In terms of functionality, it can maintain the temperature settings of 7 days in advance and offers a Wi-Fi feature to make it accessible from all the devices. It also has the notification feature that allows to post reminders and notes on the display. More so, you can easily do it from your smartphone. Hence, it will save a lot from sticking those post-it notes on the refrigerators. The display can be changed to your accordance and you can set it with any picture of your choice.

Buy now: Venstar WIFI ColorTouch High Resolution Color Thermostat – $139.99

7. Lux Products TX9600TS Thermostat


When it comes to a home thermostat, not everyone can afford to pay the hefty price of smart thermostats. Money is not the luxury that everyone has. Sometimes, you need to settle for the affordable gadgets that provide all the required functions.

Lux Thermostat is a kind of a gadget that has all the features of a smart thermostat with an exception of its affordable rates. The company has been around for a while and offers great functioning devices at very affordable rates.

By no means, you are going to compromise the quality as its thermostat will hold true in every department. It offers a simple touchscreen panel that displays all the basic requirements and information. You can program the device for temperature settings of 7 days. The only weakness is that it cannot function with two different cooling stages.

Buy now: Lux Products TX9600TS Universal Thermostat – $63.19

 8. Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation


The previous entry on the list from Nest was its predecessors and the latest entry has surpassed all the features, the previous model was offering. It has been considered as the Best Selling Thermostat in the market, which sums up its achievements in short. It is everything that other thermostats can only dream of. Using the latest features like notifications and alerts, apart from the usual functionalities, it is surely a gadget you would love to have it in your home. From the entire best smart thermostat for home, this certainly is great.

Nest was – and arguably still is – the prettiest way to control HVAC. –

Buy now: Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation – $249

9. Trane Home Energy Management Thermostat


It is one of those thermostats that make use of Z-wave technology to deliver the functions. It provides a fully automated home with respect to other supporting devices that can be easily accessed and regulated accordingly. It employs Nexia Home intelligence, one of the automated hubs of Z-wave.

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The device offers the scheduling of temperature for 4 times in a day. Thus, efforts to make the best use of energy consumption and save on bills. It is known to save the energy consumption of around 10-15 percent annually. You can easily control the heating and cooling systems with this thermostat.

Buy now: Trane Home Energy Management Thermostat – $98.00

10. 2Gig CT100 Programmable Thermostat


Another entry on the list is more famous in the Z-wave devices, which is basically meant for home automation and security. The programmable thermostat from 2Gig is equally competitive equipment that rivals with its high-quality servicing and features. The device is capable of handling the four stage heating systems. It sets perfectly with the Z-wave hub, hence any Z-wave device in your home can be easily synchronized with it. However, you need to have a Z-wave hub to make it function.

Buy now: 2gig CT100 Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat – $75.36

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