10 Best Action Cameras Of 2016

Live videos are the new trend in the market. Social giants like Facebook Live, TwitterLive, Snapchat Live stories, Tumblr Live  are changing the way we record photos and videos. On the other hand, GoPro is already making their step on live video streaming, 360 degree videos and VR market. Considered as niche products once, the action cameras have become quite commonplace today. Both social sharing and live video streaming are the future of action cameras. These cameras are not like those regular cameras. They are the ‘on the go’ cameras, which can be attached to cars, helmets, bikes, surfboards, and any other parts of your body.

It’s 2016, and the point of view video footages offered by these cameras has made them immensely popular with the adventure loves and sportspeople. The adventurers often mount these cameras to their outfit or to the equipment they are carrying. These cameras can capture your world the conventional cameras cannot. Hence, they are also used for TV commercial production at times. The good thing is that they are much cheaper as compared to the regular cameras.

While there is no denying that GoPro and TomTom lead the action camera market by far, there are still some good and perhaps lesser-known contenders. Here are some of the best action cameras of this year.

10 Best Action Cameras Of 2016

1. Tom Tom Bandit 

best action cameras of 2016

   Buy Now- $399

Many will say that the bullet shaped cameras are out of trend these days. Box-shaped cameras are more ‘in’. However, TomTom Bandit has certainly out beaten all the trends easily. Here’s why it’s on of the best action cameras of 2016, the truth is that this incredible camera comes with some stunning features that you would want in most of the other cameras. This means that the box-shaped action cameras must incorporate these features.

It will be safe to say that Bandit is the best sports head camera. Built-in sensors (Speed, G-force, Altitude, Rotation, Heartbeat*) *with separate Bluetooth heart rate monitor. When you are going fast, you would expect your camera to record that speed. This further means that the tagging of the footage is automatic whenever the camera identifies something exciting. The camera also features an app for your smartphone, which can enhance your footage with just a few taps of a finger.

2. Olfi

best action cameras of 2016

       Buy Now- $165

Olfi camera gives some serious competition to the Hero4, and one big reason is that it is priced just a little over half its price. Even though Olfi is cheap, it could easily still be the best cheap helmet camera. The designing of this camera is robust. The strong housing protects the camera pretty well. After reading a little about this camera, you will get to know that the company’s vision was to make an extraordinary camera at a pretty ordinary price.

It looks like they have managed to do it! The camera comes with many video options. Video recording is available at 4K as well as 720p. The frame rate is also impressive at 120 fps. This means that slow motion capturing is as good as Hero4. The camera connects directly to the internet. So, video sharing becomes quite easy.

3. Hero4 Black by GoPro

best action cameras of 2016

Buy Now – $338

When we are talking about the action cameras for the year, there is no way GoPro would not make it to the list. GoPro isn’t the market leader for no reason, and Hero4 is one of the finest products it has ever manufactured. This flagship product from the company can record some incredibly high-quality videos with extreme ease.

The model comes packed with tons of features that make the life of the users easier. It also supports loads of accessories that make the experience even more amazing. You can record high-quality 4K videos at high speeds. It also supports top-quality slow motion recording in HD at 120fps. The frame rates offered are 1080 full HD. This pretty much means that you get a lot of flexibility when it comes to video resolution and quality. This is the kind of action camera recommended for pros as well as beginners.

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4. Veho Muvi K-Series K2 

This is not the kind of camera most would be familiar with. However, if you are someone who has expertise in action cameras, you will know that this camera has a lot to offer. This range of Muvi action cameras is quite a contender in the market where GoPro line of products is ruling the roost. You would love the fact that this camera comes with plenty of mounting options.

best action cameras of 2016

Buy Now- $123

If you would put it on the helmet of your bike, you would probably call it the best bike helmet camera. The built is solid and can withstand some rough conditions. HD video capture: 1080p @ 60 FPS or 720p @ 120 FPS at 19M/bits. Muvi has up to 16MP stills with photo-burst and continuous photo to allow time lapse videos and interval photos, waterproof up to 100m. Unfortunately, it is not completely compatible with all the GoPro mounts, but these core features pushed us to be in the list of best action cameras of 2016.

