jabra SPORT PACE –$79.99

8. SOL Republic Shadow Wireless


When the headphones were released, it was exclusive to BestBuy stores, making it pretty much the restricted item. However, Shadow Wireless is now open in the market. It is basically a neck band, designed in configuration with the human body.

These headphones offer a great audio quality, also have a minimalist-chic design that’s worthy of a permanent spot around your neck. –

Word is out that NASA did the research part. It certainly feels great to hear that. It has 8 hours of battery life on a single charge. Judging the price of the headphones, it offers a great sound quality, certainly more than what you can expect. The device is a water and dust resistance, hence don’t expect it to be fit and running in the rain.

Buy now: SOL REPUBLIC Shadow – $94.99

9. Beats Powerbeats 2


We are talking about the best wireless Bluetooth headphones for running, so naturally one should assume that certain qualities must be met in order to place it on the top spots. When it comes to pricing, you cannot simply forget Powerbeats 2.

Powerbeats 2 Wireless offers strong sound and a comfortable, secure fit that makes it an appealing choice for workouts. –

Though not too expensive, it is a headphone. Looking at the other range of headphones, the company has the reputation of creating over bass headphones, which can still be seen in here as well. The lows will have a pitch of high bass. It is superiorly designed with perfection so that it can comfortably fit around the ears. It has 6 hours of battery life, which might be a bit of a letdown, but nothing too disappointing. Overall, it is a great pair of the headphones for running.

Buy now: Beats Powerbeats 2 – $114.99

10. Photive PH-BTE70


This may be one of the brands that are not known by the many. However, it doesn’t mean that such brands cannot produce a good pair of gadgets. The PH-BTE70 is a classic example of the headphones produced by a fairly new brand in the market.

One of the biggest advantages of the headphones lies in the price and its worth. What you are getting at the price, very few can beat in the competition. With flexible ear hooks, it assures that the piece doesn’t fell off from running. It has 6 hours of battery life, average to say. It has a great sound quality as well along with water resistance feature. All in all, it is more than worthy headphones for the price.

Buy now: Photive PH-BTE70$49.95

11. Monster iSport Freedom


Ever imagine a headphone that can deliver you the endless hours of battery life? Probably not, as you cannot really expect an earpiece to deliver more than 10 hours of battery. If so, you are wrong as iSport Freedom is the giant that can deliver 30 hours of nonstop battery life.

The Monster iSport Freedom is designed to withstand a serious workout. –

It is made up of a superior design and build with comforting cushion. However, we felt that longer usage does create a discomfort in the ears. It is extremely light, quite contrary to the looks. It is water resistance and can even wash the cushions. There is not much to talk about its sound quality as it is pretty average and it is definitely an expensive piece on the market.

Buy now: Monster iSport Freedom – $165.00

12. Soundpeats Qy7


There may be many best wireless Bluetooth headphones coming at very affordable rates, but very few really stands up to the standards of its worth. The Qy7 is one such piece that is more worth than what you can get for its price. It has a good build quality and sweat resistance.

Pretty good looking and working

It has 5 hours of battery life, but very poor Bluetooth range, hence you really need your music devices in close proximity to listen uninterruptedly. The sound quality is balanced and clearly differentiate the lows and highs. The mic placement is not at a favorable spot, creating difficulty during calls. Considering the price, you cannot ask for anything better than this.

Buy now: SoundPEATS QY7 Bluetooth 4.1 – $19.99

13. Jarv NMotion


The NMotion earbuds is one of the best Bluetooth headphones for running. It delivers good amount of sound quality, in terms of its pricing. The pair of ear piece may be one of the cheapest options, but at the same time, worth every penny. The design is pretty simple and durable, coming along with the optional ear hooks.

The sound quality is decent and does the job of entertaining the listeners to a great extent but if you are an expert in sound then it is not your type. There are no means of managing the cable length, not a good idea. It has a 5 hours of battery life and a good range, which of course complements the price. Overall, it is a good pair of the versatile ear piece.

Buy now: Jarv NMotion EXCEL Sport – $34.99

14. Motorola’s S11- Flex HD


Today, one cannot simply accept the style of yesterday. The same concept goes in the headphones as well. People are always in search for more stylish and different looking headphones, but sometimes, classic is the way to go, if you really want a complete satisfaction in all the departments.

The Motorola S11-Flex HD is lightweight, wireless, sweat resistant, and comes with lots of ways to adjust its fit. –

The S11-Flex HD offers the ultimate comfort in its built and design. However, you cannot really fold the rigid neck band and keep it in your pockets, a price to pay for the cost of the comfort. It is light in weight and durable. It has 6 hours of battery life and also offers the option of Rapid Charge. The sound quality is the best in class.

Buy now: Motorola S11 HD Wireless Stereo Headphones – $50.99

15. Mpow Cheetah


It seems that price is not the only factor to define the quality headphones. The Cheetah is yet another example that delivers the best performance in given price. It may be one of the very few headphones in the low price range to deliver the best results. Naturally, you cannot expect it to have the best performance, but is certainly balanced. With 8 hours of battery life and impressive sound quality, it adds much more value to the device.

Buy now: Mpow [Gen-2 Version] Cheetah Nano-coating Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Sports – $22.99

When you get up in the morning, you will not think running is hard anymore,  one of these Bluetooth headphones will be your better companion for a long time and cheer you up for the whole day with a good beat song.

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