20 Important Jawbone Tips & Tricks To Maximize Your Healthful Life

11. Weekend Summary Alerts


You can easily receive the information about your data at the time of your choosing. The app will provide you with the summary of the data monitored throughout the day and week. You can opt to receive the updates at the time of your choice. Hence, it would provide you with the flexibility of receiving the complete summary at your convenient time, when you are pretty much free. Being free, you can easily monitor the data and check on the progress through the data.

12. Charge Alert

Usually, the Jawbone devices come with great battery life of around 7 days, one of the reasons to buy the trackers. However, you must be sure that whatever battery life is left on the device, doesn’t dry up at an important time. Managing the charging cycle during leisure times allows you to use the device to full extent without worrying about dying out at most required intervals. You definitely don’t want your Jawbone to die during the night, when it is monitoring your sleep cycle, so planning the charging cycle can take care of all the concerns.

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13. Set Up Reminders

For many people, it is very important to follow the timetable. Well, if you are such type of person then Jawbone can be your best companion. It allows setting up the reminders, which may sound nothing but is a huge addition for time management. Once you set up the notifications and timings, it will inform you about each and every scheduled alert.

14. Wear On Another Hand

The Jawbone devices work on the principle of sensing the motions of the body and wearing at the dominant hand might cause a bit of a trouble to you since that hand is going to be utilized more often than the other one. Under such times, you can get wrong data even if you are not doing anything. Hence, switching the band on the less dominant hand can easily solve the problem.

15. Water is No Enemy


While, many may not be aware of the fact, but jawbone UP3 is waterproof hence you can easily take it with you anywhere. It may not be considered as a tip, but it can certainly enlighten the readers about such a fact.

16. Privacy and Sharing

The above feature of connecting the device with friends to help you motivate in fitness regime can be great in terms of setting goals, but if you are in need of privacy, then you can easily change the settings and choose the specific type of data needed to share with your friends.

17. Smart Coaching


The Jawbone smart coach app can be your personal assistant in delivering all the important tips related to your health. It can help you determine the time to sit less idle and focus more on tasks, ultimately improving the health and providing personal assistance on a daily basis.

18. Apple Health Is Accessible


If you own the iPhone then you must be aware of the Apple Health app that keeps the data of your health. The jawbone UP3 device can easily track your sleeping habits, so what you can do is transfer the data on the Apple health in order to provide better insight of the healthy lifestyle. Just enter the Help and Settings page in UP app, then give access to Health. After that open Health and allow the UP to write data. Once done, you will get all the data about the number of steps taken today and sleep analysis on the app.

19. Mind Your Intake

Jawbone help in monitoring the food logs and weight logs as well. Just as above, you can set up the weights and other information in order to determine and keep the track of your weight. It will help you achieve the personal goal even recommend daily calories required to burn to lose weight.

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20. Leaderboard


As we discussed the feature of friends and Duels app, we mentioned that it helps in keeping the track of your friend’s data so that you can compete for better performance. Well, the results of the competition are feed in the leaderboard so that you can know about your progress.

The above mentioned 20 best Jawbone tips can be a basic set of tricks, some of which may be known to the users. All the tips are meant to inform the viewers about using the Jawbone trackers at its best. If you have anything else, which you feel I have missed writing here, feel free to drop it in the comments box.

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