Technology has paved the way for the rise of several new developments in every single field that we can see in the world. This holds true especially in the field of gaming. Coming as good news to all the gamers out there, you can see that there are several new gaming innovations that have made their way into the market in 2016.

Each and every gadget or technology that is now being developed for gaming purposes seems to be fit with features that were not present in its predecessors. Needless to say, for the gaming companies to get the people more interested in the games, such innovations have become a necessity.

cool gaming innovation

Today, the face of entertainment industry more depend on the innovation and quick implementation. To explain the situation in a better way, here is a list of the top 10 cool gaming innovations that have made their way into the market in the recent times.

10 Cool Gaming Innovations


cool gaming innovation

A product from the audio giant, Sennheiser, AMBEO is a form of 3D immersive audio system that provides the gamers with real-life sounds to the games that they are playing. This particular product from the company has been designed to make sure that the gamers get the best out of their video games. Sennheiser is also working on the VR and AR sound system for video gamers, which will be a huge step forward to the audio industry.

2. VR Games

cool gaming innovations

A concept that was first discussed back in 1938, Virtual reality has now become the talk of the town. Through the years, advancements in computing and technology have made it possible for the gamers to make full use of the VR games. We can call 2016 as the year of best VR gaming experience. Companies like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive already started surprising the users with their new additions every month.

The total number of active virtual reality users is forecast to reach 171 million by 2018. –

In this, the gamer gets to experience the game in person rather than playing them on monitors. It is currently being used by the air force and the military to train their forces, but VR’s presence in the field of gaming has proven that this is one of the best innovations.

3. Omni-Directional Motion Platform

cool gaming innovations

Developed by a company called Virtuix, the Virtuix Omni is a VR motion platform that enables the gamers to run, sit, stand or even jump and do things that the games requires them to do. This has come off as a bonus to the field of VR games, as people are now able to actively get involved in the games, rather than sitting in a single place. This technology has been tested for some of the existing popular action games like Battlefield and Counterstrike.

4. Advanced Consoles

Striker VR has come up with its own range of guns that can be used for the VR games, which are fit with the force feedback system. The gamers can now make use of this gun for their VR games and they get to feel the actual force of the gun and simply not just use it for shooting or killing the opponent with.

cool gaming innovations - gaming consoles


Sony is also working on the same concept in PlayStation VR, where we can expect pretty cool and advance featured joysticks with the package. You will be able to feel things that happen when handling a real gun, including recoil, shock and vibration. There will be more cool gaming innovation will happen here soon than any other hardware in the market.

5. OLED Technology

cool gaming innovations

Considered to be the best in line, the OLED technology has been added to the monitors that display the game at play. When it comes to video gaming, display or monitors are the core part of hardware for a player. One of the major reasons why this technology has taken over the gaming world is that, gamers can get lifelike colors for the games and also, the response time is very short. One example in this range of OLED technology screens is the Asus range of monitors.

6. Advanced UI Mobile Games

cool gaming innovations

Mobile devices have taken up the world by the storm and it has thus become a necessity for the companies to come up with games that are compatible with the smartphones and the tablets. Compared to the previous years, the quality of mobile gaming has increased and the introduction of latest gaming interfaces like Super Mario Run and Pokémon Go has helped the gamers to get the best out of the mobile games.

7. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has become the buzzword in several parts of the world. One main example under this would be the Pokemon Go game, a game based on the animated series having the similar name. It gave the users the liberty to move around the place in search of characters from the series. Similar to the VR games, augmented reality has given the gamers a chance to have some active gaming through these games as they are compatible

cool gaming innovations

Similar to the VR games, augmented reality has given the gamers a chance to have some active gaming through these games as they are compatible with the mobile devices. Microsoft is already at the final stage of their Hololense project, which will be expected to be on the market by the end of 2017.

8. VR Simulator

A device that has been developed to create a simulation for VR games, this particular gadget is a technological innovation that allows the gamers to experience the VR games in the best way possible.

cool gaming innovations

The gadget provides them with the ability to get completely involved in the game by providing them with all the required tools and handles that can be viewed on the VR game device. To simply put things, using this device, the gamer can experience everything that he goes through when playing the game.

9. Wearable Technology

cool gaming innovations

Similar to the gadgets that are being used in the Wii games some of the top level technology giants have come up with the best range of wearable gadgets that can be used while playing the games. Some of the existing gadgets in this line include the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox. These games involve active involvement of the gamers, as these wearable have motion sensors attached to them.

10. High UI Gaming Laptops

As a gamer, it is natural that you would be looking for some advanced specs for your laptop or your PC on which you plan on playing the games. Regular devices can be used, but they do not provide the effect that can be derived when playing on gaming laptops.

cool gaming innovations

The sound system, visual effects and the every feature stands out and this is what the gamers require. In this line, Acer has come up with its range of gaming laptops and currently, Acer Predator 21X has been doing the rounds in the market. Fit with the powerful sound system, woofers and cooling controls, and this is the first gaming laptop to have a curved screen and an eye tracking camera.

Whatever the technological innovation happens in coming years, it’s best for all of us. Price may be hurdle stone on the way to the top, but the user is ready to pay for those who with the quality product at the end of the day.!


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