5. Garmin Virb XE

The good thing about Garmin Virb is that it features GPS and multiple sensors just like Bandit. Thus, it allows you some extra and cool elements while shooting the video. What is even better is that unlike Bandit, it is a box-shaped camera.

best action cameras of 2016

Buy Now- $333

Since box-shape is in trend, you will not have to give a second thought while buying as far as the shape is concerned. The predecessors of this camera did feature the bullet shape but not anymore. Virb can serve as a head camcorder, but its shape is best suited for chest mounting. The design material quality is beyond par. 

The video quality is also very competitive. You can also do the underwater shooting with this camera. Many say that it is the best waterproof action camera. You can easily connect the camera to your smartphone using the app.

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6. Hero4 Session by GoPro 

best action cameras of 2016

Buy Now- $199

The design of Session is different from the conventional GoPro designs. Also, the camera is a great option for the basics video capturing. It’s one of the best cameras of 2016 for its simple design and hardware build. The housing is in the form of the frame. This makes it extremely easy to mount this action camera whichever way you want to (compact, waterproof design and weight of just 2.6oz (74g). But the price of the camera does not seem the right fit for the features it offers. This is the main reason why it does not make to top 5 action cameras. Although this camera is for basic recording, the quality of the video is quite good; that’s what you would precisely expect from any GoPro device.

7. Drift Stealth 2 

best action cameras of 2016

Buy Now- $98

Stealth 2 is one of the smallest action cameras you will ever get to see. This is the reason it is best suited for vehicle or helmet mounting. The camera has a rotatable lens, which can be rotated by 300 degrees. This means that the footages can be easily levelled without having to disturb or adjust the mount. As expected from a small camera, the battery life is pretty long. It can last as long as 3 hours with easy USB charging options. If you are looking for extremely high-quality recording, this camera is not for you. Its recording is limited to 30 FPS with a resolution of 1080p.

8. Edge iSaw 

best action cameras of 2016

     Buy Now- $169

iSaw Edge may not be among the top 5, and it has its limitations, but nonetheless it is a great action camera to own. Especially when you look at the price tag for which it is available and the features it offers, you will more than love it. Specs are beyond you could expect at this price. You can capture 4K videos and slow motion footage at 120 fps (at 720p resolution). Slow motion footage at 1080p offers 60fps.

You will also find quite a likeness in the design of this camera and Hero4. Thankfully, the housing of the camera is very compatible with most of the mounts for GoPro. Not only does the camera capture stunning quality video but also its build is also impressive. This is arguably the best camera for the beginners.

9. X100 Kaiser Baas  

best action cameras of 2016

Buy Now- $188

Baas is one of the newest entrants in the market. Baas seems to have followed what has been successful regarding design. It features a little box-shaped design that is compatible with almost all the standard mounts of GoPro. What’s interesting is the wrist remote it comes packed with. The remote makes the operation pretty easy. The build quality is awesome and comfortable.

Baas is also waterproof up to 30 meters of depth. Visuals are decent, but the quality is limited. The max frame speed is 30 fps, and top resolution is 1080p. The camera is cheap. Therefore, considering the price, it has more features you can ask for.

10. Sony FDR-X1000V

best action cameras of 2016

Buy Now- $398

Sony is very well known for its leadership in optics and imaging. X1000V is one demonstration of their capabilities. This camera can record high-quality 4K videos. It offers full HD at 1080p and slow motion recording at 120fps.

The biggest problem with this camera is that it does not have support for GoPro mounts. Of course, you can buy the accessories adaptable to the mounts. This camera also comes with a wrist remote. It can control up to 5 Action Cam via phone1 or LiveViewTM Remote. You can also live stream your video via UstreamIt is especially useful when the camera has been mounted out of reach.

So, choose the best and an affordable action camera from this list. It is time for you to start record your right-now moment, so you can laugh about it after 10 years from now!

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  1. I have to say I disagree with the statement “safe to say that Bandit is the best sports head camera”. The bandit is an ok camera but the app support is not so great and the ability to have speed, G-force, altitude are nice but are rarely used. I would say better camera features such as resolution and overall support would be much higher on my list than bandit’s stated features. GoPro cameras are by far a better bang for your buck than anything here.

    • But GoPro Hero 4 also still having issues with videos freezing, studio crashing often, and unable to export errors like code30 and code5. You know what i mean here! It’s always hard to decide the best among the best!

  2. But GoPro Hero 4 also still having issues with videos freezing, studio crashing often, and unable to export errors like code30 and code5. You know what i mean here! It’s always hard to decide the best among the best!

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