The Misfit Shine was the first product ever from Misfit Wearable and they tried their best to make it a flagship device. However, the recent move of launching Shine 2 is, in a way, a redemption by Misfit. So where did they mess up? To start, the sleep tracking was one big hassle Shine users were faced with. Having to remind your Misfit app about your hibernation completely destroys the point of “falling asleep”. But that’s okay if you’re willing to overlook some shortcomings from a budget wearable. But what completely blew the fuse out of Shine users is its battery. That’s right; the tiny little coin sized battery could give you trouble twice its size.

The Shine uses a standard CR2032 and if you have the Swarovski Shine for some bling; you’ll need CR2025 batteries for it. So what are the most common problems caused by the battery? Where do they stem from? Read on to find out the 5 most common Misfit Shine battery problems with easy solutions to fix them.

Misfit Shine Battery Problems

1. Misfit Shine Not Switching it On?

So, you woke up one fine morning to see that your shine has just given up on you. Could there be a worse kind of heartbreak? You try removing the battery; placing it back again and still nothing seems to work. Well, you’re not alone. A lot of Shine users have complained of this issue but instead of taking care of the issue itself, Misfit seem to have launched a better option- Shine 2!

The issue seems to be with the firmware of the tracker rather than the battery.  Misfit claims the battery can last upto a good four months and even six months if you fall on the lucky side of the population. However, they’ve acknowledged that the first few Shines they had rolled out had a bug which prevented the Shine from entering power save or low power mode and this could have probably led to a shorter battery life and eventually unleashing all hell upon you.


Meanwhile, users had been having a hard time getting responses from Misfit. Users have complained in Google forums and discussions about the extremely poor assistance from Misfit to solve the issue above. However, when they were able to get a hold of the wearable maker, they were promised a replacement of the unit and the promises were seen through. So it seems like your best bet is to mail or chat and ask assistance from Misfit if you’re having this issue.

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2. Misfit App Not Syncing Properly?

The tracker and phone have been all hunky dory for the first few months ( upto 2 months), and then the battery died, but your Misfit app still tells you the battery life remains at 100%. Sounds like a bad relationship!!:)

For starters, this is an aftermath of the problem we discussed just above this one. The Misfit app needs to be synced with the Misfit Shine in order to track the data and status of the tracker. Moreover, if your perfectly working battery just decides to stop working one day, then the tracker is in effect, dead. Thus leaving it incapable to sync any more data with the Misfit app. So what you are seeing on your Misfit app could very well be outdated information, a less enjoyable blast from the past.


1. Just Uninstall app from the phone/PC and reinstall it again. Try to connect with your device now.

2. Restart your phone and check for App updates.

3. Removed the battery and re-insert in the device. Once it’s switched on, try syncing with the shine app.

3. The developers at Misfit don’t seem to have fixed the bug with the firmware, so it could very well be hopeless to expect an update for it. However, Misfit would replace your unit if you mean business!

3. Misfit Shine Replacement Battery Is Not Working?

Now, if you’re one of those users who have tried replacing the battery a million times so you could revive your Misfit Shine, I feel sorry for you. You got to stop trying. Some even tried replacing the standard battery with a Renata Swiss battery with the results being the same. So it’s better to stop wasting any more of your paycheck on batteries as it clearly isn’t the issue.

Misfit Shine Battery Problems

While some users had been lucky to have a battery replacement bring their Misfit shine back from the dead, others have been, let’s say less lucky.


1. Plug the device into charger and let it charge for a whole night and now try switching it on. If this didn’t work, go for the below fixes.

2.  If you plan to dismount the dead battery and replace it with a live one, you NEED to make sure you have placed the battery the right way.

3. The ‘12’ logo on the back panel could help you align the battery correctly. What could happen otherwise is, your newly placed battery gets wet from your activity, and showers are less than healthy for such short-lived beings.

4. Misfit Shine always  Showing Low Battery?

 These are not uncharted waters we are talking about. Many Shine users felt that charge is getting drained sooner than the standard battery life per day. Not only Misfit shine facing this issue, also the rivalriesl ike Fitbit, Jawbone and apple watch as well.


Make sure the shine is always on sync with the app mode. Just sync only when you need to check your activity stats.

5. Misfit Shine Display Not Working?

Misfit Shine Battery Problems

One of the best thing about the Shine is that it will let the user know when it starts track your activity or sleep mode by tapping at once. Simple and easy to understand right! But unfortunately, some users could not able to get the blinking light display in their Shine device. No worries, we got the solutions for you here,


1. Lights may not be working because Shine is updating its firmware in background. So, try tapping the device after an hour or so.

2. Put charge for a whole night and try switching it on.

3. If these 2 fix doesn’t work, it advisable to check with the Misfit customer care via email or Chat.

Misfit seems to have publicly addressed the battery issues with Shine on their website. With Shine 2 making instant followers, they seemed to have learned from their mistakes. Hope we have helped you clear your concerns about the battery and other related problems, presented to you not-that-proudly by the Misfit Shine!

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