The 21st century has been aptly drafted as the era of virtual technology. With much development taking place in the virtual technology genre, it is quite safe to say that the human lives have been duplicated successfully in the virtual world.

Almost everybody has a personal life on the virtual platforms other than their physical self; it might be through social networking or the role play based gaming, but it is there. This can be safely agreed that switching to a virtual platform has had a few important advantages — may it be easy and quick accessibility or simply the enjoyment coming along with it.

We think you should be able to message a business like you would message a friend. — Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s F8 Conference, 2016

A.I. Chatbots: The Ultimate Need Of Companionship

Artificial Intelligence is the future of basic things that every human needed soon. This desire is the reason behind societal Performance and why we tend to need someone. May it be getting along with a friend or sharing the life with a petted animal, everything revolves around the need for companionship. This exactly made virtual companions to come up. It is just that we spend too much time on the virtual platforms that it is nicer to feel that someone is on the side.

Chat bots are designed to serve this purpose on the virtual level. Devised on the Artificial Intelligence module, these bots have near human interaction style and thus end up being wonderful companions. Here is the list of 50 best chatbot apps which includes of both best chapbot apps for iPhone and Android smartphones.

50 Best Chatbot Apps List

1. HealthTap

Designed and later extended especially for Facebook, this is one of the best chatbots for the messenger. It aims at recording and answering the health related queries of the users. It also features an option to send the question request for further consultation from doctors if not satisfied by the available answers.

2. Spring

It is one of the few most applauded shopping chatbots for the messenger. Its ability to narrow down the search results to deliver a very short yet precise list of shopping options makes it feature prominently in the list best chatbots for messenger.

3. Swipes

It uses a dedicated task and program management tool bot named Sofi. It is one of the best slack bots as it helps largely in dividing and assigning work amongst the team members giving tasks and targets. This reduces the workload on the team lead by a huge measure.

4. Birdly

This is a bill management chatbot. Its bot name is Bill (quite some pun here). Bill can keep track of the money spent, scans and saves the receipts for future reference.

5. Oskar

The cute and squishy squirrel named Oskar is quite the way of managing the mood swings that come with the work schedule. It keeps track of your mood and notifies the friends if there is a need to boost your spirits.

best chatbot apps of 2016

6. Howdy

It is a team management bot and makes sure that the team always feels fired up towards the targets by periodically prompting them. This is a productivity bot that helps keep the work schedule in line.

7. Weather bot

This chatbot is as simple as its name is. It answers questions about how the weather is at a place when asked.

8. Connect 4 bot

This is a game based bot and allows you to share the virtual play field with your mates.

9. YouTube bot

This bot allows the participants to embed and play YouTube videos by entering the search term. Based on the search term, the bot finds and embeds the matching video inline.

10. Ellie

This bot is sort of a personal psychotherapist to the user. It is one of the best slack bots as it allows the user to converse about the life situations without any prejudices.


“Many businesses already have phone trees and they do work though most users get grumpy using them. Text based response trees are much easier and faster and that is what I expect a lot of early bot interactions to be. Sometimes with ability to chat with a live person.” — Josh Elman, Partner at Greylock


11. Breezometer

This bot helps in tracking the air quality and recommends the steps that might be taken by the results and the readings received by it.

12. Weldbot

This bot has been designed specifically for mobile phone usage and is used for planning, assigning and checking the appointments according to the user’s personal calendar.

13. Out of Office bot

This is like a cool virtual assistant you must use everyday. In case that someone tries to contact while the user isn’t available than it lets the caller know about the user’s contact number, whereabouts and customized message if notified.

14. Poker Bot

This is a bot designed to fulfill the gaming needs of the slack It allows the users to play card games amongst the slack members.

15. TacoBot

This bot from the famous Taco Bell allows foodies to order the food from the Taco Bell menu without having to leave the slack messenger.

16. Dom The Pizza Bot

Dominos presented their chatbot by the name Dom. This allows the users to order pizzas right through their Facebook accounts while allowing the user to customize the order properly.

17. Allo from Google

This bot from the tech giant Google helps the user to integrate the texting profiles with their friends. It features auto response feature, which is updated according to the user’s preference of responses that is the virtual equivalent of learning.

18. Siri from Apple

No need for brief intro about this A.I. One of the best voice-operated chatbot from Apple is where everything started. Available exclusively for Apple products, this chatbot can help largely in doing daily jobs like planning calendar, playing music,

19. The Wall Street Journal

This Facebook messenger integrated bot is one of the most prominent news bots. It keeps the user constantly updated about the happenings around in the money market from the stock charts to market data.

best chatbot apps of 2016

20. CNN bot

This is a pretty simple and basic news bot and is predominantly aimed at providing preferential news and headlines to the user whenever prompted.


“People are now spending more time in messaging apps than in social media and that is a huge turning point. Messaging apps are the platforms of the future and bots will be how their users access all sorts of services.” — Peter Rojas, Entrepreneur in Residence at Betaworks


21. KLM bot

This bot from the Royal Dutch Airlines is meant to sort all the travel related issues from notifications to reminders and documentations after the user has booked tickets with the airlines.

