About Us

Once wearables were just an imagination, an idea, but today it has turned into reality. They have somehow interwoven into our daily lives and for a good reason. Throughout the history and growth of wearable technology, pioneers have been trying hard to innovate, extend and enhance the functionality of wearable accessories.

Whether it is recording physical activities, checking your heart rate or tracking food habits, technology is the solution today. Ever since the platform established (in 2006), there are over 30,000 innovative brands marketing their wide range of wearable products to the world but how do you know what they sell is right for you? This is where Topgizmo comes in. We are a dedicated website on wearable technology. We offer information about the wearable world, right from latest wearable gadgets, and launch to reviews on cutting-edge products from top-notch brands like Fitbit, Pebble, Samsung, Apple, Sony and so on.