Top 30 Apps That Work With Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch is a unique rendition considering its new design among smartwatches. Its round design is a first among the square smartwatches we are used to. Apart from its design and the rotator bezel used for its operation, it is also compatible with some apps that come handy while using the smartwatch.

Samsung Gear S2 is compatible with Android 4.4 and above. For downloading apps for Samsung Gear S2, you need to download the Samsung Gear app first and pair it up with the smartwatch. For a better guide on how to make the best of the apps in Gear S2, you should have knowledge of these Gear S2 apps. The following list will give you a good info in this case. The following 30 apps work with Samsung Gear S2:

Best Apps That Work With Samsung Gear S2

1. HERE Maps

apps-that-work-with-Samsung -Gear-S2

HERE Maps is one of the best navigator apps that work with Samsung Gear S2. Samsung has partnered with the HERE mapping service to make it extremely easy to trace your route while traveling on foot or while driving your car. The Navigator provides very easy to understand directions on every turn. You can also locate any place you are looking for with the help of the app- like a nearby cafe, restaurant or hotel.

2. Samsung Gear Manager

The Samsung Gear is necessary if you want to access the Gear store for more download of apps for Samsung smartwatch. The Gear Manager will help you manage your smartphone while pairing up with the Gear S2. The Samsung Gear will notify you with the software update, allow you to download more apps for your Gear S2 and make it easy to manage the settings.

3. Nike+ Running

Pairing up Nike+ Running with your Gear S2 will help you get your running stats up to date on your smartwatch. You will get all the information regarding distance, pace and duration of your run, displayed on the face of the smartwatch. The app will also provide motivational help.

4. Uber

The Uber app makes booking an Uber cab easy and fun with your Gear S2. While using Uber, a micro-sized map pops up on the watch face to choose your pickup location. After choosing your location, you can scroll through the Uber cabs’ options with the help of the rotating bezel. This app is helpful when you need to order a cab quickly with your smartwatch.

5. Twitter

apps-that-work-with-Samsung -Gear-S2

No tech complete without social media support and Gear S2 is no exception. The famous Twitter app on your Gear S2 will help you get your Twitter timeline and feeds directly on your smartwatch. The tweets are displayed along with time and dates. This will help you to remain up to date with your Twitter notifications.

6. Chat Hub

Chat Hub is a Samsung smartwatch app that brings all the messages of your other chatting apps at one place (Kind of IM’s). It makes it easy for you to access messages from Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Line, Hike and the likes from a single app. You can opt for preset replies from Chat Hub or type messages from an onscreen keyboard.

7. News Briefing

News Briefing from Flipboard will provide your daily dose of top trending news, right on your smartwatch. This one is an informer among Samsung Gear apps. You can scroll through the illustrated articles by rotating the bezel and obtain news highlights on different topics.

8. Time Maker

If you have a fetish to stylize and customize your Gear S2 watch face, then Mr. Time Maker is a must use for you. You can add different colors to the watch dial and set widgets like dates and other stuff. You can make it more fun by customizing the look of the watch according to your favorite watch models that are available in the market. Mr. Timer Maker allows the option to set your customized looks to ‘private’ to avoid copyright issues.

9. eBay

apps-that-work-with-Samsung -Gear-S2

The eBay helps to perform some few basic eBay activities. eBay app work with Samsung Gear S2 by letting you view your buying and selling status. You can easily increase bids by rotating the bezel and outbid someone from your smartwatch itself. The current app, however, doesn’t yet allow you to search for items and set new bids, but the existing options won’t disappoint you either.

10. Agile QWERTY Keyboard

Yes, the Agile Keyboard is worth a mention among the several apps that Samsung Gear S2 features. This little QWERTY keyboard that displays on the watch face of the Gear S2 is nice and delights the heart of any die-hard geek. The coolest part is that with just a few taps, Agile allows you to access hundreds of fun emojis that you can send to your pals across messages.

11. Snake Classic S2

This free app on Gear store is worth a download for your S2 if you wish to make your smartwatch as versatile as it ever could be. This classic snake game is nothing new for those who are hardcore mobile game addicts. The fun reaches to a new level when you derive the same joy of spinning your snake on your smartwatch, as on your phone. Getting this snake game on your smartwatch will surely diversify your fun with the Samsung Gear S2.

12. Photo Watch Pro

This app gives you another chance to personalize your watch face. If Mr. Time Maker is not enough for you, then the Photo Watch Pro app will surely let you have plenty of options to set your favorite dial background. If you prefer cartoony stuff, there is something like Snoopy to choose from, else if you lean on the narcissist side you can choose your still or animated images for the dial face.

