Talking about the best android wear watch, the history of Android smartwatch evolution can easily be known by looking at the tech revolution. The same also tells how Google flabbergasted the audience by launching Android Wear with iOS compatibility, which means you don’t have to limit your smartwatch choice because of if iOS/Android platform compatibility.

Here, we have created a list of best android wear watch that supports iOS. With flexible timepieces to choose, ranging from luxurious Swiss design to present time highly featured wearable.

5 Best Android Wear Watch For iOS

1.Pebble Time

best android wear watch

Pebble is one of the most famous and well-known Companies that creates advanced wearable with built in advance features. About the Pebble smartwatch, it is one of the most cost efficient wearable offering much more features than its price.

The Pebble firmware 4.0 provides access to thousands of apps and vivid agreeable watch face. The smartwatch is fully water resistant, means you can jump into the pool of up to 45-meter depth. The watch supports both iOS and Android.

Different band colour combination is cool and elegant. The Pebble time missed the built-in GPS, but it does have high compatibility with almost every fitness apps. Also, it has own pebble health. It delivers text messages, notifications and is light weight as well.

To enhance the display, it is provided with e-paper technology, allowing the display to be easily readable under sunlight. Also, the battery life is expected to last for around seven days. However, the new version is provided with some revamped perks, but that doubles the budget.

Best Feature Excellent Design, Pebble Health & Cost

Price- $89

2.Tag Heuer Connected

best android wear watch

Tag Heuer is a brand known for making luxurious Swiss watches as well as smart watches. This is company’s first smartwatch; the updated version is expected to be launched in 2017.

The Tag connected is a highly customised opulence watch with details more focused on creating a magnificent centrepiece. Although it lagged behind in some features, it does have the basic smart watch characteristics. Every detail of the masterpiece is highly focused on making it a world class smart watch.

The build quality is amazing, and the look is stylish yet comfortable. High profile audience is more targeted by tag, but it’s one of the most expensive and stylish Swiss-smartwatch which supports both the iPhone and Android.

Best Feature- High-Class Design, Durable straps & App

Price- $2,299

3.Fitbit Blaze

best android wear watch

Fitbit is magnetising a large amount of market audience, who is perplexed between apple’s smartwatch. Fitbit Blaze has almost all iPhone features, with dual iOS connectivity and notifications with iPhone stock apps. Blaze is grabbing the most athletes in the upmarket; that is because of its heart rate monitoring feature that is probably more accurate in tracking and data analyses then Apple smart watch.

Fitbit Blaze is fully customizable with leather and classic straps with quick release technology. Watch face is the strongest element of this wearable, 1.66-inch screen with 240×180 resolution and LCD screen surely will make you stare at it more instead of using it for the smart purpose. Plus, Gorilla Glass 3 provides solid protection. Also, active built-in light sensors are provided for display enhancement

To have an amazing track record, it is integrated with Automatic Sleep Tracking, Accelerometer, gyroscope, and altimeter. It does miss the GPS and swim proof feature. And Yes! It does have heart rate sensor on the backside to deliver non-stop, and accurate heart beats metrics.

Best Feature- Robust Activity Tracking, HRM & Cost

Price- $199

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4.Pebble Time Steel

best android wear watch

Time steel is one of the best Android smartwatch ever designed by pebble with unleashed innovative features. Pebble designed many concepts, and most of them were viral or amazingly famous.

Pebble Time steel is integrated with a better firmware to get better user interface. Time steel is the device with a long battery life that won’t drain easily, it would last for around 10 days, that’s because of the e-paper technology used in it. Though, it also means you can watch it under the sunlight.

The Watchcase has been made of stainless steel for the better look, Take it in the water carelessly as it is water resistant up to 30 meters and Watch face had a good and responsive timeline with quickly accessible options. The display is always in on-mode for quick access.

Voice control is available, and the straps are changeable, you can switch from leather to steel or vice versa. The best part is pebble health feature, for quick access to apps and notifications. This is one of the best android wear watch in the current market.

Best Feature- Boosted Battery life, Design & Cost

Price – $175

5.Moto 360 (2nd Generation)

best android wear watch

The Highly customised 2nd generation is a successor of 2014 smartwatch Android (and iOS compatible). The Heart of the smartwatch is the AMOLED watch face with 360×325 circular displays in 42 mm smart watch. With ip67 rating which making it dust and water protected.

The second generation is highly tailored for more classy perks such as watch face customization for background screen, with multiple designs available for circular display. Furthermore, the display is UV coated for the vivid screen and of course, built-in GPS.

You can see the daily as well as seven days tracked activity metrics with including heart rate and pace. For providing quick and swift face usage, there is Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 with 1.2Ghz quad-core GPU which is not super-advance but new to Moto 360.

Battery life has been extended around 300mAh which is also necessary with Snapdragon processor as it would be easily juiced within 1.5 days of usage, Wireless charging dock is way better, simplistic but useful. And yes it supports WI-FI connectivity. Overall performance is way better.

Best Feature- Wireless charging, Variety in colour & Watchface

Price- $289

Every smartwatch has its own pros and cons. More watches are being released into the market every year. Its upto to the user to decide which suits their daily needs.

Hope you have liked our list of best android wear watch that supports iOS, now you can share your thoughts in below comment section!

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