Apple is a company that thrives on delivering better every time. Keeping the trend and custom intact, they have come up with Apple watch series 2, an astounding upgrade of its previous version.

They have customised everything – right from design to firmware display and quality features. But what is that makes this 2nd generation smart watches far better than Apple watch 1? Let us find out!

Of course, it is the better tech features, but there are some impressive features in the new watch. Here is the list of 7 of the Best Apple Watch series 2 features and functions that are making the brand a hard competitor in the wearable market.

Here’s the new Apple Watch Series 2 Editions,

apple watch series 2 features

New Apple Watch Series 2 Features

Water Resistance

Apple’s second-generation smart watch is offering one of the greatest and necessary features. The watch is waterproof. You can wear and take up to 50 meters dive while swimming or even when you are resting afloat.

However, it cannot resist water from deep sea diving, but that is nitpicking. Interestingly, Apple is following its trend rule to make every product very finely. The predecessor of Apple smart watch 2 was only splashed resistant, meaning that you cannot take it into the pool. But, it is no more a problem with the second generation.

apple watch series 2 features

The speaker part is not entirely resistance, but it can drain the water itself through sounds vibration, smart is not it. The company also launched some compatible apps to track both the swimming as well as the running activities, which is obviously no fortune thing.

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Integrated GPS 

This is one of the best shot played by Apple. With built-in GPS you don’t need to carry your big-screened iPhone whenever you go for cycling or jogging.

Runners can simply carry the Apple watch 2 (or iWatch 2) instead of iPhone that jingles in the pocket throughout the running session or making you prudent about your iPhone during the workout hours, nevertheless, it avoids the phone from your sweaty and temporarily unhygienic palm.

With Record Run feature, all you need to do is switch the workout app on, and it’s done, the apple watch will record your run data via GPS. Recording data feature is more accurate than it would ever be.

But how will I view the distance covered? Or how does the apple watch GPS works?  Well, apple’s smart watch got this too. You just need to open Activity app on your iPhone, and you will be served with the real-time viewing experience. The map will show you the running metrics, with fast/slow speed highlighted with different colours. GPS integration also suggests cellular connectivity in the 3rd generation watch.

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Better Display     

One of the mandatory updates in the Apple watch 2 is enhanced display, though there is not much work done on the design, the display is vivid and clear. Its Predecessor has around 1000 nits on its screen, and it vanishes when it comes to viewing it under the direct sunlight.

However, this is no longer a problem with its new version; it is double clear from the first watch and you can view it under the sunlight very clearly.

Sleek Design

After being familiar with the regular stainless steel and aluminium finish on the smart watches, Apple is bringing something sleekier and trendier within the market.

apple watch series 2 features

It is the New Ceramic Design, which the company is claiming to be sturdier than Stainless steel and probably won’t be scratched. To amplify, the smart watch design they are collaborating with the Nike and Hermes.

The Hermes luxurious leather belt edition is coming with the double buckle technology while the Nike+ edition is being provided with pricks or perforation on the straps supported by elegant colours.

Accurate Fitness Tracking

Swapping back in time, this was the point where Apple smartwatch loses the game. It won’t be erroneous to say it wasn’t up to mark. The previous version wasn’t able to deliver actionable heart rate metrics and of course the GPS.

To provide a killer rivalry, it is there in the iwatch OS 2 features.

The GPS and tracker allow the user to record his distance, steps, heart rate, calorie burned and time while running or cycling. Nevertheless, Swim track is a whole new concept in the watch’s second version, you can track your pool activities, for instance, it can track average lap pace, laps, calorie burn and stroke type.

Faster CPU and GPU 

The Apple watch series 2’s firmware is much faster with the new processor; you can get quicker access to features and options.

The newer watch is integrated with multi-module SiP chip partnered with the Dual core processor, which is double fast then the previously integrated with the processor engine.

Also, the GPU is 2X times better than the Apple watch 1 means you can play swift games in the firmware.

Revamped Frame Rate  

Apple watch series 2 is powered by 60 FPS (frame per second), means 60 frames are rendered to display instead of 30 FPS. This directly means you would have smoother than ever experience while gaming. Also, this means you would have no more tentative interactions and slow animations, GIFs. The user interference is highly altered via this feature.

Though this feature wasn’t expected in the watch 2 but it means Apple watch OS 3 (iOS3) will be having a great deal of endurance, designers need to work harder for the third generation.

Apple watch 2 had a revelation, is comes with Pokémon go and built in Pokémon training feature specially designed for gamers.

Apple watch series 2, is an overall up to date wearable smartwatch, the tech features are highly optimised, and it provides quick app access and better tracking option with enhanced metrics indications. The graphic is highly customised for an amazing UI.

It is going to dominate the rivalry wearable until and unless they claim some high-tech features, these are direct cues for Samsung to bring better quirk within its watch.

However, there are silent rumours in the market about the watch featuring a face time camera.

Apple watch 2 prices $269 and in available on/from 16 September.

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