10 Best Apple Watch Games To Download Right Now!

best apple watch games

Since its launch in 2015, the Apple Watch has been able to bring some visible progress in the wearables technology section. The wrist-wear makes ergonomics a priority but let’s face it, it’s not a device developed for gaming.You can’t really have an all-out action adventure role-playing game on this one because it seems to make no point, but being the Apple device it is, the Apple Watch can keep you occupied on your daily commute to the office, or when you need a break but you can’t really be seen with your phone or what-have-you.

There are many games and thoughtful apps guaranteed to offer a unique and neat experience from this wrist-wear. The basic idea here is to choose games that actually treat the device as the bad-ass watch it is and not as an iPhone, which is to say more interface and less bytes!

Here’s a list of 10 great games presently available at the App Store that you can download right now for your Apple Watch!

List Of 10 Best Apple Watch Games

1. Trivia Crack

best apple watch games

Trivia Crack is one of those games which make an excellent and fun use of the screen space. The game lets you spin a wheel and then choose a topic. It keeps you engaged with questions that could range from history to movies. The bytes are neatly placed and the screen doesn’t look crammed with the interface, another job well done by developers at Etermax. You could play Trivia Crack online and chat with your opponents. The game could come up with new questions every time you play it on one of your commutes and does so in a fun way and it feels refreshing, thanks to the interface.

2. Rules!

best apple watch games

Look no further if you’re looking for something to rack your brains on the morning shuffle! Rules have been awarded the best Apple Watch game of 2015 and it has a couple of other decorations in its shelf for its efficient use of game design. The one thing that grows complex with each level is, yes you guessed it right, Rules! You start by following one rule and the rules are added as you go up and your brain will find itself busy trying to follow all of them. A very engaging game to have on your device!

3. Lifeline

best apple watch games

Lifeline is a text-based sci-fi survival game guaranteed to give you the feels! Taylor, marooned on a faraway moon after a crash landing and his crew gone missing, radios you on your Apple Watch. Are you willing to help him survive? The gameplay has been designed to make it feel utmost real and an out-of-this world experience. When Taylor tells he’ll contact you after an hour, he contacts you exactly after an hour! 3 Minute Games have been getting reviews from users saying Taylor has become a part of their lives! Don’t miss this subtle, immersive game that grows on you.

4. Spy Watch

best apple watch games

Heads up! There’s a notification from 007. Spy Watch has a real-time gameplay like Lifeline. You’ve inherited your father’s spy network after his passing- the reasons of which are shrouded with mystery and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to direct the network’s last agent to all things James bond. The interface is very chic and engaging. This is not a game per se, rather a smart and fun interface that infuses fantasy to your daily life. Addictive indeed!

5. Runeblade

best apple watch games

Runeblade is a fantasy RPG game that against all odds have won the hearts of Apple Watch users. The idea of playing an RPG game might not seem very sensible, yet the game manages to absorb you into the magical journey through the mystical Norse world in your fight against evil. This is one of the best RPG games in iTunes store. Spells, magic and unlockables along the way are sure to keep you engaged. Last year, the game was chosen as one of the best games to be on your Apple. Developers are all ears to the game community and keep the game polished!

6. Letter Zap

best apple watch games

Puzzle games feel great on Apple Watch. Letter zap is a classic word puzzle that sells itself through simplicity of the interface. You’re given 30 seconds to dig up the maximum number of words out of a jumble of letters. You’re playing against time here, which can surely keep you nail-biting of sorts. The gameplay doesn’t get more straightforward than this. It also offers you a ‘Zen mode’ with no time limit.

7. Tamagotchi

best apple watch games

Back in the nineties when the handheld game sold over 50 million units worldwide, the game probably reminded many why they shouldn’t have a pet in real life! These incredibly cute, feeble and pixelated buddies need a lot of attention and constant care from you. The app kinda offers a near-real experience where you have to attend to the needs of someone or something ardently. So keeping a check on the status of your Tamagotchi through a wearable makes a lot of sense.

8. Letterpad

best apple watch games

Letterpad is another classic word puzzle game that offers a simple interface with a different take on the puzzle itself. Uncover the hidden words that could be linked to the puzzle topic. The tiles are neatly placed and the game allows you to share your own puzzles with friends. Letterpad is a must game for the puzzle lovers out there!

9. Alien Invasion


This game takes you back to the age of Nintendo and the developers have made sure the gamers don’t miss the old times. You’re to collect your alien army troops before they explode in space. The addictive game offers a simple gameplay and easy controls. A fun way to burn time if you have too much in hand!

10. Boxpop


Boxpop is no eye candy and that’s just fine. The abstemious puzzle game offers enough on the roll to keep you glued to your watch. Popping boxes is a perfect way to take some time out. The relaxing game design is sure to grow comfortable. This free game from FreshPlanet is an easy going game to have in your wearable!

The games are regularly updated by the developers, and they come up with cool and engaging games each time. So what are you waiting for! Get these best games on your Apple Watch right now!

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