10 Best Home Security Systems That Changing Our Lives For Good


Security is a point that is never to be taken lightly. It is an utmost factor in today’s world. Regardless of where you live, safety is the first priority. This article provides information and product comparison about the 10 best home security systems that changing our lives for good.

When the technology grows, our environment changes faster. One cannot simply assume that home will provide safety because we all have been hearing daily news of break-ins and crime at home as well. Whichever nation you pick, there is a fear of break-ins. The purpose of the crime doesn’t really matter as long as you are the victim of such incidents.

Security systems are the best mode of protection against such concerns. Quite often seen in malls, shops and other public places, security cameras, and other systems are installed in order to minimize the risk of the crimes such as theft, assault, break-ins etc.

In 2014, there were an estimated 1,165,383 violent crimes (murder and non-negligent homicides, rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults) reported by law enforcement. – fbi.gov

Though your house may serve as the safest place, you can never be sure about it. With the latest set of security systems available in the market, you can have a piece of mind from any kind of threat. Earlier, it was not an affordable option for commoners, but nowadays many companies offer the safety devices at affordable rates. After all, one should never think twice about the investment when it comes to the safety of the family. Considering many points and factors, we have compiled the list of best security systems for the home.

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Top 10 Best Home Security Systems

1. Footpoint Security System


Footpoint needs no introduction in the security field. It is the best security system for a home. The company is relatively new in the market but that didn’t stop the customers to review its greatness and enjoy the benefits it offers.

It has a unique touchscreen panel that provides information on weather, cameras, alarms and many more. It is a relatively compact panel, hence no worries about installing it on the walls. With varieties of plans, you can be flexible in choosing the best one for you.

It also has one of the best security cameras, which can be easily connected to your tablets and keep a watch on the house with much ease. It offers features like automatic lights, door locks, and even thermostat. It also comes with 30-day money back guarantee. However, the activation charges are on the expensive side.

2. ADT Security System


It is one of the security systems seen around in most homes. With an estimate of 8 million installations worldwide, ADT systems are worthy of being classified as the best ones in the market. The security system comes with default settings; hence, anyone can practically use the systems without worrying about installations.

It comes with a mobile app, so you can keep track of your home from any location and even see the live feed. Moreover, if you choose to change your home, you can easily reinstall the systems at a very low cost. It is integrated with Honeywell and GE equipment, so there is no need to worry about its efficacy. It has a list of basic and highly advanced plans available for the users so you can choose the most suitable ones.

3. Protect America Security System


One of the biggest advantages of having gadgets from top class companies is the reliability it delivers. The security systems from Protect America can be your ideal companion that can be installed with a simple guide; hence, you can practically save a lot of cash.

The wide range of plans offer a huge set of equipment, hence, your house will be completely ensured from all sides. The company has a great reputation for fastest response time. The company may not provide the best option in the market, but it certainly offers affordable and reliable security measures for the safety. However, some of its plans are not too practical and can be deceiving as well.

4. Link Interactive Security System


It is one of those systems that has been in the market for many years but never have been the talk of the town. While, it may not have a great fan following, but it certainly delivers quality services. The security system offers a huge range of security measures with different packages that will cover the almost entire house.

Using the Smart home technology, it has a Geo-fencing feature that will automatically disable the alarms as soon as you enter the home. You can also easily control lights and thermostat with the touchscreen panel. One of the biggest advantages is the low operational cost, which can be as low as $1 per day. It is a more advanced system, but the look may be too plain and generic.

5. Scout Alarm Security System


It has one of the most stylish and slick looking security systems in the market. Its modern look and superior design offer a great versatility in terms of fashion sense. You will never feel the embarrassment of hiding the panel.

It also comes in three different colors, offering much needed choice to the users as per their style. It may look a huge investment, but it is not the case in here. The total set up cost may fall in the range of $300 to $500. You can also easily set up at your home, hence saving the installation cost.

One can also remotely control the system by turning it on or off through a mobile app. However, it lacks the addition of security cameras. It is also not compatible with other security equipment, pretty much restricting its usage.

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6. Honeywell Security System


Preferably, one of the recognizable companies in the market, Honeywell is a name that is associated with performance and reliability. While everyone recognizes their thermostats, you cannot simply ignore the security systems as well.

Not too much advanced as nest thermostats, but Honeywell offers much more user friendly thermostats for home. It has an exceptional backup battery life of sensors, none match by any other. It comes with a huge panel and offers Z-wave features that can control many devices.

However, installing the system requires a professional help, and cannot be done by yourself. It is pretty expensive and you need to get in touch with the monitoring services to take care of the security measures. Should you desire to move the system, you will have to pay the transfer costs as well.

7. Protection One Security System


When it comes to installing the security systems, expensive products are not always the best products. Not everyone can afford the expensive security systems, let alone pay for the plans. For average people, security system needs to be affordable and cover all the basic safety requirements.

It is a pretty common security system, which operates on Honeywell and GE devices. It uses a third party app for the connection, hence practically, you are getting is the assembly of different brands under a single roof. Though it may be considered for the home security, its primary usage is for businesses. While, there is no question on its devices, but the installation and activation cost are expensive. Moreover, it also has a huge operational cost, making it less favorable to the users.

8. Vivint Sky Smart Security System


Vivint is one of the few brands that come with a huge display panel. The company offers a great range of plans for the users. Due to its mass popularity, it has gained huge attention in such a short time. It has a great home automation security measures, offering continuous updates regularly.

It offers high grade of automation features, which can easily be installed on the already installed Honeywell systems. The latest doorbell camera can instantly provide you a live feed on your phone so that you can always keep the check on your house. On the downside, it has high monitoring cost, and the system itself is complicated for common people. Moreover, you are also bound to accord 42-60 months of the contract.

9. iSmartAlarm System


It is a new and affordable system for the average consumers. While we always prefer to look out for the most convenient mode of the security system, it also must be reliable in terms of safety. It is a self-monitored system; hence, you must be constantly connected with them in order to receive any alerts.

It has a good amount of plans for the users, making it an affordable option. It has relatively good accuracy in terms of alerts and notifications with instantaneous alerts from the monitoring devices. The app is also very easy and user friendly.  However, it is a new in the market and does not have a huge influence, making it less known to the users.

10. Samsung Monitoring System


While everyone knows about Samsung as a leading giant, they have also infused a lot in the home security systems. It may not be the best home security systems for home, but it does get the job done. Being the producer of quality products, it can be trusted with security as well.

It is pretty affordable and offers customization option for the personnel.  It is simple and easy to use. However, it is a self-monitoring system, meaning that you need to be available on your phone if any alerts are issued. It also comes with a limited set of equipment.  If you feel I have missed writing here, feel free to drop it in the comments box and we are glad hear from you!

Here is a great info from TED talk’s about Vision of Crimes in the Future by Marc Goodman, this video may not more about the home security system, but it’s all about the safety of each individual and how we use technology for good.

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