10 Apple Watch Hidden Features You Probably Didn’t Know


The Apple Watch is capable of doing much more than one can ever conceive. From time travel to digital touch, you can use the maximum, given that you are aware of it. To share with you, here are 10 amazing Apple Watch hidden features or let’s say tips and tricks that tempt you to use this high-end, stylish smartwatch even more.

List of Apple Watch Hidden Features, Tips & Tricks

1. Add Music To Your Watch

Create a playlist on your iPhone to get music on your Watch. To do this, follow the steps given below:

  • Head to the Apple Watch home.
  • Select the Apple Music app from the list on the phone.
  • Choose your playlist to start syncing. If it does not, stick your Watch on its charging pad. You cannot see the music until your wireless headphones are paired. To do this, you need to head to the menu option: Settings > Bluetooth.
  • Once they are synced, go to the Music app on the Watch and long press to show synced playlists.

2. Email Replies With Just A Tap On Your Wrist

One of the best features of the Apple Watch app is that you can reply to your emails using a voice input method. The first Apple Watch setup allowed only replying to SMS texts, whereas the Apple Watch OS2 gives the advantage of pre-ordained replies and shortcuts by tapping on the Digital Crown of your wrist.

3. Clear Notifications & Dashboard

This is one-of-a-kind Apple watch hidden feature that banishes all notifications at just one go. If you are overburdened with notifications, you can access your history by swiping down from the top of your screen to access a chronological list. Here is what you need to do:

  • The Apple Watch Shortcut to do this would be long pressing the screen.
  • Then, tap the option — Clear All.

4. For The Ones Who “Forget”: Time Travel through Your Day!

To time travel, follow the Apple Watch setup properly so that it supports calendar features. This could be modular wise or just everyday utility wise. When you are using the watch face, scroll through the digital crown. Here you can then cycle through past events already done to the forthcoming ones that have been stored. Once you have pressed the crown, you will return to your present.

5. Ping Your iPhone From Your Apple Watch


This is probably one of the best Apple Watch features. It synchronizes with your iPhone/iPad.  It is the perfect indication to find where exactly you have lost your gadget. Imagine those chaotic times, when you lose your iPhone despite being at home? One of the coolest components of Apple Watch is that it pings to your iPhone. At the end of the day, you can utilize the device to make the iPhone emanate a commotion so that it is effortlessly found. Follow the steps that are given below:

  • Put your Apple Watch in the watch face mode.
  • From that point, enact Glances by swiping upwards from the base.
  • Next, swipe until you get to the Settings look.
  • Next, tap the “Ping iPhone” catch and keep your ears open.

6. Turn On “Power Reserve Mode” To Protect Your Battery Life

If your Apple Watch’s battery life is corrupting rapidly, Power Reserve model is something to consider. This element closes down a large portion of the gadget’s not used apps. Apple asserts the gadget can last an extra 72 hours in this mode. Power Reserve mode will kick in when battery life on the gadget achieves a very low level. Clients can likewise start Power Reserve mode themselves using two ways.

  • Open the Glances by swiping up from the base, swiping to the Power look, and selecting “Power Reserve.”
  • Or just press and hold the side catch until the shutdown menu shows up, then select the “Force Reserve” alternative.

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7. Use Apple Watch As A Remote Viewfinder / Camera Remote

You can utilize its showcase like a viewfinder for the iPhone’s camera. You can set up the iPhone at a separation, screen the scene through your Apple Watch, and snap a photograph remotely. All together for this element to work, the Watch and iPhone should be inside Bluetooth range, roughly 33 feet, or closer. To initiate this, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Camera application on the Apple Watch.
  • Press the shade catch to take a snappy preview.
  • Note that the photographs will be put away on your iPhone and yet can be immediately investigated on your Apple Watch too.

8. The Apple Watch Can Also Take A Screenshot

There is an apple watch shortcut, and this is a nifty feature of the Apple Watch: the ability to take a screenshot of the device’s display. Simply do this by using he below options:

  • Simultaneously, press the side button and the digital crown.

9. For “Not-So-Punctual” Souls: Set The Time Ahead

While setting the time on a watch ahead a couple of minutes has for quite some time been a vital move for the constantly late users. It is decent that Apple has incorporated this usefulness with the Apple Watch given that it determines its time through computerized implies. To do this, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the application’s Settings.
  • Selection the option — Time.
  • From that point, tap the +0 Min catch and afterward utilize the computerized crown to choose how long would you want the time to show.

10. Mute The Alerts With The Help Of Your Palm

Not every little notification sounds pleasing to the ears. While the gadget is great for seeing notifications rapidly, sometimes you do not want the watch to give a sound, especially for every new notification. To turn off this feature, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the watch app > go to > My Watch > Sound & Haptic.
  • Next, Select > Cover to Mute.

Thankfully, the Apple Watch have this inbuilt function, which is proving easy and clever to mute all the alerts. With this setting now activated, you can easily mute the new notification and alert sounds by resting your palm on the display while holding it for three seconds. A slight vibration will tell you that The Apple Watch has received the mute command.

Hope, you enjoyed reading these tricks. But, we also want to hear from you. If you have any other trick or tips, which you wish to share it our readers, please drop it in the comments below.

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