We spend nearly one third of our life sleeping and that time is spent in oblivion, almost completely unaware of the surroundings and the world. If you want to evaluate the quality of your sleep, there is a gadget called sleep monitors. It can give you information about how you sleep and the things you can do to improve it. The monitors may not be totally accurate, but they can give you a fair insight into your sleeping patterns.

Thankfully, there are many tech companies manufacturing good quality fitness and sleep trackers today. However, it is important to pick the tracker that not only fits your budget but also meets your needs. These multi-functional gadgets track your sleep and at the same time monitor other activities as well. The number of choices available at your disposal may overwhelm you. This is the reason why here is a list of 10 best sleep monitors to buy right now! This overview should help you choose the one that is best for you.

Best Sleep Monitors For Your Good Night Sleep

1. Fitbit Charge HR 

Fitbit is quite an interesting wearable gadget you can own. This Fitbit Charge HR designed to track your activities at best. This device tracks your sleep and can also play the role of the activity monitor quite effectively.So, it is safe to say it is a multi-functional gadget. One of the best things about this activity tracker is that the sleep tracking information it provides is pretty accurate.

Best Sleep Monitors

While there are some similar gadgets that boast of providing accurate information about various stages of sleep, Fitbit Charge HR makes no such claims. It also has a heart rate monitor. If you want the reliable information about your duration of sleep and for the length of time you remain restless, this is a great gadget to have.

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2. Beddit Smart 2.0 

This gadget works a little differently. It is not actually a wearable tech, but instead, it is a small strip that you can put beneath your bed sheet, and it will monitor your sleep.

Best Sleep Monitors

This gadget comes with an app which can be installed on your smartphone. As per the users review in the app store market, it is the best sleep monitoring app for your smartphone.

Beddit can provide a broad range of information regarding your sleep pattern. It also comes with a heart rate monitor which is a good thing for those who are particular about their health.If you are the only one sleeping in the bed, this gadget can provide quite accurate information. It can give you information including the time you remained asleep, snoring, breathing, out of bed time, and intensity of sleep – light or deep. The gadget is incredibly easy to use.

3. Jawbone UP3 

Jawbone UP3 is more accurate and advanced than most of its competitors. The company says with the price of $110, this is one of the best sleep monitors in the market now. As per Jawbone, this gadget can help you create a visual imagery of your sleeping pattern with the help of the most technologically advanced sensors.

Best Sleep Monitors

Besides giving you the information about your sleep, it can also measure your body temperature, heart rate, galvanic skin response, and breathing rate. The advanced sensors can easily identify different stages of sleep.

This wearable tech comes with the bracelet design which is quite stylish. It also has a long battery life of up to 7 days. One of the disadvantages of this gadget is that it does not monitor as many activities as other gadgets in this same category. But if you are specifically looking to monitor your sleep pattern, then this is the gadget to go for.

4. Fitbit Blaze 

Best Sleep Monitors

Introduced in 2016, this fitness tracker is the newest entrant in the field of sleep monitoring. Among the Fitbit line of sleep monitors, this is the most modern and sophisticated looking gadget. People really like the fact that Blaze is a smart watch with the sleek display. However, it maintains the functionality one may need in terms of sleep monitoring and activity tracking.

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There is a broad range of activities that can be tracked using this advanced activity tracker. The app that comes with this device is pretty easy to setup and use. Sleep tracking information provided by Blaze is pretty solid and accurate. It can keep a track of different sleep stages and can also provide information regarding your movements as well as the heart rate. Blaze features an LCD display with the touch functionality. It has many features that are found in the smart watches including texts, calls, music control, alerts, and more.

5. Fitbit Surge 

This gadget from the Fitbit line of devices is more expensive than the others. However, it comes packed with a slew of features not found in the other Fitbit devices. It is also bigger in size. Surge is primarily an activity tracker with also the secondary function of sleep monitoring. It may not be among the best sleep monitors to considered to buy, but it is certainly a great multi-functional activity tracker to own.

Best Sleep Monitors

Surge does come with many smartwatch features like Blaze. However, in comparison, it is far more advanced and much more control of your smartphone with its large touch display.

Heart rate monitoring is a common feature found in all such devices. However, Surge also features the GPS tracker which can be quite handy when it comes to keeping a track on your everyday activities. It is also a wonderful app for the runners as it can measure pace, steps, distance, elevation, and even splits.

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6. Basis Peak 

Basis peak is another activity tracker that easily doubles as the sleep monitor. However, its primary function is to monitor your activity levels. Basis Peak comes packed with a number of sensors. It also comes with some cool advanced features as well. The look and feel of this gadget is pretty stylish and modern.

Best Sleep Monitors

Although the design of this device is slim, it is still quite robust. It is a great gadget for the swimmers or those who tend to involve in rough activities. It can withstand a lot of harsh treatment. It also gives you accurate information about your sleep. It can also monitor various stages of sleep.

7. Withings Aura 

Best Sleep Monitors

Withings Aura is more expensive than any other device present in this list. However, it also goes a few steps ahead of them. Besides featuring the most advanced sleep monitoring system, this sleep monitor also comes packed with the sound and light unit which assist you in falling asleep better and also waking up. This gadget does not feature the daily activity monitoring. Therefore, you don’t need to wear it all day. Aura is primarily to focus on your sleep and to make it better. It connects to an app on your smartphone to provide the results to you.

8. Sleepace Reston 

Best Sleep Monitors

Reston is also one of the very few gadgets available in the market that are dedicated to only for sleep tracking. Since it is a made for sleep tracking, it is expected to provide the most accurate information. Sleeplace also claims to use only the sensors that are medical grade inside this device. Just like Beddit Smart 2.0, you don’t need to wear this device. You simply tuck it under your bedsheet. You can also install the mattress protector for it. The information is very detailed and accurate. Also provides many tips and suggestions to improve your sleep.

9. Fitbit One 

Best Sleep Monitors

Fitbit One is one product from the Fitbit Line of sleep monitors that you don’t have to strap around your wrists. This gadget is small, inconspicuous, and attaches to your clothing. Use it as an activity tracker by the day and clip it onto your wrist strap to use it as a sleep monitor by night. One does not provide very detailed or complicated information. It makes things simple for you by giving important information regarding the duration of sleep and frequency of waking up. The device is very easy to use.

10. Polar A300 

Best Sleep Monitors

A300 was not as popular in the beginning. However, with the addition of HR monitor available as a supplementary purchase, the sales of this gadget have gone up. A300 is definitely a useful sleep monitor. However, it can also provide information on your daily activity levels. The sleep tracking information is quite precise.  Although A300 does not give insight into various stages of sleep, it can tell you whether you had a good sleep or a restless one. The design may not seem modern or classy to many, but it is still a pretty handy device.

Hope you liked our lists of best sleep monitors to buy right now and let your thoughts run on the comments below!

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