Jawbone is quite a known brand in the fitness trackers. These set of innovative gadgets are meant to work out as a personal health care assistants, only with the exception of the entire work done by the device and not a person. The market of wearable technology has been around since half a decade, and continuously improving with all the advancements inherited in a small wristband. This article lists you the 20 essential Jawbone tips and tricks to maximize your healthy life in the coming days.

Now, there are different types of fitness bands in this brand, like Jawbone UP24, UP Move, UP2 or UP3 and it is really difficult to categorize the best one, as each one is released with new features along with time. There are other fitness trackers in the market as well, but what sets Jawbone apart from the rest is the budget.

The Up24 is Jawbone’s best wearable to date thanks to wireless syncing. It’s definitely worth buying over the older, less expensive Up band. – Endgadget.com

Each of the fitness trackers offers a basic set of features like steps were taken, calories burned, distance covered, heart rates etc. While, you may own one of the Jawbone UP bands, but can you make the full use of its features.

Sometimes, we are not aware of the certain qualities that the device provides unless we don’t come across it. The same can be said with fitness trackers as well. Jawbone offers endless features in a simple looking band, which the users might miss noticing as the technology is new in the market and people may need time to learn more about it. Let’s take a look at some of the basic and advanced tips for your Jawbone to make the best use of it.

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20 Essential Jawbone Tips & Tricks To Make A Note Of


1. Pairing With The Your Fitness Assistant


One of the most astonishing things about the fitness bands is that it works as a personal fitness assistant; hence, you can practically get all the information related to the health and easily monitor the progress of your daily habits.

While most of the bands offer an own range of apps to get the fitness stats, Jawbone offers an easy pairing with other fitness apps as well. Famous apps like Runkeeper or MyFitnessPal are quite famous among the users, hence, you can easily link your jawbone account with these platforms. All you need to do is open up the app page and install the preferred apps and sync your account with the app to monitor your health progress in much more user-friendly manner.

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2. Whistle To Health


It holds no surprise that dogs love walking and what better way to take care of your health than strolling out in the streets or park with your dog. Walking the dogs certainly helps you to stay fit and healthy as opposed to the ones that don’t. With the Jawbone app, you can easily pair with the whistle dog tracker device and monitor the progress of the walk simultaneously. It can help a lot with performance and improve in the walk cycle along with the dog.

Download the App: Whistle iOS

3. Easy Alert Customization


While, many may be using the fitness trackers to stay fit, they are not aware of the certain features it offers. The Jawbone UP app allows the users with alerts that can be customized to your preferences. For instance, the device will vibrate at the period of specific steps that is being set in the app or you can also set the ideal timer to help you not sitting for a long time.

Basically, you will be informed of every 1000 steps taken and even help you with information about the steps at a specific time. You can also set alerts for many activities in order to keep ahead of the schedule.

4. Share Your Data On Many Devices

It is a feature that allows you to sync your data on many devices at same time. Normally, you would have to sync your data separately on every single device in order to keep it updated, but here you can easily feed the data on all the devices at the same time. When installing the Jawbone app, all you need to do is not to prompt for the option ‘I have an UP band with me’. Thus, all the data will be sent from the cloud to respective devices simultaneously without worrying about updating it separately.

5. Know Your Sleeping Habits


You may have come across few devices that have the ability to monitor sleep patterns, but even less is able to automatically detect the sleep cycle. With Jawbone UP3, you can rest assured of monitoring your sleep cycle without manually activating the band.

The device can easily detect when you fall asleep and start tracking your pattern and turns off respectively when you wake up. However, the accuracy may depend on the restriction of the hand movements, so even if it starts tracking, all you need to do is tap it to revert back from the sleep mode.

6. Control The Temperature


If you live in cold environments, then you definitely understand the importance of having a thermostat system at home. Now, if you happen to own the nest thermostat system at your home, you can control the thermostat through the jawbone bracelet.

You just need to pair the device from Jawbone app and form a connection, after which you can easily set temperatures depending on the timings. More so, it can also adjust temperature once you go to sleep. As soon as the sleep mode is activated, Jawbone will configure the temperature on the nest thermostat and provide a complete automated solution.

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7. Team Up To Compete


The fitness tracker is not just to keep you fit and healthy, it can also serve as a motivational factor in your daily life. The Jawbone UP helps you to team up with the friends and constantly monitor their data as well.

Researches have suggested that a better competitive environment provides better results in terms of achieving the goals.

The Duels feature from the Jawbone UP allows the users to take part in challenges and trials. You can now easily monitor the progress of your friends and through enough motivation; you can easily beat your daily objectives with much ease.

8. Barcode Scanning

Keeping logs of food and meals you eat every day helps you keep track of eating habits, through which you can easily set a proper diet plan. Generally, you have to enter the information manually or choosing from the gallery. But, you can also opt to automatically scan the information for you

The barcode available on the food packages can be scanned through the app. After logging for the food menu, there is a visible barcode sign on the top left. Once you tap on the sign, it will open the camera and scan the code, which will automatically enter the information in the registry. However, you will need to enter the serving size to get accurate results and determine the intake.

9. Easy Adjustments


One may not feel the need to adjust the clasp of the Jawbone devices as the newer ones easily fit with your wrist, but if you happen to be extremely slim then you can easily make adjustments at the back of the wrist so that if fits perfectly. And no need to worry about the sensors monitoring your veins as all it needs is a touch of the skin to perfectly synchronize the data.

10. Extend Phone Battery

In order to sync the data, your jawbone app needs to sync with the smartphone or any other device. In every 20 minutes, the jawbone will sync its data to the phone, but it can also put a lot of load on the phone battery.

Constant syncing, while keeping the Bluetooth on may drain the battery much faster than expected. Hence, you can simply force close the app and turn off the Bluetooth on your phone, which will save a lot of battery life. There is no need to worry over the issue of syncing as when you turn on the Bluetooth, it will automatically sync the data in the phone.