11 Best Moto 360 Apps And Faces To Download Right Now

11-best-moto-360-apps-and-faces-to-downloadIn the field of wearable, Motorola is not on the last place. It has already got its cool gadgets status in the market, which is loaded with exciting features that are sure to envy for. The Moto 360 smartwatch is the first of the wearable and fitness tracker from Motorola that raised the eyebrows of the users, who were new to the wearable technology.

The Moto 360 is the most expensive Android Wear smartwatch thus far, and for good reason. – Androidcentral.com

With the first product in the market, Motorola didn’t waste a single moment and released an improved version called as Moto 360 sport. Both of these devices are great and with new updates on the clock, it gets even better for the smart watch. With lots of exciting features, let’s take a look at the 11 Best Moto 360 apps and faces to download right now.

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11 Best Moto 360 Apps And Faces

1. Facer


It can be described as an app, as well as a watch face. The app can be used to customize the watch faces. It is user-friendly and very effective to use. The users can simply try to make different watch faces or more conveniently download the watch faces online, that are created by other users. You can follow up the guide and learn to create the watch faces to suit your style.

2. Endomondo


 When you are dealing with smart watches, you got use its fitness features as well. These gadgets are the personal trainers and with the right amount of app, you can keep track of all your fitness stats. Endomondo is one of the highly advanced apps for fitness. It works on the voice commands, so you can easily keep track of calories, distance covered, steps taken with a single command of your voice.

3. Find My Phone


In our opinion, it is one of the highly sought after an app or, at least, should be. People lose their phone all the time. With apps like these, you can easily locate your phone within the range. All you need to do is download and install the app on the smart watch. When you are in search of the phone, just open the app and tap the button; your phone will start ringing until it is not found.

4. HuskyDev Active Weather


This circular watch face can be an ideal theme for the Moto 360. It has flexible background animations, weather control features such as wind speed and temperature. It also displays battery and steps. All in all, it is perfect all round watch face for your device. Moto 360 might not be famous for slick design, but this app can certainly uplift the face of the Moto 360.

5. Planets


You would have always wondered about the planets of the solar system. Well, this watch face can get you the experience of the solar system. Apart from telling the time, the watch face displays the position of planets in the solar system. The whole theme looks great and works flawlessly in a classy manner. You can see all the planets hovering around the dial space with comets working as a seconds hand. It is one of the perfect apps for space fans.

6. SPS: Football Wearable Edition


 We may have seen many apps that are compatible with the smartwatches, but not much is known about any compatible games. We are not saying that there aren’t any games available, but nothing is known about games supporting in these watches.

If you are looking for a game to entertain, then you can download the new game known as SPS: Football. This game revolves around keeping the ball in the air. The game has a smooth transition and animation, and very colorful as well. It may not have great features like the one you get in a smartphone, but it certainly will pass out your time.

7. Military Digital Watch Face


Ever fancy about being a military person? We bet everyone would have at least thought about being in the army or, at least, get hold of the cool gears they wear. Well, you may not have the luxury of wearing their attire, but you certain can get the looks of their watches. With this app, you can personalize your Moto 360 watch into a complete set of digital figures. It is exclusive to round watches and displays time, compass, battery level and even work as a fitness tracker.

8. Air PPT


Next on the list of best Moto 360 apps and faces is Air PPT. If you are working for a company or organization, then you probably know how much is it to take care of the official requirements for attending meetings, conferences and even make Presentation for your company.

If you have been in the field then certainly, you are bound to have a laptop to demonstrate your presentation. This app allows you to interact with the presentation slide with much ease. You can control the presentation slides through the sliding style and the users can also activate the gesture mode on your watch to keep things smooth.

9. Wear Tip Calculator


There are many smart watches in the market with a circular display, but most of these apps are not able to make the best use of its shape. The Wear Tip Calculator is a simple yet elegant app that perfectly matches the circular display. With its innovative interface, you will fall in love with this calculator and do all the calculating stuff with much ease.

10. Accuweather


It holds no surprise that Accuweather is one of the most accurate destinations to look for the update on the local weather. While, there are many best Moto 360 apps and faces that offer weather applications, but not all of them are quite accurate. It is always wise to trust on the reliable sources and there is nothing better than Accuweather. It offers comprehensive information on weather, temperature and even weather alerts with extended forecast.

11. Pujie Black


Probably, this watch face offers so much versatility that you will simply forget to install any other faces at all. The Pujie Black is customizable watch face, where you can practically customize every feature in it. From changing the colors to the dials, the theme is at your command. You can also keep an eye on the battery level of your watch as well as your smartphone. This watch face is certainly on our favorites list.

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