10 Best Apple Watch Cases For Extra Protection


Apple is one of the biggest giants in technology and its products are the proof of advancements. Whether it’s an iPod, iPhone or iPad, quality is never a question. This innovative company has also jumped into the wearable market by releasing their own smartwatch called Apple Watch (iWatch).

The gadget speaks for itself, but like every other Apple device, it is delicate and prone to physical damage. Under such times, there is no better thing than a little protection of the device. When you are investing so much in a smartwatch, it is logical to invest a little more for its protection.

There are ample of watch cases offering protection and gives a slicker look to the device. While the main function of these cases is to provide protection, it also shouldn’t destroy the looks of the watch. We have picked out the 10 best Apple Watch cases for extra protection, from the lot that will not only keep the appeal good but also provide better protection for a long time.

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10 Best Apple Watch Cases

1. Spigen Tough Armor


The apple watch case from Spigen is meant for heavy hits and rugged use. It is an ideal case for those who prefer adventurous outdoor activities. They can easily cover the watch with the metalized button cover and a tough body.

The screen protector often comes with high durability and provides a great sense of relief during any rugged usage. There are three available colors as gunmetal, tangerine and champagne gold. It has inbuilt screen protector and quite cheaper compared to others. However, it does add a little bit of extra weight to the watch that users may feel over the longer run.

Buy now: Spigen Tough Armor – $17.99

2. Speck CandyShell FIT


Speck is one of the best Apple Watch cases you want to choose for your iPhone. It is the same brand that manufactures casing for iPhone as well. It has a very simplistic yet superior style, providing an extreme amount of protection to the watch.

The casing is quite easier to put and even take off. It is an ideal type of casing for heavy activities. It provides a complete bezel protection, not quite seen in many other casing. It is also available in many different colors.

Buy now: Speck CandyShell FIT – $22.39

3. Luvvitt Cristal


If you are looking for a solid transparent casing for the watch then there is no other better choice than Luvvitt. The casing comes with two different parts that are joined together. There are two screen protectors as well for the extra level of protection.

This casing probably keeps the Apple watch looks to its original style, a trait that many would expect in any casing. The price is affordable and comes with a scratch resistant cover. However, there are concerns related to the casing to be worn out after prolong use and may cause slight yellowish coloration.

Buy now: Luvvitt Cristal – $9.99

4. ActionProof Bumper10-best-apple-watch-cases

The cover from the ActionProof is a rubber casing, which ideally covers the entire watch. There are certain gaps and holes within the casings that help users to use the buttons with much ease. The sensors are completely open so that it doesn’t interfere with your heart counting.

It is quite a different type of cover from the usual ones, but it certainly guarantees the protection of the device under any usage. For any kinds of action sports, your iWatch will be safe from all kinds of damage.

Buy now: Actionproof Apple Watch Case – $24.99

5. X-Doria Defense Edge


If you prefer a metal casing then X-Doria is the right choice for you. The defense edge is a metal case that is made up aluminum. So practically, you are getting a dual layer of metal protection. Being made from metal, you may be wondering about the looks, but not to worry as it has a very slick design that every user would want it one their watch. It is resistant to pretty much anything and very easy to take off so that you can sell it on eBay when you plan to get your hands on Apple watch 2.

Buy now: X-Doria Defense Edge – $29.95

6. Lunatik Epik


Kickstarter has been a great platform for innovations to come into reality. The same lights have been shed on the Lunatik Epik, a Kickstarter-funded program certainly turned a huge attention due to its quality and style. This is the reason why it is listed as one of the best Apple Watch cases.

The casing consists of the aluminum alloy and rubber strap or metal link, depending on your choice. You have the shock absorbing frame and a visible Digital Crown that makes an ideal casing for extreme sports. However, the pricing may be an issue.

Buy now: Lunatik Epik – $19.99

7. Griffin Survivor Tactical Case


This casing is made from a polycarbonate shell, making it less bulky and easier to fit in for better scratch resistance. The protective screen that comes with the casing does work out fine for the touch sensation, but you will have to press a bit harder to get a response. One of the biggest concerns is that it doesn’t have extra waterproofing. Overall, it is an ideal casing for extreme mountain sports.

Buy now: Griffin Survivor Tactical Case – $29.99

8. HealingShield Body Wraps


Though this entry may not be the best one in terms of protection, it will certainly capture your attention due to the availability of 38 wrap designs to choose from. You can get hold of any kind of design to flunk your watch and make it shine in the public. It doesn’t have any screen protector, but the wrap will, at least, provide a minimal amount of protection.

Buy now: HealingShield Body Wraps – $13.80

9. JETech Protective Case


There are some folks, who don’t really wish to invest a lot in the accessories. To be honest, we cannot simply fathom the idea of spending any more money after burning lot of cash on the watch. But it is nonetheless necessary for the longevity of the watch. In such times, you can buy out the cheap casing from JETech, which offers a good amount of protection to the watch without using too much cash on it. It is cheap and available in different colors.

Buy now: JETech Protective Case – $6.99

10. Gold Plated Swarovski Case


You need to be really crazy to install this casing on your apple watch, but it is nonetheless most surprising as well as a classy entry on the list. The case is added with diamonds, which may be good or bad, depending on the viewers. It offers a complete casing of the watch. With all that shiny diamonds, you certainly will be enticed to buy one right away. Be wary of the price though as you need deep pockets to get one.

Buy now: Gold Plated Swarovski Case – $69.99

It is lot simpler to buy expensive products after a lot of research, but it is hard to find the better protection equipment to keep it safe from scratches and heavy falls. So, it is wiser to choose the best among this list and save your wallet for a while.

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