When you look at a weird product, have you ever pondered — how did this make its way into the market? How such products sell themselves and how people actually buy them? What an invention seem weird to you, happens to be popular on the online shopping websites. Considering this, here are 2016’s most worst and weird inventions that are not so worthy to look.

But keep in mind, the products that you consider strange turns to have buyers who wish to purchase just for fun. Well, weird is not bad always.

10 Most Weird Invention 2016

If you find it difficult to look up for these top innovations that have failed to impress people at large, let us present to you the current list of worst designs in 2016 that have made you wonder, how did they make their way into the market?

10. Inhalable Chocolate

weird inventions 2016

Chocolate in this form has been invented to help people satiate their chocolate cravings without adding extra calories. By inhaling the chocolate, you get the essence of eating a piece of chocolate. Seems weird from every angle!

9. Cricket Protein Bars

weird inventions 2016

Cricket here does not mean the sport but the actual insect! Researchers have mentioned that insects are the staple in many places as they are rich in protein. Making protein bars out of cricket flour seems to be the weirdest thing you might have ever heard about.

8. Adrenaline Dress

weird inventions 2016

This has been introduced by Intel to replicate the fight and flight syndrome that can be seen in the animals. Once the person wears this dress, it expands and contracts based on the wearer’s adrenaline levels, temperature and stress levels. Using them for experimental and study purposes seem to have a reason for their invention, but when it comes to wearing the dress regularly, people don’t seem to enjoy it. So, we considered this one of our most weird invention 2016 product list.

7. Toy Tracker

weird inventions 2016

You might have heard about tracking devices that help you locate a lost electronic device or a lost child. Now this toy tracker seems to have taken the game to the next level. Children tend to lose their toys during their play, and their mothers have to search every nook & corner of the house and cannot rest until they find the toy. Considered to be one of the top innovations, attaching a tracker to a toy seems to overdo things.

6. Desk Station Treadmill

weird inventions 2016

We all have heard about a common saying that goes, “never mix work and play.” However, here, we seem to have a weird invention that might make you wonder if people are using it.

This treadmill has all the basic functions that need to be in the product and along with this you have a desk on top on which you can place your laptop. This product was designed for people who miss exercise while on work. Just imagine what would happen if you press some button instead of another. Complete havoc, isn’t it?

5. Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper

weird inventions 2016

After the colored toilet papers, here comes the next worst product that deals with the toilet accessories. Glow in the dark toilet papers might seem nice as a novelty gift or when you wish to wrap yourself around with it if you are dressing up as a mummy for the Halloween. Even if there is a power outage, you would not be searching for the toilet papers in the dark because you know that they are kept very close to the toilets.

4. A Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

weird inventions 2016

Technology seems to have had its touch in every single aspect of our lives. This particular shirt has the depiction of the Wi-Fi signal that lights up as it detects the signals. Imagine your shirt lighting up every time you visit the place that has Wi-Fi facility. Mobiles phones do the job of indicating if the place has any Wi-Fi connection or not. Do you need more?

3. Black Toilet Paper

Yes, you heard it right. Adding fragrance to the toilet paper might have some sense but changing the color? What use does it bring to the person using the toilet accessory? Unless you have something weird going on with your bowel movements, using this product would be of no use to you.

weird inventions 2016

Even then, buying such a product might make others to wonder what might exactly be wrong with the person using such colored toilet papers. Though this seems like an upgrade to the existing toilet papers, there seems to be no remarkable change that this product can bring to a person.

2. The Face Blanket

weird inventions 2016

Well, body blankets are common but a face blanket? So, what does a face blanket do? Covering the face might be an answer but apart from that, what does this do? The description for this product states that you can use it for covering your face in cold climates or when you go camping. But if that is the case, scarves tend to do the same job for you. This is something to think about.

1. Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

weird inventions 2016

Planning to try it? This product contains the figurine of Hillary Clinton with nutcrackers between her legs. Take a walnut, place them in between her legs, and press the legs together. There you go; you have your cracked nut! Using them in actual sense tends to create a weird feeling to people who use it or when they advise others on how to use the product. Do you need to hear more?

As innovative as it might be, this product tends to miss its functionality.

OMG!! I laughed my a## off! What a tremendous year for the tech industry!

You may call 2016 as “Year of Weirdness” but still we all fall sometimes and get back soon to achieve our goal. So, let’s welcome 2017 with full of surprises and more weirdness to bring a smile on your face!

We wish you all the Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year From TopGizmo Team!!!


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