Basis Peak Review: A Ideal Fitness Watch For Workout Fanatics


Basis Peak is the primary product introduced by the Company Intel in March 2014. It is a complicated outlay of sports watch that comes with an advanced technology called optical heart rate sensors. This feature contains a ton of metrics about your day-to-day activities. So, a question that might be running in your mind would be — is it a unique sports watch or just an ordinary watch? Let us take a Basis Peak review test to reveal the truth.

Basis Peak Review: Design And Hardware

Foremost, let us see all its features. In August, Intel wearable chief Mike Bell revealed that Basis Peak will be better and unique from previous innovations, and this holds true. Basis Peak comes in two classy colors black and white but White won the race due to its attractive looks.


Everywhere, the nice black rubber texture and oh-so-square bezel face made it more classy and elegant. The LCD is black that one can enjoy by swiping it along the right-hand bezel. The red-hot vibrant streak at the back of Basis Peak strap highlights on your skin.


The Monochrome 1.25 inch LCD comes with a protective layer of Gorilla Glass 3. The strong and obstinate LCD will not be damaged by scrapes and knocks. It is not enough; the durable LCD is waterproof to 50 meter that makes it portable in the gym as well as swimming pool. Now, you can easily glide the touch sensitive screen with your fingers and enjoy the smooth functioning. The Basis watch incredibly tracks the metrics so that you remain updated about the calorie, heart rate and your steps too.

In the race for technology, Fitbit Charge HR and Basis peak are at the same speed, but advance features of Peak are forwarding it to the right direction. It comes with multiple tabs that sense your skin response and temperature and update you about the same.


Apart from tracking your daily activities on its own, this gadget can also be paired with apps like Runkeeper to monitor the heart rate that feeds many metrics. However, you can choose to pick up the strap from the market but they are not as efficient as Basis Peak.

There are much more in it, let us see what these are:

Basis Peak Review: Activity Tracking


Basis Watch is great and works well as steps and a calorie tracker. Both of the features are highly accurate and extremely cheap option. It detects the walking activities, records each burst separately, and makes it a high-end device for those who perform exercise on a daily basis. It has the great accuracy compare to the current market players.

Peak’s Body iQ Feature

It works the same with the running procedure. When you begin to run, Peak starts in run mode and displays your heart rate, steps, and time on the screen. In this way, this device is a great option to enjoy exercise and jogging techniques and get sufficient result on your wrist.

GPS Availability

One problem that one can face is the absence of GPS (that is why pace & distance cannot be recorded). Unlike Fitbit Charge and charge HR, the gadget will not steal the information from supporting Smartphone. You can use it in two ways, either you can feed the heart rate into GPS setting or create of data with Peak and apps simultaneously.

There can be another annoying problem for runners. If you stop running for any reason like taking water, the gadget automatically switches off the running mode that makes it difficult to know the total duration of the run. Usually, people ask about the precision of wrist-based heart rate monitor, but in our test, we observed that Peak is bulletproof.

Basis Peak Heart Rate Monitor


The major missed trick of Basis heart rate monitor is the Gym. The finest use of this kind of heart rate monitor is for the log gym sessions. You can do whatever you want in the gym like Spinning, Zumba, Weights, and Aerobics. Your improved health and fitness are a proof of the elevated heart rate.

As the name suggests, Basis Peak tracks every activity that is happening in your life. When we usually perform cycling, we are aware of the actual exercise and manual heart beat. However, now you can easily swipe the device to get all the details in a couple of seconds before it turns out of the clock.

Basis Heart Rate Monitor Complications

We confront iOS problem while pairing with Bluetooth, but by January, this problem was resolved, with the new update or flurry of the app. If you are confronting this problem, then keep in mind that both the Basis app and iOS version are up to date.

You can go through the stats of exercise sessions with the web app. You cannot call it a session, as it is just a data streaming and somewhat a waste of time. A stopwatch feature like Charge HR can be advantageous in such situation, to reveal about the peak, one should be start exercise and then review the gadget.

Basis Peak Sleep Tracker

basis-peak-reviewSleep tracking is one of the best and advantageous features that has introduced until now. It’s one of the best sleep tracker in the market right now. Now, you can track the sleeping details precisely with this wonderful gadget. It monitors three different levels of sleep- REM, light and dim.

The immensely powerful sleep tracker monitors the data. It is the least useful activity tracker used by people. The Basis Peak also misses the trick by not presenting the heart rate due to sleep metric. It is a helpful indicator to tell about the over training.

Basis Peak Review: Notifications

While using any app, it takes some time to land the notification and to be displayed by the customer, but this feature eliminates the delay and offers your successful roll out. We once again recall you that there is no third party that supports this device, so if you are using any app like Whatsapp, Twitter or Facebook, or any other social media, you will not receive any wrist notification.

However, the display easily represents the incoming and outgoing text and calls. The data in the device automatically gets cleared after a particular time of interval. It prevents the data to overload the device and create backlog too.We all hope to see a third party notification as early as possible.

Basis Watch Review: Battery life

Among the multiple successes of Basis Peak, the one you can enjoy is its continuous heart rate monitoring. The gadget has impressive performance, just a few minutes charging and you should not run out for charging for long hours. A great wearable works as an accessory for you too.


Basis Peak surely emerges out as a winner in this review and thus requires no competition from other brands of the league. The high numbers of features with accurate results are a good deal for every health freak outside. Hop on to buy this device and enjoy a new lifestyle for better health.

Basis Peak Watch Review: Apps Sync

The Basis Peak gadget uses two kind of apps and uses them both according to use and need. The first app is android app; it works well for iOS too. This app works well with the watch and sucks all the data. This smartphone app comes with multiple features with some key flaws.


The gadget is stuffed with sophisticated design and modern look. The homepage has overall information about the day-to-day activities and provides activity information like habit page.

Habits are small goals of people’s life that one usually set to live a scheduled life. Wearing Basis Peak will help you in torching calories. Now, you can allot calories and beat the targets. The Peak automatically changes the targets and get fit and healthy day by day.

The only problem with the advanced app is that it does not deal with data input. Data remain missing or in syncing flux state permanently. In beginning, we used to think that app is not good but with the advanced features. Just after you start giving your target, Peak will buzz you to congratulate.

The Web app


The Web app is much more impressive that comes with elegant features. You have to sign up and log in the app to analyze terrifying details of sessions. The plethora of running data is usually unseen and raw to be useful. The data is stuck in the log for many days; there is no alternate option to get the history list, and it is a big mess. You can export data by simply updating the version. You can use it in other analytics services too.


Basis Peak the ultimate fitness tracker is priced at $199 (Matte Black) and White Metal priced at $149. In-between these two not much of difference, but only the strap material changes.

Is It Worth Buying?

You can’t complain nothing about Basis Peak’s fitness tracking accuracy, it almost stand out from the crowd. With the great technological background, it would have been made better for Swimmers, cyclist and runners. It is rare to see a basis peak wear companion around you mostly, lack of brand promotion and awareness in the market is a huge let down. Overall, this is an interestingly clever smartwatch that gives you accurate data and motivate your day-to-day workout sessions. So, we agree that it’s worth a try, since the Intel is working on for new changes in the device.

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