13. Voxer

Voxer is another cool app addition to your Gear S2 if you want to stand apart in the ‘cool’ factor! Using Voxer is bound to make you reminisce about James Bond or at least some other equally suave undercover agent. This app lets you send audio messages to your contacts and instantly talk to them over the smartwatch like a walkie talkie. The message appears on the watch face, to which you can listen to using the Gear S2 3G speaker or a Bluetooth headset.

14. S Health


Samsung Health is the Gear S2 Health app and is perfect to keep a tab on all your fitness updates. The app has a clock face that shows how many hours you have spent on walking, sitting and lying down. It will motivate you to keep up your running goals and gives you an overview of your daily exercises. It also lets you know when you have achieved your targets. You can also add info like your water and coffee intake and check your heart rate.

15. Lifesum

If you want further additions to S-health, then Lifesum will satisfy you. Lifesum is also available on Android Wear and Apple Watch. It will give you a more personalized option to maintain your weight gain or loss plans through recipes, diaries, etc.

16. Line

The Line is known for the various cute stickers available on its messaging app. The popular Line app will allow you to set these cute things as your watch background.

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17. Yelp For Gear


This can be another fun addition to your Gear S2. This app makes the best out of the smartwatch’s circular face and the rotating bezel, by showing the restaurant reviews and menus in your timeline. So, if you have a busy schedule, make sure that you get Yelp for your smartwatch so that you don’t miss your lovely date.

18. Smart Things

Yes, this is for those who like all things the ‘Smart’ way, including their smartwatches. Smart Things app will help you to control the smart automation at your house, like if you have those on-command technological stuff at your home. So before you enter your house, you can use your smartwatch to turn on the lights and do similar other things like that.

19. UniKey’s Kevo

This is another smart home tech kind of stuff. Kevo app allows you to unlock your front door (if only it has a Kwikset Kevo smart lock in place) with your smartwatch. With technology replacing most of our usual activities, it won’t be long before most of us get used to smart door locks at our homes. The app also allows you to send digital codes to family members so that they can enter the house when you are not present.

20. Volkswagen

So when your Gear S2 can practically turn everything smart in your life, there’s no reason that your car should be left behind. If you own a Volkswagen car that can be connected to your smartwatch, then you will be able to perform a host of activities with your Gear S2. You can tell the car via your Gear to lock the door, power the AC, etc.

21. World Clock By Google

Hope you don’t need a brief about this app, since the name explains everything. This Clock app can help you know the local time and time zone info of cities worldwide. It helps you to navigate across different time zones through a single widget. It is good if you need to keep in touch with a long distant pal on the other side of the globe. Your smartwatch will do the time calculation job with ease.

22. Find My Phone

You can’t remember where you kept the phone, and you have turned your house upside down looking for it. Find my Phone app will save you in this instance. Your Gear S2 will give your phone a ring whenever it catches the Bluetooth signal and beholds! You found it.

23. ESPN Companion

This is something for those who are totally into daily or instant sports news update. With ESPN Companion app now available on Gear, you will not miss any update about the world of sports. You will get minute wise notifications about scores, all the news, and even video highlights.

24. Buddy (In-Built)

The Buddy app lets you store contacts of 10 people with whom you need to communicate the most, every day. So with Buddy, you can keep in touch with your favorite persons or important contacts with ease.

25. Samsung Music (In-Built)

We are acquainted with the music player app on our phones, and now it’s available on Gear too. So you can select your favorite tunes and keep on with the playlist from Gear itself.

26. Gallery (In-Built)


Gallery will do the same thing on Gear as it does on your phone- let you scroll through your photo folders. You will be able to view your photos on the Gear by using the bezel and on double tapping them you will see them in their enlarged versions.

27. Weather (In-Built)

Samsung has collaborated with Accuweather, and it is available on Gear as well. The app will let you choose any city of your choice, and you will get all daily weather updates on your smartwatch. So, in case you need to check whether it would rain when you go out, your Weather app on Gear will let you know.

28. Email (In-Built)

You can add your email account to Gear using this app and view your emails from the smartwatch itself. You can read the emails using the bezel and to reply, you simply need to give a tap.

29. Timer (In-Built)

What is a watch without a timer? When Gear has so many cool things on its list, it would be rather a disappointment if it doesn’t have the basics of what a watch should have. The Timer app is useful and nice. You can set hours, minutes or seconds on the Gear Timer as per your requirements.

30. Voice Memo (In-Built)

You can record voice memos on the Gear with this app. You can start recording with the red button and pause, resume or cancel it. When you stop recording, the memo is saved.

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So, many apps on Gear makes it a multitasking gadget. No wonder, you can replace many of your regular use gadgets with a solo smartwatch.

  1. Just bought the “smart hue” app to control Philips Lights and its also awesome. You can control your house lights with your smartwatch ! Amazing !

    • Thanks for your suggestion, Albero!

      Philips Hue is one of the leading smart light in the market now. According to the Philips Home Automation unit, pretty soon we can expect to see their new upgrades soon!

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