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Apple has always been the talk of the town. On Apple’s 21 March launch event, everyone was expecting to know the release date and the new features that were expected to come integrated into the Apple Watch 2.

Apple’s watch could be as revolutionary as the first clocks” – Nicholas Carr, Time Magazine

The much-hyped yet unannounced Apple watch 2 is hitting headlines. Most tech geeks around the world are eagerly waiting for it. Let us know more about the speculated features and release date of Apple Watch 2.

“I think Apple’s contribution has always been at its most significant when it’s trying to make personal products. And this watch is clearly the most personal product we’ve made.”

– Jony Ive in the Financial Times

Apple Watch 2 Release Date

Though there is no solid release date for the second generation of Apple Watch 2, the tech experts had expected it to get some mention in March Launch event. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. We now expect it to be announced in the next session to be held in September 2016. The prices of Apple Watch 1 have dropped $349 to $299, but there is no notification about the Apple watch 2 prices yet. However, there are some rumors and speculations, though, which I have written them below.

Apple Watch 2 Design & Display


One of the much discussed Apple Watch 2 features is its design. Buzz has it that Apple is said to be exploring new variations to what it is currently offering. Expect something beyond the Steel, Edition and Steel tiers that are available. It is also rumored that the company is planning to bring the model that sits in between their most expensive iwatch and the cheapest Apple Watch Edition.

“We’ve never sold anything as a company that people could try on before.”

– Tim Cook, to sales staff at a London Apple Store, reported by The Telegraph.

From these points, we can assume that Apple is looking forward to attract customers who are willing to pay something between $1,000 and $2,000. This also favors the chances of success for the new Apple watch. However, we cannot assume how the new tiers will be different from the current models. The only assumption is that it will feature bands that are more advanced, or might come with new material like palladium, titanium, platinum or tungsten.


Along with the design update, it seems like Apple might be introducing new and multifunctional bands along with the new Apple watch. The rumors ripened when the

AppleInsider quoted that “Apple has recently filed patent by the name of Magnetic Wristband that will offer additional functionality.”

According to this patent, the magnetic band will, of course, feature magnets embedded within which will help the two sides of the watch to stick together. When it is worn, it will stay in place.


The straps of the band can be wrapped around the watch, which will suspend the screen in the middle and provide much-needed protection when one wants to store the watch and carry it during traveling. The strap will also double up as stand and pop up the watch whenever needed.

Apple Watch 2 Features and Spec

What’s the next big thing after iwatch 2? The changes in tech specs and what features it will offer its users?

1. ARM Cortex A32 processor


ARM Cortex A32 is a much-needed addition to the Apple Watch 2. The version of the processor has been revealed recently and specially designed for small wearables like Apple watch. The ARM processors have long served as the heart of Apple devices, and this upgrade will help to solve out many problems being faced by Apple currently.

  • The foremost benefits of having ARM Cortex A32 will be a promised and better battery life complemented by faster performance yet low power usage. It will add up to 25% more speed than the current version and also reduce a considerable amount of power consumption.
  • As compared to its A7 and A5 versions, A32 will help to incorporate new power management features which add to the capabilities of embedded applications that will require idle power consumption. It will make watch faster and responses quicker.
  • The new chip is also provided with the capability to provider better media playback functionality that helps to improve the Apple’s audio and video playback features.
  • The 32-bit power is critical to performance as the higher version might draw a lot of power for Apple watch and comes with minimal efficiency for small devices.
  • Enhanced floating point performance
  • Substantially faster software encryption
  • Enhanced media performance

2. FaceTime camera

According to the sources, the tech giant has also planned to add FaceTime Video Camera to the second Apple watch, which will allow the users to receive and make FaceTime call through their wrist. It is subjected to be integrated into the top bezel of the Apple watch. Though it is not sure yet assumptions can be made. Apple is already working on the FaceTime, and the same has been brought to the OS2 Watch.

Recently in January, several reports had surfaced that upcoming Apple Watch 2 will come with much rumored front-facing FaceTime camera. This complete redesign and major changes along with the new version of Apple watch can be deemed much similar to the S of the Apple iPhone series. Though we are still not sure about the Apple refresh cycle for their watch as the device is more like a companion to the smartphone rather than the standalone independent

Crunch, citing several sources, it appears that the Apple Watch 2 may not be a complete redesign with major changes to its design and features, and may be more of an ‘S’ update similar to the iPhone refresh cycle. It’s also claimed that Apple is still unsure of the Apple Watch refresh cycle, as its more of a companion for your smartphone rather than a standalone device.

2. Variety of health sensors

In a recent interview, Tim Cook had hinted that the company is looking forward to make some medically approved device, but it won’t come with the Apple watch. Though we can not exactly predict that it will be a medically approved device yet the company has not put the idea of building product for the medical world.

Ahead of their official launch, there are a lot of speculations surrounding the Apple gadget, especially the wearables and thus, loading them with health sensors won’t be a bad idea either. We can predict that they might incorporate the standard fitness trackers like heart rate monitor or activity tracking but not a lot more. A full suite of health sensor will be a welcome by the users.

3. Native Apps

Apple has planned to provide the second generation of their watch with much more functionality and separate it from the iPhone. Apparently the project has been named as tether-less internally within the company.  Apple watch currently supports activity tracking, mobile payments and music playback without any paired iPhone and many others like emailing, using third party apps, text messaging, etc. are impossible without being attached to your phone. The upcoming releases bring relief and hope that the third party app runs natively on the watch. However, connectivity to the iPhone will still be needed to send or receive data.


Siri will be much smarter and can give quick results compare with Apple watch 1.

Thought the Apple Watch 2 is slated to look and become more capable even when it is not connected to iPhone, you will be able to operate it simply by adding new wireless chipset with the wearable. What difference will it bring to the Apple watch user’s experience? It will ease out handling of small tasks without any assistance, yet it probably won’t help much with the data-heavy requests like a software update.

It is also rumored that the new wireless chipset will enable a much-requested feature – Find my Watch which is very much similar to ‘Find my iPhone’ which will utilize the WiFi router triangulation technology, as opposed to GPS.

4. Apple Watch 2 Battery life


There have been great speculations about the battery life for the Apple Watch from the time it has been announced. Apple has put these worries to bed claiming that the new release will have an All Day Battery Life, which will need to be charged each night, quiet like an iPhone. Though the major issue with this “all day battery life” is that it needs to be charged every evening, which is not possible all the times!

If we look at the rivals like Pebble or others, they offer amazing battery lifetime that is around ten days. It is a big disappointment from Apple. Pebble is using less power consuming display, which adds to its longevity yet a battery life for 2, or 5 days would be much better than having a watch that needs to be necessarily charged each night.


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