15 Cool New Apple Watch 3 Features You Should Know!

If you don’t have an eye on the latest tech industry news, then you are missing out the greatest shift in mobile and smart technology. Smartwatches are one of that category that making waves in the tech world nowadays.

You may ask why? Nowadays wearing a smart watch kind of a status and a fashion trend for a lot of people. From GPS, Bluetooth, Fitness monitoring, waterproof, fluid display, virtual assistant, all those smartphones feature minimized into this coin-size device called “Smartwatch.”

When the Apple Watch 2 announced at the Apple’s event September 2016, lot of us pretty impressed with the innovation that tech brought to this wearable device. Maybe this why Apple products are the top of tech market for so long. Now they are coming up with lot more than you can imagine, well, simply to put – Apple just don’t like the idea of having an iPhone since your smartwatch will be your new smartphone and no need to carry around two devices all the time. Just my guess!

Here you will find the list of upcoming Apple Watch Series 3 features, alongside any rumors about the new technologies that will be offered by the next Apple Watch.

15 New Apple Watch 3 Features

1. Apple Watch 3 May have A Round Face

This one you probably heard about it, but this may become true according to the Apple’s sources. The new Apple Watch 3 will be more similar to Apple watch 2 in design, but there will be changes in the material, size, and shape of the screen. Round face version of Apple Watch 3 is bit orthodox to believe, but their recent patent on round face watch design drawing confirms that Apple is open to this option.

New Apple Watch 3 Features

2. All New Platinum Casing

Type of material used and the eye-catching designs are the core of Apple’s vision. Since Apple discontinued their 18-karat gold “luxury” version of Apple Watch, and Apple Watch 3 could offer platinum casing in their upcoming release.

3. Modular straps & Even better waterproofing

There will be new color variation in watch 3 straps, and much thinner and lighter than the predecessors. Also, these modular straps will move some of the technology inside the watch to the strap so you can have a large battery inside. With an addition, the improved waterproof coating will allow the user to swim and not to worry about the water damage.


“Apple had a keen interest in health-focused products, it decided against adding sensors to the Watch to avoid FDA approval as it “would hold [Apple] back from innovating too much, the cycles are too long,” although Cook hinted at an accessory or app that could sit alongside it. ” Macworld.com


4. You Can Take Selfie and Do FaceTime Call

The current Apple watches lacks the camera option, which was bit disappointment last year for the Apple watch fans. But the new Apple watch 3 will come with a camera and allow the user to do FaceTime call. You can also take a selfie from your watch and send or upload to iCloud account automatically.

5. New Micro-LED Screen

The new Apple Watch 3 will replace the old OLED screen (In Apple watch 2) with an ultra Micro-LED screen display. So the display will be brighter and power efficient. These Micro-LED’s do not require backlighting like those LCD panels and consume more battery power. Also, they are lighter and thinner than the OLED’s.

New Apple Watch 3 Features

6. Apple Watch 3 Will Have Better Battery Life

In any tech product, battery life is the major challenge to deal with. As per Apple, the current competitor smartwatches like Pebble, Fitbit, Sony are having 10 days of battery life in a single charge, but Apple watches can go only up to 2 days. So, this will be one of those areas that Apple will do something about it in their new iWatch 3 soon.

7. Apple Watch 3 Use Qi-Wireless Charging

Qi wireless charging technology is widely getting popular in smartphone section, in smartwatch area its still a new born. For example, Samsung’s model S6 comes with Qi wireless charging option, but it’s not popular as charging cables. But can turn this around with it’s new product soon. Apple’s patent shows that there could be a new wireless charger for Apple Watch 3. This could be useful for those who travel long hours.

8. 3G/4G Cellular Capabilities

As I hinted earlier, smartwatches will be our new smartphones sooner than you think.

Canalysis, a research firm,  predicted a total 7.5 million smart watches to feature cellular connectivity.

There is wide speculation in the market that Apple watch 3 will have a new wireless chipset and faster cellular connectivity (3G / 4G-LTE), to make it less depend on your iPhone. But they should also concern about the battery life if this feature added to the watch3.

9. Touch ID On The Apple Watch 3

To eliminate the need for entering the passcode, the new Apple watch 3 may come with a Touch ID in their display.

10. More Memory Storage

The current Apple watches has only 2GB of storage, which is lesser than their rival Android smartwatches like Sony Smartwatch 3 and Moto 360 comes with 4GB internal memory storage. So, this could be changed in the upcoming Apple Watch 3 from 2GB to 4 -16 GB storage option.

11. Faster App Launching

New Apple Watch 3 Features

WatchOS 3.2 update comes with improved performance and faster app launching. Pressing on the new “Dock” on the side of the device will launch your favorite app list twice faster than before. Also, you can get more control on the small display.

12. Wheelchair Use

This is one of the new features from the Apple WatchOS 3 update. If you are a wheelchair person, you can choose the “Wheelchair” option in the settings area and customize the activity tracking at any time.

New Apple Watch 3 Features

13. New Pre-Installed Apps

Since Fitbit has already added the “Breathing” feature in their new Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Alta HR fitness bands, all other wearable makers started their own version of apps now.

All new breathing app will be much useful to relax and calm yourself down on a stressful day. Other than our current list of Best Apple watch apps, there is going to be a lot of new apps are being developed in Apple center soon. Apps like Apple Pay, Theater mode, Home-kit, upgraded message app and cool new pre-installed watch faces are all part of the new Apple Watch 3.


Breathe has been designed to make it easy for Apple Watch wearers to incorporate meditation and breathing exercises into their daily routines.  – Jay Blahnik


14. Unlock Mac from Your Apple Watch

Now the apple watch users can unlock their Mac laptop from their smartwatch itself, just like the current feature of unlocking iPhone from the watch.

15. More Opportunity For Developers

By adding tons new features and apps in the upcoming Apple Watch 3 release, Apple also wanted developers around the world to be part of their innovation party. Now Apple WatchOS 3 includes support for the Digital Crown, touch events, speaker audio, in-line video, SpriteKit, SceneKit, Game Center for turn-by-turn gaming, and CloudKit for data storage across devices.

Looks like we all eager to see what the technology can do with a coin size device. From texting to taking selfie, everything will be on our hand by next couple of years. According to the various sources, Apple watch 3 release date will be announced at the upcoming Apple event September 2017.  The price you will have to pay to get this smartwatch on your hand around $398 for 38mm to $430 for 42mm. Yes, it’s a bit pricey compared to Apple Watch 2 ($315 & $375), but it does look cool when you take a selfie with your loved one by just lifting up your arm, right! Till the let’s wait for the big event!



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