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It is very important to use good free antivirus programs for total security. An antivirus tool helps you to guard the PC from viruses, malicious programs, infections and other threats. When a virus enters into your PC, it has great ability to destroy all your files and folders. Moreover, it makes your system very slow. Once you know that your PC has been infected with virus, you will have to remove the virus as soon as possible using antivirus. On the other hand, with plethora of security brands out there, each claiming the best – it becomes little hard for you pick. Even if it is there for free, you would probably want to go with the ultimate. You would not comprise with security. Will you? This is the reason why I am listing you down few good free antivirus programs to narrow your search. Check them out

3 Top Free Antivirus Programs

That one nasty little virus and your whole system come crashing down. You might have some important financial info or any other file that is vital for your life. And suddenly you discover that it’s not being opened or has missing content or has been replaced with symbols. Such times can be very annoying. Therefore, keep your PC 100% protected with the below listed tools.

1.AVG Antivirus Program

This is one of the best antivirus tools to use for protecting your virus. It meets all the international standards and is best in quality. Moreover, it is absolutely free & easy to download too. It just gives some excellent results to block malware & talking about the setup procedure – I must say its painless! It hardly takes 5 minutes to accomplish what you want to. The plus point of this software is that it is compatible with almost all the OS (Operating System) — Right from Windows to MAC & Linux. Apart from the free version, it also comes with a premium version, if in case you wish to have advanced internet security for protecting your personal data and files.


This good free antivirus tool detects threats with great ease. Moreover, it enhances system’s efficiency and performance. However, you have to delete the virus manually if in case it notifies you with a pop-up. On the other hand, this software performs a quick scanning since it is based on cloud technology. It has the ability to detect hidden suspicious files too. What else will you want from free software? It almost has everything, which a user looks for protecting his or her PC. Therefore, you can consider installing it.

3.Ad-Aware Free Antivirus Program

When it comes to some good free antivirus programs, then Ad-Aware is widely used these days. This is not only outstanding antivirus software but also a great anti spyware tool. It is very to setup and helps your PC to be protected against malware, dialers, root kits, phishing and spyware. It comes with this amazing free feature called “Real-time protection”, which is capable to block the threat well in advance. This literally means that even before the virus tries to enter into your PC, it alerts you about it. Isn’t this great? This is what makes a good tool.

I hope you have now known about the best and good free antivirus programs in the market. So, what are you still waiting for? Download, install and protect you PC with complete security.