Apple Watch Review : The First Ever Pleasure To Wear Smartwatch


Apple is known to be a miracle firm who knows how to bring magical gadgets with Midas touch. It seems like there is nothing left that this company cannot transform to gold. Time to time, People are crazy about apple products. This time, we are not talking about its forever-hit iPhone series but the Apple Watch – it first steps to wearable gadgets. Here is a definitive Apple watch review highlighting the iwatch (laymen term) specs and features in details to help you with the purchase process.

Apple has redefined the smartwatch — a thing or gadget we can say that Android, Pebble and the competitor Samsung have failed to accomplish. Again, the challenges for the company remains the same which it promises to face gracefully.

Apple Watch Review: The New Look

Our Apple watch spec starts with the designs, as this is the foremost thing people look forward to when they hear the prefix “i” to any gadget. The iWatch is a terrific example of fashion integrated to technology and the square boxed shaped watch is a big hit when it comes to looks and design. The build quality of Apple is always cool and might feel smaller than audience had expected it to be.


There are various colored silicone bands available, and two sized variants are available for the watch as well. One measure 38 mm while the other gets 42 mm and a bigger battery! However Apple watch price might not be the best for you in the market and as usual, they are quite expensive when compared to the other products in the market. Another appealing feature of the watch is the screen resolution i.e. 340 x 272 pixels with 290 ppi screen making it one of the most vibrant pick as a wearable gadget. It also shows deep color palette.


Since the Apple watch release, the design and the material have been the talk of the town. The bands themselves look elegant and a symbol that you own an Apple product on your wrist. The silicon material look assuring weighty and the unique crafted design is just a big relief from the regular cheap watches. The straps feature attention to the details, and the Milanese number is fixed magnetically with the pleasant snap.

What Apple Watch Can Do?

The entire watch is splashproof, and thus, you can take it to shower but no to swimming. Underneath the watch is an optical heart rate sensor that bulges from the rear side.


Consider your Apple watch just like your new iPhone. Yes! You own a smartwatch that comes with app store hosting, and that is something exciting and new. However, the unfortunate part is that the benefits are unqualified, as you need to connect the Apple Watch to your iPhone. Otherwise, it stays impotent. The watch makes use of wireless connection to display prompts and notifications from your phone on its screen. You will be flashed with texts, WhatsApp messages, Instagrams, Tweets, Gmail Alerts, Reminders, push messages amongst others. You can trim out the unnecessary and pointless notifications from being displayed on the screen using the iPhone companion app- the lifeline of the watch.

You can make calls from the iWatch and reply to messages using your voice. Other important features include standing time, tracking steps, daily activities, and prompts to remind you when to stand up and work regularly. Simply put, the company has integrated the entire smart feature you had expected from a smart watch and let its developer redefine the way we perceive the smartwatch.

Apple Watch Review: UI and Interface

Simplicity has long been the reason for joy for Apple users and this time it has implemented the easiest user interface for the users. You can conserve the battery by turning off the screen whenever the watch is not in use. While this feature is common in most of the competitive watches, yet one thing notable and not so praiseworthy is that the company has failed to put gestures to turn on the watch. It works like a wonder while you are standing but fails to come to power when you are sitting or lying down. That is something frustrating.

The control system, unlike user interface, is not easy and takes some time to get used. The main screen and tap on the Digital Crown take the user to the spread of app page, just like the usual Home button on your iPhone. You can easily zoom in and out of the apps.

You can scroll through options within the apps and explore lists using your fingers; tap to make choice and a force touch to bring context menu- a highly lauded feature of the Apple Watch that has always been with the Android.

Using and monitoring an Apple watch requires clever touch and the more apps you own, the more cluttered you screen will look and thus you will be required to give more concentration to pinch and tap the right app. You will feel like a giant while picking up the apps, and the sad part is not all the apps have Long Press option.

The useful information is help on the Glance section and can be accessed simply by swiping up from the bottom. You can view the calendar alerts, battery life, move towards goals and other sections here. Swipe the card to view it and you can also set notifications that you want to view in this section.

Apple Watch Review: Alerts and Notifications

Just like an iPhone, the notifications get stored in the form of a list and swiping down will let you view them while tapping open up the notification in full view.


Though there are several shortcomings in the notification departments as well as for the major applications, there are not dedicated areas for big apps like Whatsapp, Gmail Notifications or Facebook. You need to compromise to read or view them.

Replies can be given using the voice messages, and you can read Whatsapp messages or emails in parts. The apple Watch’s new update OS3 will surely come up with some new features and also promises microphone support which is a great relief.

Apple Watch Review: Performance

This is the field where Apple triumphs over others- Apple’s Watch come with a Taptic engine that gives you a different feel for notifications and uses digital taps to go through them.

