If you are an iPhone user, who desires to have a smartwatch, then Apple Watch/Apple Watch 2 is not the only option you have. There are many iOS-compatible smartwatches in the market and with time, more watches are coming in the market soon. The latest good news is that even Android wear is also compatible with iOS.

Even though Android Wear Smartwatches does not provide a complete User-friendly smartwatch experience, it is still a very effective and affordable smartwatch. Therefore, if you find that the Apple smartwatch is a bit too expensive or not your type, you can always choose from the wide range of options available. I will share some of the best apple watch alternatives for iPhone users.

1.Pebble time watch


The Pebble time watch is the most-funded project on all time in Kickstarter. However, it still costs 50 dollars less, when compared with the cheapest Apple Watch. The best thing about the gadget is its color e-paper screen and a one-time battery charge that can last up to 10 days. Along with a better battery life, its innovative timeline interface seems like to be a very good idea.

Pebble offers so many features that it makes it almost irresistible. It has voice control feature, an option to choose between a metal or leather strap, swappable straps, latest health features, etc.

Buy Now: $128

2.Vector Luna


Vector Luna is a smart agnostic watch and has three buttons to control. Almost all of you might feel that since Vector Luna does not have touch screen feature, it is not up to the latest technology. However, let me tell you the one ultimate thing that makes it a good option. It is the battery lifetime. Just a single-time charge can make it last up to 30 days.

It comes in higher end designs. The battery life is probably the best feature of this smartwatch. Its scaly or flaky notification system along with a screen that is not touch-operated are the two major drawbacks of this device.

Buy Now: $209

3. Garmin Vivoactive

People, who enjoy frequent sports activities, will easily fall in love with Garmin Vivoactive. This watch supports a powerful GPS tracking system for sports activities like swimming, cycling, running, etc. It can display a full push message from your iPhone.


The notification system of this watch is top notch, and there is an application store called Connect IQ that allows you to save other apps in it. The one drawback is the not-so-appealing hardware.

Buy Now: $187

4. Tag Heuer Connected


Even though Tag Heuer Connected is the most expensive Android Wear smartwatch in the market, it certainly gives your wrist a sophisticated and luxurious look. This exactly what make it worth. The classic and detailed designs are a highlight.

Buy Now: $1500

5. Huawei watch

Huawei smartwatch has a sapphire crystal screen and a stainless steel case. The luxurious looks of this watch make it very appealing to the eyes, and it is an Android wear. The metal link straps are available in plenty of shades including “rose gold”.


It also has a 10000:1 pin sharp contrast display that makes it striking. Huawei smartwatches are now compatible with iPhone too. The only drawback of this smartwatch is the lack of GPS system.

Buy Now: $357

6. LG Watch Urbane


LG watch Urbane is a smartwatch that is not only Android & iPhone compatible but also looks like a dress watch. With a shiny design, this watch is available in gold and silver finishing. Unfortunately, the second edition of LG Watch Urbane is canceled. If you desire for style, then LG Watch Urbane is the best option.

Buy Now: $229

7. Fitbit Blaze

Finally, Fitbit has expanded its cool range of activity trackers with a new model named Fitbit Blaze. This stylish smartwatch entered the tech market on early March 2016. It is way better than its minimalist siblings. It comes with awesome colors, better swipe functions, and bright looks.


Undeniably, Blaze is admired for its striking design but what might steal your heart is its sophisticated activity tracker. It not only boasts multisport selections but also incorporates your smartphone calendar, Caller ID, and message-displaying functions.

Priced at $199 on Amazon, Blaze can track your heart rate, calories burned and fitness level. You might think that these features are what smartwatches usually do. So, what is so new about the Fitbit Blaze? Well, it comes with a nice set of add-ons. It can count how many floors you have climbed (it calculates 10 ft. elevation as one floor). The inbuilt altimeter (a type of sensor) calculates the altitude based on the atmospheric pressure. Helps you plan how to burn your calories much faster by maximizing training. It guides you to balance your intensity while working out. It analyzes your resting heart rate. Includes special button (on the upper right) to control music. In spite of so many plus points, it fails to record your GPS data and pace info during your workout session.

Buy Now: $199

8. Moto 360 2nd Generation

The Moto second-generation smartwatches come in stylish looks. The watch is available in three versions: there are two 42mm models aimed at both men and women. There is a 46mm model exclusively designed for men. There is one more watch named Moto 360 Sport for sports lovers.


Along with these three versions, you get a choice of:

  • Six types of bezel
  • Three different kinds of cases and
  • Five straps

Screen wise it might not be as good as an Apple smartwatch but is very up to the mark in every other aspect.

Buy Now: $290

9. Mondaine Helvetica No 1 Smart Watch


If you feel that Apple Watch performs mediocre with its fitness features, then you should try to use Mondaine Helvetica No 1 Smartwatch. This Swiss-made smartwatch combines the traditional watch face with a second dial for fitness tracking.

It does not have any notifications system but surely offers amazing fitness tracking features. Also, if you desire for a stylish watch, then this might be the one for you.

Buy Now: $628

10. Asus Zen Watch 2

The Asus Zen Watch targets both men & women, and that is why it gives a choice to choose from three different case colors and nine different straps. Also, you can customize the watch based on your requirements.


The fact that it is waterproof at shallow depth for almost 30 minutes is a plus point. However, there are two negative sides too: high price and lack of important features like GPS system.

Buy Now: $149

11. Fitbit Surge


Fitbit Surge, as the name suggests, is a fitness oriented smartwatch for fitness lovers and sports persons. The Fitbit Surge costs you $249. It’s inbuilt GPS comes very handy for sports lovers. Style wise, you will know that it is not appealing. Hence, to overcome this issue, the company has launched a better version named Fitbit Blaze.

Buy Now:$222

Tips To Find The Best iPhone-Compatible Smartwatch

  • Always think about your budget first. Do not spend more than you have planned to spend. Carefully plan as to how much you want to spend for your smartwatch and then look for the watches that fall in this range.
  • Make sure to buy a smartwatch that continues to show time even if it is not in use.
  • If you are a fitness-focused person, then look for a smartwatch that has a heart rate sensor so that even when you are exercising, you can track your heart rate. Some smartwatches come with inbuilt GPS system.
  • When you buy a traditional watch, you pay attention to every detail right? The same applies here. Check its strap, clasps, charger and so on. Pay attention to every detail.
  • Ask about the battery life too so that you know how long can your smart watch be operated after one charge.
  • The most important factor to check before buying a smart device is the device comparability.

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