10 Best Fitbit Charge HR Tips And Tricks Help You To Become Fit!

The Fitbit Charge and the Charge HR are surely two best fitness trackers launched until now, and no matter how well versed you are with them, there are some expert hacks and tricks that can change the way you have been living with them. There so many stuff most of us not aware of wearable tech, it’s still an immature stage, so understanding its secrets is better for the future. So, here you go, we summarized the 10 best Fitbit Charge HR tips and tricks and help you to better utilization of the gadget.

10 Best Fitbit Charge HR Tips and Tricks

1. Improve the Accuracy

While there might be a lot to cry about the Fitbit Charge like step counting, pedometer skills, and others, there is something more you can add to it.

Ensure that your steps are counted with accuracy with this trick. Let your device know which arm it is resting upon- dominating or non-dominating. It helps the hardware adjust its sensitivity and extra movements that are experienced throughout the day!

Get your Stride length sorted and your Charge will guess the probable stride length via your gender and height. You can also change its value manually and set the length (It is very simple to measure the accurate length). And you are done!

2. Pair With GPS Mode Via Smartphone

Fitbit offers the unique ability to use your GPS data accurately and track your walk, run and directions as well as letting you control the music from the playlist via its app.

Use MobileRun, go to app>Exercise from the home screen and tap the stopwatch on the top corner.

You will get a map of your location. When you want to track, hit start. It will start calculating the distance, activity minutes; calories burned, etc.

3. Tag Your Workout

The recent update to Fitbit HR brought the ability to detect while you exercise and automatically login to the session. Now you can go through and tag these exercise — whether it’s running in the park, or Zumba session, power walk or others.

4. Connect To Strava

One of the finest fitness platforms is Strava which works best for cyclists! You can integrate Fitbit and Strava app and share things both the ways. Go for cycling with Strava app and count your Fitbit goals while you cycle with Fitbit charge HR. Have your activities logged in and the communication will work like magic.

5. Never Miss Your Steps

There are instances when you leave or forget your fitness band at home and realize it halfway. While this might appear to be a big dent on your weekly fitness routine, here is another trick that can help. Set up Mobile Track and Multi-Tracker Support in your Fitbit app. They will use your Smartphone to track your steps, and the latter will help seamless switching over two when it realizes you have got out without any tracker.

6. Understand Your Heart Rates

Don’t let the bad readings hinder your fitness goals. Heart rate levels are vital information to understand your health. In Fitbit Charge HR you can able to see the accurate heart rate in the app. Knowing the difference between the good and bad heart rate is a bit complicated, so check our this article to know how to read your pulse.

7. Set Your Heart Rate Zone

If you want to setup your heart rate zone, then login to Fitbit.com and access the setting from top right corner. Select Heart Rate Zones from this section and set up the minimum and maximum heart rate of the desired zone and then update the tracker with these new Settings.

Here’s an article for you to understand the Resting heart rate level and Good Heart Rate

8. Extended Battery Life

Fitbit connected with Smartphone all the time might run down the battery quickly and thus, to prevent it ensure that All day Sync has been switched off.

9. Find Fitbit Friends Via Facebook

Why not take to next level with Facebook. Fitbit is truly a social platform and to get started; you just need some friends to compete.  In the Friends tab of the Fitbit App, press on the “+” button followed by Connect Facebook. Here you can choose and ignore the ones you had liked to!

10. Be Motivated With Challenges

If you are bored of setting your goals and accomplishing them every day, it is time to try Fitbit’s Challenges. You will find this button at the bottom of Fitbit app, and there are usually 5 to 6 different options available for such scenarios. Up to 10 people can take part in such challenges.

11. Customize the OLED Display

You can easily change the order and layout of your home screen of your Charge HR device. All you have to do is to tap the Charge device from the Fitbit App Dashboard > Customize Display and you will get the screen where you can turn on and off the details and alignments for Distance, Calories, Floors, Steps, etc.

12. Push Yourself For More

It makes a lot of sense to move metrics and the surest way to get fit is to climb stairs. Reach your step targets with climbing stairs. The Charge will detect the flows climbed using the altimeter. It is a kind of sensor that calculates altitude by atmospheric pressure. This will also incentivize you to skip those lifts and escalators, and you will soon find yourself fit and healthy.

13. Get Fit with Fitbit

Fitness trackers are devised to make you fit and losing weight is an important factor. Keep an eye on what your eat through Fitbit app that allows users to keep track what they have eaten by logging the meals and snacks based upon built-in food database of yours. You can localize the settings for better accuracy.

14. Easy Fix When It Crashes

If everything fails and your device crashes, is unable to sync or facing serious performance glitches then no need to panic. Make a hard reset anytime and sort the problems out.

Just pop the Charge HR, press the side buttons, and hold it for 10 seconds until the time Fitbit logo appears, followed by a version number. Soon the device resumes normal operation, and you are ready to go!

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Let us know if have any tips and tricks on Fitbit on the comment and let the world be fit!

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