GoPro is an innovation that simply changed the concept of photography. It was one of those cameras that were specifically made for extreme sports and adventurous activities. Normally, the electronic devices are known for their delicate build, hence, one cannot use these modern day cameras.

While these cameras offer all the latest features, it does lack in durability. This is where the GoPro comes in. With a rugged design and tough build, it is a perfect partner for any kind of sports activities. Waterproof, Dirtproof, jerk-proof and many more are the features that GoPro offer to the users, so people can take photographs and videos to most unexpected places.

Not just with design, but these GoPro cameras also offer high definition video recording. It does stand as an ultimate device of its kind but certainly comes with a huge price tag. There is no such thing as Gopro cheap. Being an expensive piece of technology, not everyone can afford it, hence, making the enthusiasts search for other alternatives. Out of all the cameras that function just like GoPro, here are the 10 best GoPro alternatives for the users that often come with affordable rates.

10 Best GoPro Alternatives To Choose From

1. Garmin VIRB Elite


Garmin is more known for the devices in GPS market and a quite famous one at that too. While, their GPS navigators are unbeatable in the market, the company has released a rugged action sports camera. The Garmin VIRB is pretty much closer to the GoPro series of the cam.

It has 3 hours of battery life on continuous recording. The camera has 3.5mm radio jack and multiple resolutions. It is also GPS-enabled, so you can easily keep the track of your location.

Buy now: Garmin Virb Elite Action Camera – $186.35

 2. Sony HDR AS30V


This convenient piece of technology from Sony is none lesser beast. It is imbued with superior build quality and durability, meaning that it can sustain all sorts of hits on the sports activities, without even breaking or damaging it. The camcorder does not support 4K videos, but it does support Full HD videos.

With specs like Exmor CMOS Image sensor and Steady Shot Image Stabilization, quality is never a problem. It also supports Wi-Fi and NFC so you can easily share pics and clips with much ease.

Buy now: Sony HDR AS30V – $214.99

3. Contour Roam 3 Action Camera


Contour easily comes in the line of professional sporting cameras. It had a great amount of support and even provided a tough competition to GoPro. The company produced cameras like GoPro and even continues to release great filming products, but it went under a lot of controversies after shutting down the production.

Well, they are now back with Roam 3 camera. It is infused with latest technologies that may certainly challenge the likes of GoPro. The device can be even termed as GoPro killer.

Buy now: Contour Roam 3 Action Camera – $119.00

4. Drift Innovation Ghost- S


One can easily define the cameras meant for rugged use and Drift is a brand that easily falls into such category. It is revamped version of Innovation HD Ghost with a lot of improvements. With Ghost-S, you can capture videos at 60fps at 1080p. You can also work around for other resolutions as well.

The camera can be mounted in the horizontal direction on the head-mounted helmet. It is very flexible in terms of compatibility with the accessories so shooting the videos and capturing the moments is never a problem. Well, this is the reason why it is listed as one of the best GoPro alternatives in the market.

Buy now: Drift Innovation Ghost- S – $226.88

5. Ion Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi


You cannot simply ignore the excellence of Ion sports camera. It is one of the companies that have successfully mastered the use of barrel shaped cameras for the heavy sports and adventure activities. It is extremely user-friendly and very easy to start, so you can record at the perfect moment.

Though compact in looks, it captures the video at 60fps and 1080p quality. The only disappointing feature is the sound quality, that doesn’t go well with the device at all. It has a 2.5 hours of battery life on a continuous record mode.

Buy now: iON Camera Air Pro 3 – $142.98

6. Sony FDR- X1000V


In the year 2015, Sony released a great action sports camera termed as FDR-X1000V. One of the biggest advantages of this cam lies in the ability to record the videos at 4K resolution with 30 fps. Certainly, this feature is not meant for commoners, but it is the perfect piece of technology for technical people.

With Steady Shot Image Stabilization feature, you can pretty much record without disrupting the video quality. The camera is a strong contender to GoPro series, but once again, the price may be a factor here.

Buy now: Sony FDR- X1000V – $398

7. Xiaomi YiCamera


This Chinese giant made a huge impression in the smartphone industry, namely catching a lot of attention by releasing affordable yet powerful smartphones. It has a 16MP camera that records Full HD videos at 60fps.

It has Sony Exmor CMOS sensor, fairly powerful for capturing sensational photos. The best GoPro alternatives are considered on the basis of price and its matching features; we believe this one is worth a look due to its extremely cheap price tag.

Buy now: Xiaomi YiCamera – $80.99

8. Rollei Actioncam S Wi-Fi


The brand may sound new to us, but it has been in the field since 1920’s. The latest entry from them is nothing less than a monster which records 4K video at 12fps, so quality may be affected. With the superior build and removable LCD support, it can be used for most extreme sports. It has Wi-Fi and supports many video formats, making it an attractive piece.

Buy now: Rollei S-30 WiFi Action Cam – $172.44

9. Polaroid XS Extreme Edition HD Camera


Possibly, one of the most adorable and compact pieces in the market, the Polaroid XS Extreme edition camera is full loaded with almost identical features to GoPro. Its superior design and barrel shape makes it extremely handy. It can record 1080p video and provide a 170-degree field of view. It also comes with helmet and handlebar mount. No doubt, it is one of the best GoPro alternatives.

Buy now: Polaroid XS100i Wi-Fi Extreme Edition – $179.99

10. ActionPro Action Camera


One of the closest resembling cameras to GoPro is from the ActionPro. It allows a full 1080p video recording with a 170-degree field of view. It has 1.5 inch removable LCD screen and a 4GB memory storage. The device is extremely durable and capable of functioning under extreme conditions. The camera falls well under the price range than other GoPro cameras.

Buy now: ASX ActionPro 4K Ultra HD Wifi Sports Cam – $84.99

It may not be well fit like GoPro series for some of us, but the new brands come with a lot of new features which may lack in the market leader. So, it’s fine to give it a try and capture your life moments without shaking it!

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