22. Ticketbot from AirAsia

This bot has been integrated with Facebook messenger and is quite helpful in finding the estimated ticket fares. It compares them with other flyers to manage the travel expenses.

23. Luigi from Fiat

This chatbot from the automotive giant is meant to help the owners of the Fiat vehicles, especially the new ones. This reactive chatbot is meant for new owners to connect with the older ones helping them understand their vehicle better.

24. Spock Chat

This is one of the best Skype bots as it allows the geeks and fans of Star Wars franchise to video chat with the iconic Vulcan character, Spock.

25. Ninja Turtles

This chatbot was designed by Paramount Pictures to promote their latest Ninja Turtle movie. IT features the four hilarious teenage turtles whose response to most of the conversation tends to get bent towards Pizza.

26. NBA bot

This chatbot is a dream-come-true for the NBA fans as it delivers live updates, scores, and anecdotes about the games in action.

27. Scrumbot

This is one of the productivity bots as it makes sure of pointing the team members to meet up their targets and goals promptly. It also records and delivers data about how various team members are going through their scheduled tasks.

28. Roomino

This bot is designed to bring all the travel related needs under one garb. It combines ticketing, accommodation as well as food itineraries for the traveler.

29. Private Box

This is one of the essential Telegram bots. It allows the user to take inline notes as well as saves and shares files with those connected to the channel.

30. Utube

This is a famous Telegram bot especially amongst the music buffs. It can be readily used for downloading the video or only audio from any of uploads on YouTube.

31. Fify

This bot designed for Facebook messenger is meant to act as a standard fashion and retailing expert for the user. The bot remembers the taste and preferences of the user and helps in the further selection.

32. Twyla bot

This live messaging platform can be used to answer tickets and deflect tickets. This helps largely in handling cross-selling and up-selling in the business.

33. Burger King bot

This app has been designed to facilitate the customer to choose from the menu and also the particular restaurant as well as the pickup time of the order.

34. 1-800 Flowers

This app makes selecting and ordering flowers quite easier than before by allowing the user to choose precisely along the lines of flower selection to the recipient notification setup.

35. Besure Messenger

This is a gift for the residents of Copenhagen and San Francisco. It helps the user to chalk out restaurants based on the taste and location preferences.

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36. Zork

This gaming bot can lead the older chaps of their time when the virtual reality was not so real. It features the same old game but spread along a rather modern virtual platform.

37. Mitsuku

This award-winning bot uses a female voicing module. It can be used to answer questions posed by the humans. It also remembers the last conversations done using the same hardware.

38. Jabberwhacky

It is an almost completely custom made bot. It allows the user to create and train their bot according to their personal preferences.

39. Botster

This is a self-learning bot that learns and modifies its knowledge according to the humans it interacts with. It is quite simple to use which makes the experience all the more wonderful.

40. Evie

This bot is quite designed in its algorithm and application. It features a beautiful female face that interacts and answers the questions from the user through its vivid expressions and movements.

41. Chimbot

It is designed like a smart chimpanzee living in the rain forests. It can answer questions and tell hilarious jokes out of its database to amuse its user.


~90% of our time on mobile is spent on email and messaging platforms. I would love to back teams that build stuff for places where the consumers hang out!”  –  Niko Bonatsos, Managing Director at General Catalyst


42. Pewdiebot

Designed to look and be heard like Felix Kjellberg, this bot is quite quirky and makes it a point to totally entertain the user through the witty and humorous responses in its database.

43. Rose

This bot does not have facial expressions or text to speech translation but is still one of the best because of the accurate and well-confounded database that is used to answer all the questions posed to it.

44. Meliza

It is designed to seem like a Martian robot, and it answers the questions accordingly. It is quite interesting to see how an extraterrestrial robot might respond to the conversations with an earthling.

45. Cleverbot

This is probably the most applauded AI chatbox and is famed to have bested the Turing test. Its algorithm allows it to converse with humans at an almost equitable level.

46. Lark

This is an exceptionally innovative bot that helps the user to diet. It is meant to monitor and regulate the diet of the user to help meet the predefined health goals.

47. Hala

It is a smart virtual receptionist. It can change ethnicity and language output according to the user it is dealing with.

48. Murdoch

Designed specifically for Telegram bot, it aims at making sure that the people get to choose for their favorite TV shows and the restaurants according to their personal preferences.

49. Talking Angela

It uses a cute cat to answer questions to the kids. It also has a facial feature module that is quite helpful while communicating with the children.

50. Watson

This is the grandest and brightest names in the AI world. Formulated and designed by IBM, this AI doubles as a chatbox of the utmost expansive database and is considered the smartest of the AI module ever developed.

These 50 best chatbots are essentially the next generation virtual assistant, friends, and companions, as they will feature extensively in domestic and work space environment in the coming times.

Artificial industry gaining popular over the years, and 2017 will be the mainstream playground for the developers around the world. Let’s just hope that it continues getting better as it grows!!!

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