One of the more exciting features introduced with Apple Watch is Apple’s Taptic Engine, a technology that has effectively creates a compelling user experience by accurately reproducing taps, bumps and other tactile effects. –

Unlike a dull buzz or boring profiles, the notifications will give you a feel as if you are tapping your arm. It depends on the type of alert, for instance, walking navigations, moving towards a goal, left or right turn, Digital Touch, and others. You can send heartbeats, taps or sketches to other watches using the Digital Touch.

It is through the taptic engine that the Apple watch seems to be much more personalized and pleasant than many others in the league.

Fitness Tracker and Heart Rate Monitor


Good news for the fitness maniacs who have been interested and keen to get Apple fitness band and sports watch together. It hosts a general fitness tracker that pushes your daily goals to you, counts your steps, and other general fitness routines. The Activity App of Apple watch is one of the best regarding designs. Your progress towards your Move Goal will be shown by colored circles in the form like one for standing, one for movement and the other for the activity.

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Apple Watch Review: Voice Calling

Voice forms a big part of the Apple watch just like the Android wearable, and the much-awaited Siri is also on board. You press and hold the Digital Crown and Siri is called upon. You can schedule meetings, as questions to her and other like functions and it will work like a treat. However, bringing the watch too much closer to mouth can lead to dismissal of Siri again.

The Voice calling feature of the Apple watch is impressive and calls the recipients without letting them know if it made from Watch. Again, you will face problems while hearing as built in speakers are not that much good, making calls hard to hear.

But making calls is superiorly easy, and you can use the second button to bring your regular contacts on display.

Apple Watch: Battery Performance

A widely panned and talk of the town for Apple Watch Review has been its battery and definitely, the battery life is long one day. It can go throughout the day without asking for power and around 20% battery left at night while you reach the bed.


The bigger version of the watch lasts two days and no longer as it hosts a bigger battery! The minor battery is a turn off for the users, as you need to walk around with charger on weekends as well. Apple surely could have done better to the battery life, just like competitors that are offering weeklong battery life.

Apple Watch Review: Wide Range Of Apps

The apps section plays a maker or breaker for the Apple watch and just like previous products; the Apple provided the developers to run their apps. The watch holds a stronger position in apps department, thanks to the Apple watch 2 OS. There is a massive line of apps, more than 10000 with limited functionality. However, it is a big concern that Apple made applications work perfectly on the watch, however; you will face glitches with the third party applications.


For example, if you use Apple Map’s walking directions, that by default use the taptic engine will be a wow moment for you. Despite the app being flawed, your Watch stays illuminated, and you can check the stats while on the run.

While on the other hand, the CityMapper, a third party application, doesn’t get a live update on the screen and in case you accidently tap on the map shown within the app, you will be trapped with Apple Maps app without any way to return.

This is not the only isolated case, as there are several apps that suffer the ignominy of the screen, disappearing in the background while they are running or turning the device off. You can retrieve the disappeared applications through the Digital Crown tap.

Under the latest Watch OS 2, there have been improvements regarding the speed of loading, varieties, and others. There need to be a lot of work done, and developers need to jump and create better apps with increased support to the microdevice.

Apple Watch vs Fitbit Blaze, Pebble Time

The rival of the smartwatch, Pebble Time and Fitbit Blaze measure your move as calories burned rather than the steps taken, which seem to be an apt measurement unit. It also rewards the user for short and long runs or intense activities. You can change your goals when you want and set a higher number of calories as goals.


No sleep tracking in Apple watch is available; however, there are numerous third party apps that are ready to beat the void. Apple watch is not somewhat like sports watch as there is neither a GPS nor an accurate running tracker. You can steal GPS through your connected iPhone.

The Workout app of the Apple Watch that helps to track your activities like exercise, indoor gym, cycling, running, etc. Whenever you start a session, the Watch monitors the distance, time, heart rate or other factors. Beyond the basic functionality, this watch makes it much better than rivals in the market.


With all the great design and cool features, Apple watch Sport costs$349.99Apple watch Aluminum case for $319.99 and Apple watch Gold Case costs – $353.97 .

Is It Worth Buying?

For all those, who love and religiously follow Apple product and have money to burn then the Apple watch is surely not an exception for them. Though the device is not a front-runner in the smart watch series and lags in a lot of departments, you can choose it to show the lavishing and expensive device in your wrist. Otherwise, there are so many better options available in the market. The looks are decent and very much satisfying. Sports fans are suggested to avoid it or else they will face big disappointments. If you love your iPhone and looking towards some easy to use the wearable gadget, then, of course, this is the pick of the day for you!

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